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A diamond ring is all about style, status, prestige and glitter - for thousands of jewelry lovers it is a lot about symbolism and ancient traditions. The amazing thing about the brilliance and radiance of an authentic diamond is that, you do not need to wear big chunky stone to experience the sheer beauty and extravagant look of this natural creation. The RG210 is one of the hottest selling diamond rings, the ring with the sturdy band and elegant structure war first introduced by Kaisilver. Backed by some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and inspired by a team of highly talented designers, we craft each jewel with passion and dedication. 

custom made diamond band ring
diamond band ring kaisilver

This diamond band ring meets all the superior quality standards that you would expect from a fine, jewel. It is therefore no wonder that, most buyers order the jewel as a diamond engagement ring or to be worn as a wedding band. Don't let the modest price point surprise you, we craft each jewel and use the services of our experts for diamond selection. There are no middlemen and we are willing to maintain slim profit margins. You can order a 14k or 18k diamond band ring with the gold color of your choice. The notion that diamond rings worn for a formal occasion, need to be made in white gold have today been cast aside. We provide options for all three gold colors namely white, pink and yellow. While the gold color is entirely up to you, consider the overall look for the day if, the jewel needs to be worn for a formal event. 

white gold diamond ring
diamond gold ring

The selection of the band width for the Kaisilver diamond ring, was done after a thorough thought process. A 4mm round diamond provides excellent value for price paid. The stone is surely not small and approximate diamond weight of around 0.22 carats, is significant. While we are aware that, a 5mm round diamond would add to the dimensions of the ring, the fact is that the 5mm stone has a weight of around 0.45 - 0.50 carat. So you end up paying a hefty price for the diamond even though, the increase in size (from the 4mm stone) is only 1mm. Having said that, we do provide an option for a 5mm round diamond for the RG210 diamond band, so the choice is yours. 

Back to the band width of the diamond band ring, with a diamond size of 4mm the width of the band is around 5mm to 6mm. This is as you can see, quite close to the size of the stone. With these proportions, the ring creates a 'full diamond' look and the diamond always becomes the focal point in the ring. The diamond is securely mounted, the ring allows the stone to do all its glitter and sparkle without obstruction. This is one of the main reasons why the ring, appears far more expensive than it really is. 

princess cut diamond square ring
custom made diamond ring

One of the biggest advantage of a custom diamond band is that, the ring is crafted just for you and need not attract a very big market audience. We are all aware that, jewelers are today looking to make jewelry with a low metal weight, the ideas is to push down the cost of the jewels. This might be effective in getting more sales but, it surely means that the jewels can bend or deform easily. Kaisilver optimizes the metal weight of each ring, based on the ring size and dimensions of the jewel. The idea is to add strength and durability to the jewel, this does mean a higher price point but paying for quality is always advisable. You can request for a band ring that has no metal scooped inside the band, the support team will calculate weight and pricing based on your ring size. 

gold band with diamonds
14k diamond ring

This report would never be complete without talking about metal color options for the Kaisilver diamond band. The metal colors that you will most often see for a diamond band are, yellow and white. Both 14k and 18k gold can deliver these colors but don't forget that gold rings including the RG210 custom diamond band, can be also be ordered in pink (rose) gold. You might be pleased to know that, we offer sterling silver as an option for all jewelry. The more exciting news is that, the quality of workmanship, diamonds and gems remains the same for both metal options. There was a time when it was thought that, white was the only suitable metal color for formal wear jewels. This is no longer true and metal choice is all a matter or taste and personal liking. 

diamond band ring with 3 diamonds

How To Order: Each ring shown this web page has a link, this takes you to a complete report that explains details, options and pricing. Before you rush to order a jewel, please discuss your requirements with our experts at Once you have all information including the payment process, go ahead and confirm the order. Remember that every feature of the ring can be modified to suit your preferences, we can even make a ring with your own design concept. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver. While you can pick any design from our websites, request for design modifications, chose the metal and gemstone of your choice - we can also craft a unique piece based on a design concept provided by you. We serve over 12,000 quality conscious clients across 15 nations. Some of Thailand's top jewelry artisans and gem cutters, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders.


I just received my ring and I had to send you a note of thanks. It is as beautiful as I expected it would be. Your patience with my questions was always gracious and the answers prompt and courteous. Please extend my thanks to the entire company and the artists who created this piece of art during extremely trying times for you. Feel free to use my endorsement of your company on your website, and I will be sure to tell everyone about your company. Thank you and God bless all of you ... Lynn St. Martin. ... more

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