Men's Emerald Rings

When you talk about men's emerald rings, there is actually a lot to be explained and understood. Unfortunately, good advice and information related to mens rings with emerald gemstones is quite scarce. In this report, we hope to look at the issue from various angles and educate buyers, prospective buyers and even owners of mens emerald rings in gold or 925 sterling silver. We will not relate too many details to specific rings as, the objective of compiling this report is not to make a sale. Before we move ahead, let us provide some basic information related to emerald gemstones. This is a precious gemstone, a variety of beryl. It belongs to the same mineral family (beryl) as morganite, bixbite and aquamarine. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, and has been known to man for more than a thousand years. It undoubtedly is one of the most preferred green gemstones. If you had to talk specifically about emerald gems for mens rings, two important features need to be considered.

men's emerald gemstone ring

The MAN71H emerald ring is custom made in gold or 925 silver. The design concept for this ring has been researched taking the physical properties of the emerald into consideration. The ring is sturdy and easy to maintain, read the full emerald ring report ... more.  


Since mens gold or silver rings would generally have a larger (ring) size and dimensions, gems if any would need to be fairly large too. Emerald is an expensive gem and follows the general pricing convention that, larger gem sizes are priced significantly higher (per carat) as compared to gems with smaller sizes. So if you plan to get a mens emerald gemstone ring remember that, the price of the ring would be quite high even if, you settled for a medium grade natural emerald gemstone. Another equally important factor that should be known about emerald rings for men is that, the gemstone does need some amount of care and fussing when being worn. This is true of all emerald gemstone rings but is more relevant for men's emerald rings because, men are generally not so keen on giving care and attention to the jewels that they wear! Coming from the beryl family, emeralds boast of a hardness reading of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale but, that impressive hardness is deceptive. Emeralds by nature always contain fissures (fine cracks), this is something that affects their durability. Physical force or impact which would normally, not have affected a gemstone with a hardness of 8, could crack or break an emerald. Given this fact, it might be a good idea not to wear your mens emerald ring all day and all night, surely not when you are engaging in physical activities like excercising, gardening, repairing the fence or car etc. 

Close on the heels of the issue related to internal fissures, is an age old treatment applied to almost all emerald gems. You can expect to find visible internal fissures in the gemstone of your mens emerald ring. The fact is that these, internal flaws would be far more visible had the gemstone not been treated with natural oils. Manufacturers of emerald gem cutting and polishing centers, always treat their gems with natural oils. The oils seep into the gemstone through the fissures, and fill them up. What this actually does is to soften the visibility of the internal fissures, in doing this the oils also help enhance the lustre of the emerald gemstone. Basically the oil treatment of emeralds, enhances the beauty of the gemstone. Should these oils be affected, you can expect the appearance of the gem to degrade too. For this reason, you should not expose your emerald mens ring to heat sources or strong chemicals and solvents. Infact, just soaking an emerald gem in plain water for a long time can cause the water to enter the fissures, this would push the oils out of the fissures and out of the stone. 

The objective of providing this brief write up is not, to discourage you from buying a mens gold or silver emerald gemstone ring. Since we are highend custom jewelry providers, we obviously love to sell jewelry but - we do not wish to accomplish our business by witholding vital information from the consumer. What we expect this information to do is to, make you more aware of how you should look after your emerald gemstone ring. Having done this, you would be the proud owner of an emerald men's ring that stays in shape for a very long time. If this does happen, we would feel proud no matter where you purchased that emerald ring from.