Silver Or Gold Band Ring For Men

There were was a time not so long ago, when men were happy to  wear a strip of silver or gold as a band ring. Things changed about a decade ago when, Kaisilver released the first collection of men's gemstone rings. Finely crafted gold and sterling silver rings, custom made with no limitation on design or gemstone. The MAN63n men's gemstone ring has been a huge hit with men, the classy design makes it perfect for formal and informal wear. Since each ring is completely custom made, it is possible to order the ring with a uniform or tapered band width. 

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While it is true that men's bad rings are very popular as wedding rings, there is really no reason why they cannot be worn for everyday wear. A gemstone band ring should give good exposure to the gemstone, the metal does play an important role but, it should not overpower the gem. The choice of gems is important for men's rings for more reasons that one, gemstones that can break or chip easily are definitely not suited or men's wear. Men in general prefer gems with a darker color shade. This explains why many Kaisilver men's rings are ordered with gems like black onyx, london blue topaz, blue sapphire, green tourmaline and deep red garnets. 

We have shown the MAN63n ring here with a square green tourmaline gemstone. Square gems are awesome when it comes to band rings, the shape of the stone blends seamlessly into the overall design structure of the jewel. It is important to border the entire gem with metal, this to avoid chipping of the edges or corners. Most jewelers do not give importance to intricate details but, at Kaisilver style experts work on every single detail before it is incorporated into the design. The Kaisilver men's band ring ensures that, the gem does not touch the bottom surface when it is placed on a table etc. This is something that protects the gem from getting damaged. 

There is no limitation of design or gem when you order a men's custom made band ring. A few notes about tourmaline,  the gem that is found in a dazzling range of colors. The gem gets its name from the Sinhalese word 'turamali' meaning, many colored gemstone. Besides being available in many colors, a single tourmaline crystal can at times be found with more than one color. Green and pink tourmalines are most often seen in jewelry, men generally prefer to wear green tourmaline. Kaisilver can custom make your band ring for men with, green, pink or yellow tourmaline. Though not very popular in men's jewelry, rubelite is a variety of tourmaline that is reddish pink in color.

The conventional definition of a band ring requires that the ring have a uniform band width all around. However practicality often dictates otherwise and this explains why, some men prefer a slight taper for their ring. Broad band rings can sometimes cause an uncomfortable feeling, when the finger is bent. This is a personal choice and you can rest assured that Kaisilver will be glad to satisfy your preferences. 

And what should be the ideal width of a men's band ring, this is a question that requires some explanation. The ring size and even the gem selection can influence the band width of a band ring. A band width of around 7mm to 8mm would be fine for ring sizes up to 9 or even 10. If you require a ring size that is in the 11 to 13 range for your men's band ring, it might be a good idea to aim for a 9mm or 10mm band width. What you should know is that, large ring sizes and wider band widths, will call for additional metal weight - this to maintain their durability. Gems like ruby, sapphire, tanzanite and emerald can be quite expensive when the gem size moves beyond 7mm. 

What is a better choice, a gold or silver men's band ring. At Kaisilver we have made it easy for you to make a choice of metal for your ring. The same quality standards are maintained for both, gold and sterling silver band rings. The quality of workmanship and gemstones also remains the same for both metals. Silver would be more economical but, gold rings have a price range to choose from too. Pick from 10k, 14k and 18k gold and all three gold colors (yellow, pink and white). 

How To Buy: Don't be in a hurry to place an order, make sure that you have discussed all your requirements with our team of experts at You are under no obligation to make a purchase so make sure that, you have all the information that you need. We make all types of jewelry with your designs or ours, we welcome your own design ideas, sketches and images. The MAN63n Men's Band Ring Report, has complete details on the ring. Learn about gem and metal options, design tips, pricing etc. Contact our support team if you need any further information. 

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