Male Jewelry, Increased Demand For Male Silver Jewelry

Even before gold prices rocketed, the demand for male jewelry was fairly tilted in favor of male silver jewelry. Many men feel that male gold jewelry is too flashy and loud. They prefer the calm and yet confident appeal of sterling silver male jewelry. Economics has now come into play, this has resulted in a shift in demand from male gold jewelry to sterling silver male jewelry. Much of this demand has been influenced by rising gold prices. This trend has posed some challenges for jewelers. In normal situations, most jewelers do not care to produce fine quality silver jewelry. The lucrative margins offered by gold jewelry have resulted in most jewelry houses refusing to accept, single piece custom orders for male silver jewelry. There was a time when jewelers could get gold orders fairly easily, they therefore did not lose much revenue by refusing to produce silver jewelry. This is something not possible now, a jeweler would find himself in financial problems if, he stuck to making gold jewelry alone. Most custom jewelry providers confirm, that the frequency with which they get gold jewelry orders has drastically slowed down.

In this report we will discuss various issues related to male 925 silver jewelry. We will not try to sell you anthing but rather, educate you with information required to make the right buying decision. You can make evaluations related to jewelry and jewelers only if, you know what features and factors need to be evaluated. At Kaisilver we believe that a satisfied buyer is an asset to the industry no matter, where he makes a purchase from. We will use suitable examples to make the explanation much clearer, the examples used will also give you an idea of that to demand when ordering your male 925 silver jewelry.


Many men adore male silver jewelry for it's classic appearance. The MPN02 male silver cross pendant from Kaisilver is a great example of calm, classic and yet confident looking male 925 silver jewel. A true lover of silver jewelry would not want to plate such a jewel with rhodium, gold or even platinum. Remember that it is the appearance of the metal that impressive such buyers. We have more on this male silver cross pendant here.

At Kaisilver we often say that, design selection is important for good male 925 silver jewelry. The MPN02 male silver cross pendant proves this. The overall concept for this male cross is antique and classic, the antiquing on silver actually enhances the beauty of the jewel. This would be a great pendant even if a slight tarnish was allowed to remain on the jewel.

The MAN09 is a good example of sturdy and tough male silver jewelry. Notice the good silver thickness provided for the band of this male silver ring with moonstone. Keep in mind that you can order all custom jewelry from us in gold or 925 silver with the design and gem stones of your choice. Just to clarify the meaning of metal thickness, it is not the band width but rather the thickness of the band. Typically jewelers prefer to keep the thickness very low, this is done to reduce the metal weight even when the band width itself remains the same. You can see full details of the MAN09 ring here.

Just give it a thought, when you maintain the dimensions of a jewel but reduce the metal weight, the jewel becomes thin. Such jewelry can bend, deform or dent easily. You will end up paying frequent repair costs, and the ring will soon start looking quite drab and shabby. At Kaisilver, both gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry is provided with a good weight that is generally, 40% to 60% more than what other jewelers would provide for the similar jewels. While metal weight is not the only feature that influences the longterm durability of a jewel, it is surely one of the dominant features. Keep this in mind when comparing our jewelry with that from other jewelry providers.

We would like to introduce you to a pair of male silver cufflinks. While many fashion critics do not regard cuff links to be jewelry,  buyers who have purchased Kaisilver cufflinks in gold or 925 silver, endorse them as stunning 'jewels. We will take an example here of male silver cufflinks, and keep them in the same category as male 925 silver jewelry.

The male sterling silver cufflinks shown above are set with natural amethyst gem stones. These cufflinks can be customized to suit your preferences, you could infact send us your own designs to be custom made. The gem stones for your male colors can be selected based on your color preference or, according to some specific meaning or significance attached to them. Birth stone cuff links for men are an example of gemstones being chosen according to specific meaning. You can get more information on these and other cufflinks here.

At Kaisilver we can custom make male cufflinks in gold or 925 silver. You can always select the design, gemstones, metal and even the dimensions for your male cufflinks, according to your personal liking. We regard our male cufflinks to be a type of male jewelry, and therefore craft them with equal passion and attention as we would do for other types of jewels.


The MAN60 male silver claddagh ring from Kaisilver, is another design perfectly suited for a male 925 silver ring. Male jewelry with meaning like the claddagh ring, can be worn in gold or 925 silver. The fact is that, the price tag on the ring or even the metal used to make such jewels do not affect the significance and meaning of the jewel. We have compiled complete details for this male 925 silver claddagh ring here.

The claddagh ring is regarded to be one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Men and ladies who wear this ring, do so because of it's deeper meaning and significance. Kaisilver claddagh rings retain all the features of the first claddagh ring made more than 3 centuries ago. The best thing about our claddagh rings is that, you get the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship for the gold and 925 silver male claddagh rings.

Let us now talk about the issues related to plating a silver ring.  All silver jewelry and other silverware will tarnish after a while. Cleaning the tarnish as it sets in is quite easy, leaving the tarnish on for a long time can make it stubborn. Services of a professional jeweler might be required to clean stubborn tarnish on silver.

When you talk about plating 925 silver male jewelry, there are few reasons why this is done. There are buyers of male silver jewelry who want an expensive and lavish appearance for their jewels. In such cases, the buyer might request for a gold or even platinum plating on the jewel. If you happen to be interested in plated male 925 silver jewelry you should know that, all plating on silver will wear off after a while.

We would like to clarify that the MAN57 male garnet ring shown above, is not a silver plated ring but a solid gold ring. However using this as an example, a silver male ring plated with yellow gold would externally appear much like the MAN57. This ring can be ordered in gold or 925 sterling silver with all gem options. For pricing and other details check the report here.

To summarize the above information we would say that, the quality of your male silver jewelry can be as good as similar jewelry made in gold. Custom male sterling silver jewelry will be a good choice as, most if not all, of your preferences can be included in the jewel. When deciding to plate your 925 silver jewelry, make sure that you understand that the plating will wear off after a while. Depending on the design and gems used in a plated silver jewel, it might be possible to have the jewel replated without much effort and expense. We would ideally recommend that you leave your male 925 sterling silver jewelry unplated. It is not very difficult to polish the tarnish off silver - do it when the tarnish is in the initial stages.

Some jewelry buyers are of the opinion that, expensive gems like aquamarine, ruby, sapphires and diamonds cannot be set in male 925 silver jewelry. The fact is that, the bugdet allocated to the jewel will significantly influence the gem selection.

The Kaisilver report on male jewelry can be reviewed at It will give you an insight into what to look for when evaluating options for your 925 silver male jewelry. Our support team at will be glad to provide you with any information or clarifications that you might need. There is no need to buy anything from us to get the benefit of our expertise, so do get in touch to get the right advice and suggestions.