Men's Rings Custom Made

A custom men's ring should incorporate all your preference, the time that it takes to craft a made to order jewel is well worth the wait. Since a single custom jewel need not please a mass market, it is possible to eliminate quality compromises when crafting the jewel. The important thing to understand is that, the quality standards for gold and sterling silver men's rings should be the same. You should get the option to select any gem of your choice, there are no technical reasons for certain gems to be unavailable for 925 silver jewels. When building your jewelry collection, selects rings and other jewels based on quality. It does not matter if your purchases are spaced out, invest in jewels that you really like and are made to last for a long time. You could pick gold and silver rings for men, have a nice mix of gemstones and styles. Rings that are worn often should be designed to keep the gemstones safe, high protruding gems are more likely to get damaged by physical impact. 

Green Gemstone Rings For Men

mens green gemstone rings

Men's green gemstone rings should be carefully selected based on gem size, ring usage and budget. Kaisilver experts talk about green gem options for men's jewelry. Make sure that you understand the details before investing in your green gem jewel ... more

History's Most Meaningful Jewel 

First made around 4 centuries ago, the claddagh ring is regarded to be the most meaningful jewel in history. Kaisilver crafts the world's finest rendition of the historic claddagh ring for men and women. We have more information about men's claddagh rings ... more.

men's rings with ruby

It is important to know a few essentials related to ruby gems before picking a men's ruby ring. For example, fissure filed rubies can look awesome but, they have a significantly low value and are also not very durable and tough. We cover many important issues ... more

mens rings band custom

Conventionally men's band rings have always been worn with a uniform band width all around. Wearing comfort has today made many men prefer rings with a slight taper on the band. Kaisilver custom rings for men, allow you to choose your own band style ... more

Sapphire Gemstone Rings For Men

Sapphires are stylish they are also rare and have always symbolized status and value. You can order a Kaisilver men's  sapphire ring with a blue, green, pink or orange sapphire gemstone. Choose 14k or 18k gold or request for a 925 silver sapphire men's ring ... more

Sapphire Three Stone Ring For Men

A hefty men's ring with a gorgeous blue sapphire gem in the center. The gems shown on the sides are rubelite, but you could pick the gems of your choice. This is an awesome custom men's ring in gold or 925 sterling silver. Perfect for a men's wedding ring ... more.

aquamarine ring for men

A big men's ring custom made in gold or 925 silver. The MAN06 is shown here with a big aquamarine gemstone. You can order this ring in gold or silver with the gemstone of your choice. The design concept incorporates features to increase durability ... more

white gold rings for men

A classy collection of men's custom rings handcrafted in 10k, 14k and 18k white gold. Each ring is designed and configured to ensure long term durability and impressive looks. 14k gold rings for men are popular since they combine good gold content and hardness ... more.