Kaisilver Men's Rings With Sapphire

Men's sapphire rings have always been very popular, the darker shades of blue sapphire set in gold or silver never fail to impress men. Sapphire has for many centuries been associated with truth, loyalty and honesty. The beauty and rarity of sapphires puts it in the upper price range bracket, this has caused it to be linked to status and prosperity. The design concept for a sapphire ring for men, can very varied but it is necessary to keep a few essentials in mind. Keep your ambitions within control when thinking of sapphire gem size, we would recommend staying in the 2 carat to below 4 carat range. We do not mean to say that a men's sapphire ring with a 2-4 carat sapphire gem would be cheap but, sapphires beyond this size generally carry premium per carat price tags. At Kaisilver we offer a choice of medium to good grade sapphire gems, depending on the size and origin prices can vary significantly. Without complicating this information with technical jargon, we would recommend that you specify untreated or heated sapphire gems for your men's ring. Newer gem treatments applied to sapphires can compromise the toughness and value of the gemstone. Make sure that you choose a jeweler who can explain simple facts, honestly, sales hype and marketing campaigns generally end up giving lower importance to buyer interests. 

Our sapphire gemstone rings can be crafted from your designs or, you can choose any design from our websites and request for it to be made with sapphire in gold or sterling silver. Sapphires are available in an array of colors and not just blue, men generally choose blue, green, white, yellow or orange for their rings. When ordering a sapphire men's ring you can request for any sapphire color and need not, restrict your selection to what is shown on our websites. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

sapphire band ring men's

A men's sapphire band crafted with a tapered or uniform band width. A perfect ring for a special occasion, celebrate a September birthday or wear it as a sapphire wedding ring. We offer options for a pink, green, yellow or blue sapphire gemstone. Each ring is crafted by highly talented Thai jewelry artisans. You can order the sapphire ring in 10k, 14k or 18k gold or sterling silver. Available in all ring sizes ... more

sapphire gold ring for men

A men's sapphire gemstone ring with trillion shaped gems on the side. This sturdy men's ring is available in gold or 925 sterling silver. The quality of workmanship and gems remains the same for both, 925 silver or gold sapphire rings for men. The features of this gemstone ring can be customized to suit your preferences and we can also, craft your sapphire ring with a design provided by you ... more.  

men's sapphire band ring

White gold men's sapphire gemstone ring, available in white, yellow and rose gold. The silver sapphire ring for men, has the same superior quality standards as the gold ring. This ring can be ordered with a combination of sapphire colors, you can mix and match any gems of your choice. The ring is sturdy and can accommodate from 3 to 5 gems. The band width of the ring can be customized based on the gemstone size ... more.

sapphire gold ring for men

Men's rings with sapphire gemstones are preferred by men for a number of reasons, besides being tough and durable, blue sapphires have a fine blue color that impresses men. The MAN122BS custom sapphire men's ring, takes style and luxury to the next level. Besides a minimum metal weight of 20 grams, the center certified blue gemstone is haloed with a row of glittering diamonds. Available in all sizes ... more.  

men's sapphire rings

A stupendous sapphire and diamond ring for men, shown as a men's yellow gold sapphire ring, this handsome jewel can be ordered in 14k or 18k and 925 sterling silver. With no limitation on design and gems, Kaisilver men's rings can be crafted with your choice of gemstones. We offer a range of sapphire colors for you to choose from, white, blue, green, orange and yellow are some interesting ideas ... more.

men's big ring with sapphire and ruby

A luxury look and feel for this finely handcrafted sapphire and ruby ring. Kaisilver custom made white, yellow or pink gold sapphire, ruby and white sapphire ring. The ring can also be ordered in sterling silver. Men's sapphire gemstone rings are available in all sizes, we can craft your sapphire men's ring with a design provided by you. There is no limitation on gem selection for all Kaisilver rings ... more

sapphire mens ring

A hefty men's blue sapphire gemstone ring, you can also order the same ring with a yellow, green, pink or blue sapphire gemstone. The men's gold sapphire ring is available in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - the ring is crafted with a minimum metal weight of 25 grams. The design and configuration of this sapphire men's ring is perfect for prolonged use. This is perfect for a men's sapphire wedding ring - available in all ring sizes ... more

yellow sapphire rings for men

Science has proved the existence of sapphires in a spectrum of colors - not just blue. Kaisilver offers both gold and silver rings for men with any sapphire color of your choice. Popular sapphire colors for men are yellow, blue, and green - but remember that you can also choose white or purple sapphire gemstones. If you happen to be a sapphire lover - add these other sapphire colors to your jewelry collection.

