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Topaz men's rings are generally made with blue topaz gemstones. The popularity of blue topaz gems is supported by the fact that, the three shades of blue available in blue topaz gems satisfies a wide market segment. If you are not very familiar with blue topaz gems, you would be interested to know that blue topaz gemstone rings for men can be had in 3 shades of blue. The pale blue or sky blue topaz gems, is generally not popular in men's topaz jewelry. The more saturated and brighter blue shade of swiss blue topaz gems does attract men. This is what you will generally see in mens gold or 925 sterling silver topaz gem stone rings. The deeper and more saturated blue of london blue topaz, is an interesting stone. If you had to see a well crafted london blue topaz gemstone men's ring, you would surely expect the gemstone to be far more expensive than it really is. 

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If you were looking for a December birthstone ring, you would most likely be aware that blue topaz is the birth stone for the month of December. You could ofcourse choose a sky blue, london blue or swiss blue topaz gemstone for your mens birthstone ring for the month of December. We had just mentioned above that, mens topaz rings generally have sky blue topaz gems or london blue topaz gems. There is something interesting about sky blue topaz gems, it is important that you are aware of this. Some shades of sky blue topaz can closely resemble the color of fine aquamarine! Having said that we would like to clarify that, aquamarine and sky blue topaz are not the same gemstone. Making a price comparison, aquamarine can cost around 5 times to even 20 times more than sky blue topaz. Beware of gem or jewelry providers who use confusing names like Aquamarine Topaz or even Aqua Topaz. The stones are really topaz and NOT aquamarine.

There are times when the color similarity between sky blue (light blue) topaz and aquamarine can be used to your advantage. Let us presume that you were looking for a mens blue gemstone ring that, had a gemstone with an aquamarine-like color. In this case the specific gemstone is not something that you have in mind, it probably is only the specific color that is important to you. A men's sky blue topaz ring in gold or 925 silver will be of great interest to you. The gem would be modestly priced even in sizes in the 4 to 10 carat range. And you could get an eye clean and flawlessly cut sky blue topaz, in that large size. There is nothing wrong in choose a sky blue topaz gem stone mens ring in this case, just make sure that you are charged for a topaz and not for the more expensive aquamarine.

We have talked so much about mens topaz rings with blue topaz that, you would think that this stone is found in no other color! The fact is that you will come across gems like yellow or imperial topaz, white (colorless) topaz and some other fancy colors. If you plan to get your topaz mens ring with any of these, here is some useful information for you. Yellow or imperial topaz is rarely found these days, we are talking about natural yellow topaz. When you do manage to find such a topaz, the size would be quite small and the price would be many times more expensive than the blue topaz stone. Not many people are aware that, more than 90% of the topaz mined is actually white in color. Most of this white topaz is treated into shades of blue, and you will agree that blue topaz mens rings are the most common gem color choice in mens topaz rings. Kaisilver white gemstone rings for men have brought male interest to this gemstone, this is a white gem that is calm and peaceful and yet confident and durable.

In this section we will introduce you to some fine mens topaz rings. The jewels will give you and idea of what you should expect and demand for your topaz ring. We can customize all design to suit your preferences and can even, custom make your topaz gemstone ring for men with your own design image or sketch. All the jewelry including mens rings on our website can be custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold and even in sterling silver. You can also choose the gem stone of your choice when ordering any Kai Silver jewel. Discussing your requirements with our team of experts at will help you make the right choice, so do discuss your requirements with us. We will be glad to come up with advice and suggestions even if, you do not plan to buy your mens gold or 925 silver topaz gem stone ring from us. 

The MAN75 mens ring from Kaisilver boasts of a topaz gem that is not very often seen in a mens topaz ring. This is a natural white topaz gem stone ring for men. Packed with all the advantages of a true custom made jewel, your mens topaz ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with the gem of your choice ... more.
This report discusses a question that is often asked, do mean wear topaz and are topaz gems suitable for mens rings. The consistent demand for mens topaz gem stone rings proves that, men do wear topaz gem stone rings. We also talk about what makes topaz gems popular with men. This impressive gemstone can match the looks and durability of gems priced 20 to 50 times more than topaz ... more.

Kaisilver blue topaz gemstone rings for men are crafted in gold and silver. When ordering your custom topaz ring, you can choose from sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz or london blue topaz gemstones. The design for your men's blue topaz ring, can be picked from our website or provided by you. Since each mens ring is fully custom made, we can accommodate all requests for design, dimensions and gem modifications ... more