Mens Jade Rings

When evaluating a gemstone's suitability for mens rings, toughness and durability of the gem is one of the relevant factors. When we talk about mens jade rings, we need to spend some time to understand the gemstone. If you had to just look at the 6-6.5 hardness rating of jade, you might conclude that the gem is not very tough. The fact however is that, the gem in a mens gold or silver jade ring is tough and can withstand daily wear. The internal structure of jade is made up of numerous fine fibres, these are woven and meshed into each other. It is this natural property of jade that enhances it's toughness. Since you should know as much as you can about the gemstone jewelry that you wear, we will fill you up with some quick details here. The gem name jade covers two gem types, nephrite and jadeite - so you can choose either of these for your gold or 925 silver men's jade gemstone ring. Although jade has been known for a few thousand years, it's toughness made it useful to be carved into tools and weapons (arrow heads). It later came to be known for it's classic beauty and was embraced as a gemstone.

Another important fact about jade is that, more than 80% of the jade gems used in jewelry are dyed to enhance their appearance. Most of the jade that is mined, has color patches and does not show a uniform color spread. The small quantity of fine jade that boasts of a fine uniform color. commands a premium price in the gem markets. The per carat price of such gems can be in the 300 U.S$ to even 500 U.S$ per carat. As you might have guessed, mens jade rings with such gem costs would be beyond most budgets. The dye treatment used on jade gems, gives the stone a nice uniform color and this moderates the price of jade jewelry too. If you wish to get a mens jade ring with a gem that has not been enhanced (treated), you can choose one of these options. A higher budget allocation will enable you to get a fine looking untreated jade gemstone for your men's ring. On the other if you are like most of us and are equipped with a moderate budget, be willing to accept a natural jade gem that has some visible color flaws.

If you notice most of the mens jade rings offered for sale, you would notice that they use green jade gems. The popularity of mens silver or gold jade rings with green jade gemstones is so high that, many people are of the impression that - green is the only color in which jade is found. The fact is that lavendar, brown, white, black and even yellow are some colors that can be found in jade. While these colors can be found in natural form (rather small quantities), the dye treatment can provide jade gems with these colors too. Many men are impressed by the rather dark green color of nephrite jade, they even do not mind the color zoning that is very common to this type of jade. If you are one of those who like this jade color, your jeweler should be able to fulfill your desire for an untreated jade gem at a reasonable price.

We have talked about jade that is left in natural form without being dyed, and jade that has been dyed to enhance color. But in reality, other forms of treatment like waxing and fissure filling are also applied to jade gemstones. You should know that jade treated by processes besides dyeing, are valued much lower than natural jade that is left undyed and natural jade that is dyed. We will .strongly advice you against accepting fissure filled jade as the treatment actually compromises the toughness of the gemstone too.

Mens Jade Ring MAN10

This mens jade ring is custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. The gems around the center oval jade gemstone are optional. If you wish to have the diamond look, you can choose white sapphires or even diamonds for the small stones. All features of this men jade ring are customizable, we can even make a ring as per your design ... more.

Impressive men's jadeite jade ring, custom made as a gold or 925 silver jade ring for men. The MAN125 jade ring is shown here with an untreated jadeite gem stone but, you could request for a dyed jade gem instead. Each jade ring is set with a natural green jade gem mined in Burma ... more