Sapphire Celebration Gem: It would be right to say that a large number of men's sapphire gemstone rings, are ordered to mark a special occasion or milestone. For many centuries, sapphire has been associated with monarchs and aristocrats. Those were the days when all sapphires were considered to be blue, many blue stones were unknowingly labelled as sapphire. It was this royal connect that sapphires made over the past, that classified them as being precious and desirable. Another reason for sapphire becoming a favorite when it comes to occasions to be celebrated is the fact that, sapphire rings can generally be high priced items - this when you consider medium to high grade sapphire gemstones. This is especially true of sapphire gemstone rings for men, where preference is made for larger sapphire gemstones and heavy metal (gold or silver) weight. Sapphire rings worn to mark a celebration or event like a birthday or anniversary, are generally backed by a budget in the upper ring. Sapphire gems are extremely tough and durable, buyers are aware that a well designed and crafted sapphire men's ring would be long lasting and durable. 

Birthstones have been worn for hundreds of years, they were first assigned based on the zodiac sign under which a person was formed. A men's sapphire ring in gold or silver, would be an awesome way to celebrate a September birthday. As time went by, the calendar as we know it today was developed. This was when the modern day birthstone charts were defined. Each of the 12 months was assigned a birthstone - a few months were lucky enough to have more than one birthstone assigned to them. If you are one of the lucky men to be born in September, consider building a collection of sapphire gemstone rings for men - use a wider color spectrum and add gem colors aside from blue. While it is generally believed that reference was to blue sapphire in the birthstone charts, it is fair to say that the concept of birthstones evolved when the presence of other sapphire colors was really not known. You are free to make your own choice, at the end of the day wear what you like and believe in. 

Men's wedding rings are often ordered with sapphire, some of the reasons have been spoken about in previous paragraphs. Given the rather significant price tags seen on men's sapphire gemstone rings, they are better budgeted for as special occasion rings. Another reason for the sustained demand for men's sapphire wedding rings is about, ancient beliefs and traditions attached to the gemstone. Sapphires have for centuries, been related to sincerity, truth and personal esteem. These are qualities that make them highly suited for marking matrimonial relationships. That sapphires are extremely tough is one other reason. Important to add here that, it is not just gem toughness that defines the durability of a men's gemstone ring. Kaisilver designs are researched to ensure that, good external appearance and durability are given equal emphasis. When choosing a sapphire wedding ring for men, consider the comfort and durability elements. 

Sapphire with a history that dates back to centuries, has rightly been designated as the gemstone to celebrate many milestones. We already read about men's sapphire birthstone rings and wedding rings for men with sapphire. You also have not one but 3 anniversaries that are ideally marked with sapphire - and men can do this in style with a Kaisilver men's sapphire gemstone ring. The 5th, 45th and 70th anniversaries list sapphire as their favorite gemstone. When choosing a design for a men's anniversary ring, consider the age of the person with the design and dimensions of the ring. This is another area where Kaisilver experts can advice and make suggestion, this even if you wish to buy your men's sapphire anniversary ring from another jeweler. We will provide advice and guidance rather than, high pitched sales propaganda.

How To Buy: Each item on this web page has brief description and a link to the complete report. We suggest that you go through the detailed report and feel free, to contact our team at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions that you might have. We can craft any ring from our websites in gold or silver with sapphire or any,  gemstone of your choice. Kaisilver provides complete customization for any jewel, you can also send us your own design image or sketch to be custom made. 

Who Is Kaisilver: We have been the leading online source for expertly handcrafted custom jewelry. Working with your design or ours,  we maintain the same superior quality standards for gold and sterling silver. Preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems from, leading gem mining and cutting operations across the globe ensure that, you always get the best gemstone at each price point. We place absolutely no restriction on gem selection, your choice need not be restricted to what is shown on our websites. We are honored to have over 12,000 satisfied clients in 15 nations - something that has been at the foundation of our expertise and reputation. We do not indulge in loud marketing campaigns and we do not hire smart talking sales staff. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com is made up entirely of, gem and jewelry professionals who are guided by top design and style consultants in multiple nations.