Men's Band Rings Custom Made

While you could pick a men's band ring from a jewelry store in minutes, there are some very strong reasons for choosing a custom band ring for men. The essential elements of a band ring are the band width, the ring size, the gemstone, the metal weight and the craftsmanship. Besides these features, men often have a preference for solid band rings with no scooping done inside the band. And of course, the need for etching a message, date or other personal detail inside the band of the ring. As an example, you might wish to wear a 14k yellow gold men's band with a fine 8mm square spessartite gem, with a band width of 9-10mm. Men love to wear heavy rings and you could be looking for a weight between 20 to 40 grams depending on your ring size. Presuming that, you are hell bent on wearing nothing but, the exact ring of your dreams - there is a less than 10% change that you would come across a ready to wear men's band ring that fits all those requirements. Kaisilver is the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, we place no restriction on your choice of metal, design, gemstone, metal weight etc. The best things about our custom men's rings is that, you get  the same superior quality for both gold and silver rings. Get in touch with our team of experts at for any queries or requirements, related to gems and jewelry.

diamond band for men

Men's diamond band rings are generally reserved for special occasions. Diamonds are expensive and this often limits the diamond size to 5mm or 6mm. A ring design that, keeps the band width very close to the size of the diamond, can deliver a luxury look ... more

made to order men's band ring

A smart and sturdy men's gemstone band studded with a custom cut square gemstone in the center. Like all Kaisilver jewels, you choose gold or sterling silver and pick the gemstone of your choice. Comfortable and durable for formal and informal wear ... more

gemstone band ring

A stylish band ring for men, the MAN57AM is shown with a cushion cut amethyst gem but, you can pick the gemstone of your choice. Custom made in gold or silver, this gemstone band ring can be made with a uniform or slightly tapered band width ... more

men's diamond band ring

A sturdy diamond band ring for men, the modestly priced ring offers the luxury look and feel of a diamond ring that is far more expensive. Available in all ring sizes in white, yellow or pink gold. You can also order this men's band in 925 sterling silver ... more.  

white gold band ring for men

Shown as a white gold men's band ring, the MAN05u is available in all three colors. The sapphire  band ring can be ordered with the gemstone of your choice. Men's silver band rings have the same quality of their gold counterparts. Full details and options ... more

white gold band ring for men

Highly recommended men's band ring design with gemstone of your choice. The MAN04 custom band ring for men is crafted in gold or silver to the same premium standards. The choice of gem including the size and shape is yours. Get more details at ... more

men's gemstone band ring custom

An awesome gemstone band ring for men, a sturdy ring and gems set into the metal to keep them safe and protected. The MAN71H custom band for men can be ordered with a single or multiple gemstones. The size and shape of the gems can be customized ... more

mens sapphire band ring

This men's sapphire ring can be ordered as a band ring, the ring could also have a slight taper on the band. Men generally prefer that as it becomes more comfortable when worn. You can choose all 3 gems or go for a ring with just the center stone ... more

tanzanite diamond band ring for men

A classy men's band ring ideally suited for a men's ruby, sapphire or tanzanite band ring. The MAN61 men's gemstone ring includes a row of sparkling square (princess cut) diamonds. Order your ring with as a band ring or with a slight taper on the band ... more

men's band ring with diamond and ruby

A royal touch to this ruby diamond men's band ring. Choose a square or octagonal shaped gem for your ruby band ring. The diamonds on either side of the ruby, stand like two glittering pillars. Optimized metal weight and sturdy structure. For details ... more

men's custom band ruby diamond

Men's custom band with gemstone and diamond. You choose the gemstone of your choice. Shown as a men's made to order ruby band ring the RG215 ring from Kaisilver, can be ordered with varying band widths and gem size - available in all ring sizes ... more

men's band gold or silver

A plain band ring for men, for casual or formal wear - would be perfect for a men's wedding band. The center cross motif in the MH-02 band ring, can be replaced with the motif or design of your choice - or leave as a plain men's band in gold or sterling silver ... more

