Opal Gemstone Ring With Diamonds

Wear an opal ring and you present yourself as a patron of refined style and elegance. Opal is an interesting gemstones, the Greeks and Romans referred to it as the 'colorful' stone, in ancient times it was believed that an opal with no color flashes implied that the wearer was unwell. The RG211 opal and diamond ring from Kaisilver, has a pretty color play effect. We will explain later in this report, what is meant by 'color play' in opals. Before you presume that all opals with no color play are either fakes or are low grade opals - let us make a clarification here. There are some opal gemstones of which white opal is one that, should have the colorful effect. On the other hand a few types of opal like fire opal (Mexico, Brazil) and pink opal (Peru) do not have that optical property. However that does not make them any less valuable, pretty or desirable than opals  that show play of color. They are valued for their own properties and have a large and loyal following.

opal diamond ring
custom opal gemstone ring

If you had to value an opal based on the color play and beauty, white opal strikes a perfect balance between price and beauty. The gemstone in this white opal custom made ring is mined in Australia, the nation that has always been the most preferred source for this gem. Australia was once called the Opal Country, it is still is but lower mine output and rising prices have rapidly put the gem beyond many budgets. The gem sourcing team at Kaisilver will always strive for the unique and exotic, our direct connections with global mining operations give us an advantage in terms of price and preferential gemstone access. It is therefore no surprise that, our stylists chose an Australian opal for this ring. Just by way of information you might want to know that, Ethiopia has emerged as a source for commercial quality opals. These gems are more price friendly as compared to the opal from Australia. However for high end opal jewelry like the RG211 Kaisilver opal ring, we would strongly recommend that you insist on Austrlian opal. This no matter where you buy your jewelry from. 

So why do you need diamonds in an opal ring, the answer is simple - diamonds are never a compulsion. If you look at the overall style concept of this opal gold ring, you will agree that the diamonds add a subtle element of glitter. When you have a ring with a good quality opal and a jewel that is expertly crafted, the gem will take center take center stage no matter what the design or side stones. The diamonds in the ring do add to the price tag but, we have also provided an option for white sapphires instead of diamonds. With this option you get the same look and feel of the ring and yet, pay a lower price. Just keep in mind that this is a made to order opal ring, you could order the same ring with a plain band and no side diamonds or gems. 

We mentioned that this is a high end opal and diamond ring, so what exactly are the features of the jewel that would rate it as a 'high end' jewel. To begin with this is not a mass produced piece, each opal ring is crafted by some of Thailand's finest craftsmen. Complete attention is given to quality and no effort is spared to ensure, that the jewel is fit for even the most special occasion or event. Most jewels that you see in the markets are designed to save on metal weight, this allows a lower price point and has the potential to pull in more buyers. The custom opal ring shown here, has a minimum metal weight of 12 to 15 grams, larger rings might call for additional weight. This makes it at least 40% to 60% heavier than what other jewelers would provide. The wholesome metal weight is not just about price and status, it forms an essential factor in increasing the durability of the jewel. When you talk about the gemstone, we handpick each piece after multiple inspections. We do not limit our selection to ready stocks or fixed inventories, each opal gem is custom cut to precisely fit the crafted ring. 

There is one piece of important information that most jewelers conveniently forget to explain to their clients. Every gem and every jewel has its own physical characteristics, these need to be respected and addressed when the jewel is worn, stored or cleaned. Unknown to most gemstone enthusiasts, opals have a small portion of moisture within them. The moisture is stored in microscopic spheres that are densely packed into the structure of the stone. Light that strikes the stone, enters these spheres and gets refracted due to the moisture. It is this phenomenon that, gives the color flashes and color play effect to the gemstone. Heat, strong chemicals and detergents and solvents can all destroy an opal. The heat directly affects the beauty of the gem since, it causes the moisture to dry up. It is more of commonsense that, jewelry and gems should not be struck with physical force. 

Kaisilver: As the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand, we craft all types of fine jewelry and ship across the globe. We invite you to review our custom ring collection and get a clear idea of the superior quality standards that we maintain. You could pick a design from our online resources and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver, with the gemstones of your choice. We can also work with a design concept or sketch provided by you. The support team at sales@kaisilver.com will always be ready to answer any questions that you might have.