Onyx Cuff Links

While the utility value of cuff links is still the prime reason for men wearing cuff links, there is no doubt that style and personality are today reflected in the cuff links men wear. Onyx cufflinks imply natural black onyx gems set in gold or sterling silver cuff links. We would like to clarify this because, many buyers who search for black cufflinks do not always end up getting black onyx cufflinks. The point is that the black portion could be glass, plastic, resin, a black coating or enamel. On the other hand, onyx gemstone cufflinks would have natural black onyx gems set in them. Onyx has always been popular among men, the color is not loud and the gem seems to exhude calm confidence. In this report on onyx cufflinks, we will discuss some interesting features related to onyx gemstone cufflinks.

Though we have used an example of the CUFF-04 onyx cufflinks on this web page, we will not limit our discussion or your choice to this pair of cuff links. We are surely not the only supplier of cufflinks but would like to say that, all our cufflinks are fully custom made. You therefore do not need to deal with limitations on design, metal, gemstones or dimensions. Besides the appearance and basic concept of gold or silver onyx cuff links, we will also talk about their durability. From the buyer's view point, long term durability is of prime importance. Two pairs of cufflinks might appear very similar or even identical externally but, might differ widely in terms of durability.

The onyx cufflinks shown here are just one concept that you could consider. Personal preference plays a leading role in jewelry design selection, this is true of cuff links too. What we are going to talk about related to onyx cuff links, is more important than their mere external appearance (design).

Let us first elaborate about what we said in the opening paragraphs of this report. We mentioned that not all black cufflinks have black onyx. The cufflinks shown above have custom cut black onyx stones set in the center. Basically if all you wanted were a pair of cufflinks with a black center, you might not really care if the black was a paint, enamel or just a piece of plastic. The use of natural gemstones becomes more relevant when, a buyer understands about gems and requires a pair of onyx gemstone cufflinks.

If you plan to get such cufflinks make sure that, the provider understands your requirement for natural gemstones. This might be an easier issue to handle if you choose to go for made to order cuff links. If this is the case, the metal, gemstones, design and even the size (dimensions) of the cuff links can be dictated by you. The shape of the onyx gems in your cufflinks can be determined by you, this would ofcourse depend on the design concept of the cufflinks too. Keep in mind that onyx in it's natural form is banded and shows black and white. When you talk about black onyx gems, it would mean onyx that is dyed to get a uniform black color all over the gemstone.

You might be aware that, onyx is not a birthstone. However there are some traditional beliefs attached to onyx. It is not clear how many men choose to wear black onyx cuff links because of the, beliefs attached to the stone. However it is very clear that men prefer dark gems and the rich black color of onyx impresses them. Some people believe that wearing an onyx gem helps a person to cope with tragedy and depression. We have mentioned this more as a folklore rather than, to make any claims of supernatural powers for the gems that we use.

We will now talk about some essential features that you should look for in the pair of onyx cufflinks that you choose. We did mention that you should make sure that you are getting natural onyx gems if, that is what you need. While we do not expect to make you an expert in gemstones with this small report, we do advice you to look for a reputed provider before making a purchase commitment.

Let us now talk about the way in which the gems in your onyx gem stone cufflinks will be mounted. Make sure that the cufflinks do not use glue to set the gemstones. No matter how special the glue, it could weaken over time. Some types of glue loose their strength when soaked in water or soapy water. If you can have your say, we would suggest that the onyx stones in your cuff links, be bordered with metal all around. This is how the gems in the onyx cufflinks shown on this page are set. If your cufflinks must have a prong setting for the gems, make sure that the prongs are tough, thick enough and rounded. Sharp or pointed prongs can scratch skin, they can also get stuck in pockets and similar fabric. Prongs that get stuck, tend to stretch and loosen the gemstone - the gem could then drop off the mounting.

Good craftsmanship is an essential component for a pair of good onyx cufflinks. There generally is more than one part in cufflinks, these parts need to be assembled together. This should be neatly done and also sturdy. A good and firm gem mounting for your gemstone cufflinks, also requires skilled craftsmanship.

When it comes to a choice of metal for your black onyx cufflinks, gold and silver are the popular options. The steady rise in gold prices, has severely restricted the demand for gold cufflinks. If you choose sterling silver cufflinks we would suggest that, they be left unplated. Ocassionally wipe the cufflinks with a silver polish lotion or fabric, this should take away any tarnish that might set on the metal. It is not uncommon for buyers to request for yellow or white gold plating on silver cufflinks. We can do that for you but would like to inform you that, all such platings done on silver will wear off over time. This is true irrespective of who does the plating for you.

We quite often get enquiries from buyers related to stainless steel cufflinks. The thing that you should know about stainless steel jewelry is that, it cannot be custom made in single pieces. Steel cufflinks need to be manufactured in a mechanized production environment, large quantities in the order of 100 pairs to 1,000 pairs are required to make an attractive price point possible.

We hope that this report on onyx cufflinks, provides you with the confidence to look for options and logically evaluate them. External looks can be deceptive, this is true of jewelry too. Two pairs of cuff links might appear very similar externally but, could have widely differing, durability and price too. We welcome your questions and queries at sales@kaisilver.com and will answer all emails - you will never be obliged to make a purchase from us. You can review http://www.gemstonejewelry.kaijewels.com/onyx-cuff-link-kj-01.htm for more information on the onyx gem stone cufflinks shown on this page.