Kaisilver Resources Related To Gems and Jewelry

This section brings together some of the best Kaisilver reports related to gemstones and jewelry. The objective of publishing this gem and jewelry resource is to guide and educate buyers. We would like to say that many of these reports are known to most jewelers but, the information is kept away from buyers. The selfish thought that, a well informed buyer might decide not to make a purchase based on the information in the report, is what makes jewelers hold back information. At Kaisilver we prefer to inform and educate buyers rather than to allow them make a buying decision based on half facts or total fiction. While this does sometimes, make buyers change buying decisions, we feel that a well informed decision works in the interest of the buyer and the jeweler.

Black Is Smart: Onyx Jewelry with it's black and smart look  has impressed millions of jewelry lovers across the globe. While some adore the quiet and yet confident appeal of black onyx rings and other onyx gem stone jewelry, others wear it for traditional beliefs. In this report we offer some sincere and constructive advice related to onyx jewelry. A must read report that looks at things from the perspective of the buyer ... more

Male Jewelry, Metal Trend Shift: Rising gold prices have reduced the demand for gold jewelry. One market segment that has seen a steep fall in the demand for gold jewelry is male jewelry. Male jewelry is today dominated by silver, a metal that is much cheaper than gold. The shift from gold to silver for male jewelry has added to the already impressive demand for male sterling silver jewelry. In this report we tell you what to expect from male silver jewelry. Without seeping into a sales pitch, we educate regarding good quality male silver jewelry ... more

Peridot Rings: It is not just the birthstone status of peridot that drives a consistent demand for the gemstone, besides being a green gem peridot is also one of the few gems to be left in untreated form. An August birthstone ring would have a peridot gem, the stone is a member of the olivine family. First mined many thousand years ago on a small island in the Red Sea, this gemstone was often mistaken for emerald. Gold and silver peridot rings are fairly easy to look for if you follow a few simple suggestions. Most peridot rings are today crafted with peridot from China, these mines provide a steady supply of the gem and this ensures that the price is quite reasonable. Burma and Pakistan with their limited quantity of peridot resources, turn out to be very expensive for most jewelry applications ... more

custom gemstone bracelet

A gorgeous custom bracelet set with three of the most popular, sought after, rare and expensive gems in history - ruby, sapphire and emerald. You can order the gem stone bracelet in gold or 925 sterling silver with the gems of your choice. Read the report for more details ... more

Black Onyx Jewelry: The intense contrast between gem color and metal that black onyx brings defines timeless style. And it is not just men who prefer black onyx rings, ladies also admire the black gemstone for it's beauty and grace. Kaisilver custom jewelry includes a fine collection of jewelry with black onyx gemstones. And we can always custom make a gold or silver black onyx ring or other jewel based on your design concept. Black onyx can be cut in cabochon style without facets or incorporate both conventional cuts and checkerboard cuts in all shapes and sizes. This black gemstone is moderately priced and available in fairly large sizes ... more

Is White Topaz Natural: With an abundance of blue topaz gem stone jewelry, many jewelry buyers wonder of white topaz gems are natural. We have come across buyers who wanted to know if blue topaz gems were treated to lose color and become white. The fact that more than 90% of the topaz mined is white (colorless) in color, is not known to many gem and jewelry buyers. Get to know more about white topaz gems and also see the stunning Kaisilver mens white topaz gem stone ring (MAN75) in gold or silver ... more

Square Amethyst Rings: With most amethyst stones being cut as conventional rounds and ovals, rings with square amethyst gems exude a feeling of freshness and exclusivity. With Kaisilver providing complete customization for all jewelry orders, your desire for a square amethyst gem can be easily fulfilled. Having said that, we do wish to educate our buyers regarding the need for durability and advanced design features when it comes to rings with square stones. For example you might, want a gem mounting that displays a minimum amount of metal but, if this means exposing the pointed corners of the square gem - you should know that you would be compromising on durability ... more

The Cuff Links Resource: Check out the developments and trends in the cuff link segment. Selected reports on various styles and issues related to cuff links. Should you go for a pair of gold or 925 silver cufflinks. Is it a good idea to wear a pair of gem stone cufflinks. Find ways to make plain cufflinks appear more impressive. Updated with informative reports, so surely one section of the website that you want to dive in more often. Cufflinks today define your style and personality, we explain why custom cuff links are a great option for plain or sterling silver cufflinks ... more

gold rings with sapphire gemstone

Sapphire gemstone rings from Kaisilver, expertly crafted in gold or 925 silver. Choose from yellow, pink, blue, green sapphires. Can also custom make a sapphire ring with your own design concept. Check the report ... more

Yin Yang Jewelry: The traditional yin yang symbol is many centuries old. The deeper meaning and significance of the yin yang makes it relevant even today. You can harness the beenfit of the yin yang concept, without getting into an religious belief. While mens yin yang jewelry is more popular as compared to yin yang jewelry for ladies, there is no reason why ladies cannot wear or at least believe and benefit from the yin yang concept. The thought that two opposing forces can live besides each other and in perfect harmony, is something that can be applied to our daily life. Kaisilver presents one of the hottest mens yin yang rings (MAN76) for your viewing pleasure ... more.