Aquamarine Gem Rings For Men

Aquamarine rings for men were far more popular a decade ago, rising prices of the scintillating blue gemstone today puts these rings beyond many budgets. Kaisilver crafts quality men's aquamarine gemstone rings in gold and sterling silver with no limitation on design. You could pick any men's ring from our websites and request for it to be made in gold or silver with an aquamarine gemstone. The gemstone is tough and hard, suitable for frequent and everyday wear. The gemstone in your men's gold or silver aquamarine gem is custom cut by our highly skilled gem artisans. Each gem comes with a certificate of authentication, so you can be sure that you do not get a factory made look alike or a piece of cheap glass. 

Men's Aquamarine Ring Highlights:

  • Custom made in gold or silver with the same superior standards.
  • Natural and certified aquamarine gemstones.
  • Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March.
  • Choose any design from our website and request for an aquamarine gem.
  • Rings can be custom made based on your design concept or image. 
  • Requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated.
  • Equal emphasis given to style and durability. 
  • No limitation on metal, design or gemstone.

Email our experts at with any queries or questions that you might have. You are under no obligation to place an order so make sure that, you take advantage of our expertise. 

aquamarine ring for men

The MAN06 men's aquamarine ring would classify as a big ring, the large aquamarine gemstone in the center is a natural certified aquamarine gem. Custom made in gold and sterling silver, this men's gemstone ring is available in all ring sizes. You can order the same ring with a gem stone of your choice ... more

aquamarine ring for men

Aquamarine ring for men, handsome gemstone ring available with aquamarine or any gem of your choice. The gold or silver men's ring will have the same premium standards. You can choose diamonds or other gemstones for the sides. This is a men's heavy ring and is custom made in all ring sizes ... more.

Kaisilver often gets queries from jewelry buyers, regarding the choice of gold color for men's aquamarine gold rings. A glance at the MAN06 big aquamarine ring and the MAN64 ring with the same gem, will tell you a lot about how gold color renders its own contrast with the gemstone. Aquamarine as a gem is a lighter shade of blue, designers love to refer to it as a serene blue. The name aquamarine is derived from two words 'aqua' which means water and 'marine', which implies the sea and ocean. A men's white gold men's aquamarine ring shows no metal color element on the gem, stylists would say that the aquamarine is given the full opportunity to show its beauty.  A yellow gold aquamarine ring on the other hand, shows a warm color contrast of the metal. Though not very popular with men, rose (pink) gold is also an option for a Kaisilver aquamarine men's ring. Rose gold renders a unique look to gemstone rings, go for it if you feel comfortable wearing this gold option. At Kaisilver, you have options for 10k, 14k and 18k white, yellow or pink gold for your men's aquamarine ring. 

For those of you who thought was an aquamarine gemstone is not sturdy enough to be worn in men's rings, we clarify those doubts. Aquamarine is a tough gem, a member of the beryl mineral family - the gemstone does not have the fissures  that are seen in emerald, the green variety of beryl. Kaisilver gemstone experts clarify that, aquamarine is perfect for both gold and silver men's rings. A men's sterling silver aquamarine ring would require periodic cleaning to keep away tarnish but, the gemstone can easily withstand all those cleaning processes. Add to this the fact that Kaisilver provides the same quality of design, gemstone and craftsmanship for gold and silver aquamarine gemstone rings and you can be sure that - the choice of metal is entirely up to you. 

You could pick a design of your choice from our website and request for it, to be crafted with aquamarine and you choice of gold or silver. We are equally comfortable crafting a unique piece of your with your own design. A small note about the size of the aquamarine gemstone in your ring. Gemstones were a lot more affordable a decade ago, jewelry buyers today show an increased interest in colored gemstones - this is something that has increased the demand for aquamarine. Men love aquamarine for its quiet and yet classy look and women, adore the peaceful blue color of aquamarine. The MAN06 ring shown on this web page has a big aquamarine, the gemstone cost will figure prominently on the price tag. In general we would say that, aquamarine men's rings with gems in the 4 carat size and below are more budget friendly. 

Kaisilver aquamarine gems are sourced from miners and no middlemen are involved. Each gem is precisely custom cut by our expert gem cutters. While the fact that we procure gems from the mines is assurance enough of gem authenticity, we go a big step further and get each gem, (yes every gem) certified by a reputed testing lab. Simply put the gem in your men's aquamarine ring, would have an authenticity report that is specific to that one gemstone. We do not charge you extra for this certification process and ship, the certificate along with your ring. 

How To Buy: Each ring shown on this web page has a short description and a link to the complete report. You will agree that the extent of detail that, we provide for each jewel is unmatched in the industry. It reflects our mission to educate and inform gem and jewelry lovers. The idea is to equip you to make the right decisions rather than, smart talk you into making a rush purchase. We place no limit on design, so you can choose any of our rings and request for it to be crafted with an aquamarine gemstone. We can also make a ring with a design provided by you. A gold or silver aquamarine men's ring with get the same attention to detail and meticulous hand craftsmanship. The Kaisilver support team at will be glad to clear any questions that you might have. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With a 3 decade expertise in every aspect of gem procurement and jewelry crafting, we have maintained our position as the leading online provider for high end custom jewelry - for the last 2 decades. Over 12,000 seasoned gem and jewelry lovers spread across 15 nations, rely on us for all their requirements. A long relationship with leading gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is exactly why we do not restrict your choice of gemstone - you need not limit your selection to gems mentioned on our website. Get in touch with our experts at with any queries that you might have have.