Men's Claddagh Rings

With heart rings being associated with ladies and girls, it might sound strange to hear that there is a historic heart ring that is perfectly suitable for men and ladies. In this report we are going to talk about the Claddagh ring for men, this happens to be the four century old jewel that is today, regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history. Many of you might have seen renditions of ring but were not aware of, the significance and meaning of the jewel. It was Kaisilver who pioneered the effort to spread the story of the claddagh ring across the world. Let us just clarify at the outset that, the main features of the men's claddagh ring remain the same as those, for the ring worn by ladies. The meaning of the jewel is encapsulated in the features of the jewel and we will talk about those features in a moment. We should first give you a brief narration of the history of this amazing jewel. This is necessary to understand why, a men's claddagh ring should be present in every man's jewelry collection. 

claddagh ring for men gemstone
men's claddagh plain

The story of the claddagh ring is based around a young fisherman, who lived in the small fishing village named 'Claddagh' in Ireland.  The young man named Robert Joyce one day saw his boat attacked by pirates who, looted everything aboard and then, sold the captives as slaves. This was around four centuries ago when slavery was rampant. Robert ended up working with a wealthy goldsmith, he started to learn the trade from him. After a few weeks, the young slave started to feel depressed as the thought of being separated from his beloved made him sad. With no likely end to his sorrow in sight, Robert Joyce decided to make something for her - he chose to craft a ring with his newly acquired skills. The idea was to keep alive the dream of being freed from slavery, he could then return to his village and give the ring to her. Through the features of the ring, Robert wished to capture his true feelings for her - something that would remain forever molded in jewel. It was with this frame of mind that he conceptualized the hands, crown and heart in the ring. The hands denoted togetherness, the crown showed his loyalty to her and the heart was meant to tell her just how much he loved her. The couple did manage to be reunited in the village of Claddagh when, the young man was freed from slavery after a few years. They were married shortly after that and lived happily ever after. Needless to say that, Robert Joyce proudly gave her the ring that he had so meticulously crafted for her. The ring came to be known as a the Claddagh ring, named after the fishing village. The story of the ring spread and the touching tale behind the jewel, brought it universal recognition. 

The meaning of the ring is such that, it is perfectly suited for men and ladies. Love, loyalty and togetherness form the basis of any successful relationship irrespective of gender, color or religion. Kaisilver experts conducted a thorough study into the history and meaning of the claddagh ring. Our rings are today widely accepted to be the world's best rendition of the four century legend. The three basic features of the ring namely the hands, heart and crown need to be present in every claddagh ring. So there is no big difference between our men's claddagh rings and those worn by ladies. What will differ is the overall dimensions and metal weight, men would expect their claddagh ring to have an impressive size. Both gold and silver cladagh rings for men have the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstones. Our claddagh  rings can be ordered with or without a gemstone in the center. The plain men's claddagh ring is a bit easier to maintain as, you need not give any special care and attention to the gemstone. 

We would suggest that you discuss your requirements with our support experts at before, you make a buying decision. Let them guide you with information and advice. Once you are comfortable with the answers to all your questions, begin the task of picking a jeweler to source your ring. All claddagh rings are custom made at Kai Silver with the metal and gemstone of your choice. And if you wish to work with us but have a specific design in mind, send us an image or sketch and we will be glad to custom make the jewel for you. Below are some ideas for plain and gemstone claddagh rings for men, read the details and get an idea of what you should aim for. 

The MAN30 is shown here as a gold claddagh ring for men with, a black onyx gemstone in the center. You could request for this men's heart ring in gold or 925 silver with your choice of gemstone. Keep in  mind that, all design modifications are possible ... more

A sturdy men's cladagh ring with a carnelian gemstone. Men's opaque gem rings are very popular. You can pick the gem of your choice - ideas are, lapis, jade, onyx, agate, greyish-blue agate, amethyst, citrine, red garnet, black spinel, green tourmaline and others ... more

For those of you looking for a compact and handsome men's cladagh gemstone ring, the MAN14 is a great choice. A moderate 8mm heart gem is set in a tough and durable gold or silver ring. The choice of gold or 925 sterling silver ... more