Essential Tips: Leaving the sales talk aside, let us dive into the features and factors that you should evaluate when choosing a men's band. To start with, the choice of a gold or 925 silver band ring for men is purely a personal decision. There is no technical reason why a men's silver band cannot have the same features and durability standards as a gold band. And if your jeweler makes you believe otherwise, look for jewelry provider that sees your point of view. Kaisilver respects your decision and assures you that, both gold and silver rings for men will have the same quality standards. A team of highly talented, skilled and super dedicated artisans in Thailand, meticulously handcraft each men's band. These custom made bands, can be made with your design or ours, your choice of gemstone, your choice of metal (silver or gold) and your choice of ring size and band width. While men are often tempted to go for the widest band width that they can budget for, there is a point where the ring could be uncomfortable to wear - it could pose a problem when you bend your fingers or come in the way of doing some simple chores. Simple to understand that, a custom band ring for men with a wide width would require an optimized metal weight to make it tough and durable. Add the fact that, most men's rings are for larger (finger) sizes and you can see the price tag climb. 

Darker colored gems when set in a men's white gold band, can appear a shade darker. This is due to the neutral and stark color contrast between the white (bright) metal and the gemstones. Yellow gold band rings cast a warm color tone on gemstones. Men's diamond bands in white gold or silver, will give a brighter look to the diamonds. Keep in mind that these are all mere recommendations and you can safely, follow your mind. When it comes to gold we mentioned above that, 14k band rings are popular with both men and women. Let us very briefly talk about the concepts of 10k, 14k and 18k gold band rings. Given the softness of pure gold, it is not possible to craft a durable men's ring with pure gold. This brings us to the need to add metals into pure gold, this to increase the hardness of the resulting alloy. This defines the 10k (42% gold), 14k (58% gold) and 18k (72% gold) standards. As you move from 10k to 18k gold, the hardness of the metal drops but the gold content moves up - you can see that from the percentages displayed next to each 'k' number. So when you see 14k with its 58% gold content, experts believe that this 14k gold bands provide the optimum combination of gold content and metal hardness. The economics is that 10k gold costs less than 14k gold which in turn costs less than 18k gold. The price difference between gold 'k' numbers will not have a big impact on the price tag unless,  the ring has a substantial gold weight. Men's band rings generally require substantial metal weight to make the ring durable - so checking the price with different gold 'k' options might be a good idea. 

Now about men's gold or sterling silver bands with or without gemstones/diamonds. While we at Kaisilver do get a number of orders for men's bands without gems or diamonds, there seems to drop in the demand for plain band rings for men. The advantages of plain bands is that, they quite obviously do not have the cost component of precious stones. Plain men's band rings are easier to look after, you don't need to worry about loosening gems or getting them damaged. Now a shot note about men's rings with diamonds or gems. The size of the gem or diamond that you choose for your men's band, would influence the band width of the ring. Kaisilver offers an unlimited choice of gemstones, you are not restricted to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. The structure of a good band ring for men, should ensure that the gems do not significantly protrude from the surface of the band. This reduces the chances of them getting hit (and damaged) by physical impact. It is absolutely important for the gems or diamonds, to be securely set in the ring. You could consider choosing your birthstone for the band. 

His and Her bands, concepts where both rings have the same design concept - can be crafted in different metals or have different gemstones. In most cases you would expect the men's band to be wider than hers. It is being increasingly accepted that, wedding or engagement rings should have the same theme. Band rings are perfectly suited for his and her band rings. With the complete customization that Kaisilver provides, it is no surprise that many couples choose  us for their wedding and engagement rings.  


High end jewelry was never meant to be sold or bought through high pressure selling tactics. We exclude gimmicks like Buy Now and Express Checkout buttons from our websites. Each item shown on this web page has a link to a report with full details. You are always welcome to contact our support team at with any questions that you might have. Remember that we handcraft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and even high end cuff links with your design or ours. You can email us your own design image or sketch and we can work out details together. 


The leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver has satisfied over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations. Linked to most gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that we always deliver the best gemstone at each price point. We happen to be the online high end jeweler to maintain, the same premium quality standards for both gold and silver jewelry. Contact us at if you need any information related to gemstones and jewelry. You will never be under an obligation to purchase anything from us so, take full advantage of our expertise. 


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