14k And 18k Gold Rings

While Kaisilver is not the only provider of gold rings, there are numerous reasons why discerning jewelry lovers work with us for all their gems and jewelry requirements. Jewelry is essentially a luxury accessory, it can become an integral part of your style but you need not wear just about any gold ring. Quality is of paramount importance when you buy a white, pink or yellow gold ring. Stylists explain that it is better not to wear a ring than to wear a flimsy substandard ring. Designers turn out hundreds  of gold rings each year, each design concept has its share of admirers. The great thing about Kaisilver gold rings is that, you select the gold type, pick the gemstones of your choice and even send us your own designs if you need something exclusive and one-of-a-kind. You could also pick a design from our websites and request for it to be crafted with your gemstone choice, we can even modify the design features to suit your liking. In this section we introduce you to a selection of handpicked rings made by us. Contact our experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry. You need not make any purchase from us, so feel free to take advantage of our expertise. 

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green tourmaline gold ring

Green gemstones give you that fresh and active appeal. The RG233GT 14k or 18k gold ring is shown with a green tourmaline gemstone. The ring is custom made and the gemstone, gem shape and gem size can be selected by you. Read the full report ... more

diamond gold band ring

There is a general understanding that, a good diamond ring cannot be affordable. Unfortunately this is an idea that is encouraged by many jewelers. Our report tells you how to choose a yellow, white or rose gold diamond ring without having to spend a small fortune ... more

ruby gold ring for men

A handsome men's ruby gold ring, custom made in 14k or 18k gold. This diamond and ruby ring for men raises the level of style and status. Ruby is a rare gem and combined with  a high demand, the gemstone is able to maintain a significantly high price profile ... more.

opal gemstone ring

A classic opal gemstone ring with diamonds. While much of the jewelry market has shifted towards Ethiopian opals to moderate the cost of opal jewelry, we at Kaisilver continue to patronize the highly sought after Australian opal. Learn all about this opal ring ... more

blue sapphire gold ring

For many centuries, blue sapphire has been one of the most sought after gemstones, this remains true even now. We talk about sapphire rings and give you some useful info related to this gorgeous gem. The RG800 sapphire gold ring is a must have jewel ... more

tourmaline gold rings for men

If you are looking for a men's green gemstone ring, go for this hefty men's gold ring with green tourmaline. The large green gem is set horizontally on the finger, a thick 14k or 18k gold ring houses the sparkling gem. Review the green tourmaline men's ring collection ... more.  

men's diamond ring

Designing and crafting a men's gold diamond ring at a modest price can be a huge challenge. Diamonds are expensive and larger sizes carry a further premium. Kaisilver experts provide ideas to get an impressive men's diamond ring at a modest price ... more

rings for men white gold

An amazing collection of men's gold rings in 10k 14k or 18k white gold. Choose the design from our web resources or send us your own sketch or image to be custom made. The report also provides an excellent insight into the overall look of white metals ... more

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