Mens Peridot Rings

The appeal of green and blue gems is universal across gender, age and nationality. These are two colors that dominate the color landscape of the earth - they are natural colors that the eye never seems to get tired of seeing. While color is surely not the only reason for the impressive demand for mens peridot rings, it is one feature that makes this gemstone so very popular with men. Peridot has a history that dates back to many thousand years. It's earliest use in jewelry was often a case of mistaken identity when it was confused with another green gem 'emerald'. You might even today find people who refer to the gem in your mens gold or 925 silver peridot ring as an 'evening emerald'. The fresh yellow-green lime color of peridot gems shows it's beauty even in below normal light conditions and this, is what gave it the name 'evening emerald'. The gemstone belongs to the olivine mineral family and was first known to be mined in an island (now known as St.Johns island) in the Red Sea. This was around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago and not much output has been experienced from those mines in recent years.

Men today look for meaning and significance in the jewelry and gems that they choose. The idea of knowing the story of the gemstone drives significant interest. With the growing awareness of gems and jewelry, most gem and jewelry lovers are today aware of what would qualify as a 'special' or 'unique' property in a gemstone. As the demand for natural gems increases and the mining operations become more intense and mechanized, the resources generally tend to deplete fast. Gem manufacturers need to turn towards technics that will help make more of the mined produce marketable and 'useful'. Gem enhancements and treatments are researched and applied to wide range of natural gemstones today. As the years go by, a larger range of gems get to be treated and new forms of treatments are developed. In all this rush and activity to 'enhance' the appearance of natural gems, mention of the term 'untreated gemstone' interests even the professional gem expert. You would therefore be pleasantly surprised if we told you that, peridot is one of the few natural gemstones that has remained 'untreated' until today. So when you admire the gem in a mens peridot ring, treasure the thought that you are seeing one of the most fascinating natural creations - that has been left in it's natural condition and composition. 

The tradition of birthstones is strong and alive today, and as we mentioned above men look for men and meaning in the gems and jewelry that they wear. You could wear a mens birthstone ring not only as a casual jewel but also, enhance the significane of a mens engagement or wedding ring by setting a birthstone in the jewel. With such a long history and tradition, it is only obvious that peridot be bestowed with a permanent place on the birthstone charts. A mens peridot gemstone ring would symbolize the month of August since, it is the birth stone for those born in that month. 

Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your mens gold or 925 silver ring with peridot, keeps it's shape and looks intact for many years and decades. When choosing a design concept for your mens peridot ring make sure that, the gem does not significantly protrude from the surface of the ring. A low profile setting for the gem is going to reduce the chances of the gem, being struck by force - this will make it more unlikely for the gem to get damaged. A mens gold or sterling silver peridot ring that, provides a firm and protected mounting for the gemstone will add to the long term durability of the jewel. Bordering the entire gem with metal (bezel setting) is a perfect choice for mens rings. Respect the fact that the gem is a natural creation, avoid exposing it to abrupt and extreme temperature changes and strong chemicals and solvents. Heavy physical activity can be hard on jewelry and watches too. Take your mens peridot ring off when doing things like, cleaning the basement, repairing the car or mending the fence. Keep it in a safe place and remember where you have kept it ! 

Many natural gems are found in more than one location. As the importance of the original peridot mines in the island of St.John's lost their importance, peridot came to be found in other places too. If you had to go in terms in volume - China and Arizona (U.S) rule the market demand. These mining regions are fortunate to have been naturally endowed with conditions that were ideal to the formation of peridot - this formation would have happened several million years ago. There are small pockets of peridot existing in other locations like Pakistan and Myanmar (formerly Burma). Typically peridot is known to have a yellowish green color, and this was what gave it the name 'Chrysolite' in ancient times. Generally this name was applied to gemstones that, had a fairly large component of yellow or yellow mix in their color. With major supplies of peridot coming from China and Arizona and showing that yellow-green fresh lime color, the good news is that peridot with this color shade is reasonably priced. However for gem connoisseurs who put a big value for gems with low availability or unique features - the peridot from Myanmar and Pakistan sells at least 20 to 30 times more expensive than the stone from China or Arizona. The high cost relates to it's low availability and also, a color composition that shows little or no visible signs of yellow in the green. 

All Kaisilver peridot rings are crafted with handpicked and custom cut peridot gems from China or Arizona as we feel that, these gems offer the best value for money. But if you do have a specific requirement for a mens peridot ring with a gem from the more exotic locations like Burma or Pakistan, let us know and we will work out a cost quote for your specific requirement. Our experts at will be glad to advice you regarding any issue related to gems and jewelry - do drop then an email if you have a query or requirement. 


Combining the finest features that you would expect to find in a true high end peridot mens ring, the MAN64p is a custom mens ring crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. Peridot the August birthstone has been known for thousands of years though, it was often mistaken for emerald in the old days. A mens peridot ring would generally have a peridot gem that is around 2 to 4 carats. The above peridot ring from Kai Silver shows the best way in which this gemstone can be set. Notice that the oval gem in this peridot gem stone ring for men is firmly mounted with metal covering the entire edge - this reduces the chances of the gem being damaged by side impact. If you see the profile of the gem in the ring you would notice that, the gemstone does not protrude too much beyond the ring surface. This low mount also, reduces the chances of the stone being hit by hard objects or hitting against hard surfaces. 

The choice of a mens gold or 925 silver peridot gemstone ring, would depend on your budget and personal liking. With Kaisilver assuring the same quality of worksmanship and gemstones for both gold and 925 silver custom jewelry, the metal choice is yours to make. When buying a peridot ring make sure that, the jewel is provided with sufficient metal weight - this will positively influence the long term durability of the jewel.

Like all natural gems, it is advisable to keep the gem away from environments where it could be physically damaged or hit. Strong chemicals and solvents should also not come into contact with natural gemstones. While it is not difficult to look after your mens peridot ring, understanding the properties of the gemstone will give you peace of mind ... more