Mens Ruby Rings

Ruby rings for men are jewels that will surely not be cheap. The rarity of ruby gems is something that can never be resolved and this explains why, the gemstone has always maintained an impressive price point. The price factor of a mens ruby gemstone ring is something that, makes this ring more suitable for special occassions like marriage and engagement. Ruby belongs to the corundum mineral family, the same mineral also gives us sapphires. The toughness of a ruby gemstone is well known, the Mohs scale of hardness assigns a hardness of 9 (out of 10) to ruby. What this does mean is that, a mens ruby ring can largely take care of itself. The design concept and craftsmanship of the jewel would also have a bearing on the toughness of the ring. When you buy a ruby gemstone ring, there are certain  factors that you should be aware of. For example, the price per carat of a ruby gemstone will go up swiftly as the gemstone size increases. This will hold true even if, the gems being compared have the same quality. The size and cost per carat behaviour of ruby gemstones has special relevance when it comes to ruby rings for men. The reason is because, most design concepts for men's gemstone rings rely on gems in the larger size range. 

You could pick any design from our websites and request for it to be made with a natural ruby gemstone. We can also craft a custom men's ruby ring with a design image provide by you. Contact our team of experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

men's ruby and diamond ring

A high end men's ruby diamond ring, available in gold or sterling silver. You choose the design and ring size, we can even craft your ruby ring with a design provided by you. The ring is perfectly suited for a men's ruby wedding ring. Available in 10k, 14k and 18k gold and you can pick white, yellow or pink gold. Your ring can be ordered in all ring sizes. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. The gemstone is a natural certified ruby gemstone. The ring is optimized for metal weight, this makes the ring comfortable to wear and long lasting. Read full details of the MAN141 ring at ... more

men's ruby gemstone ring

The RG215 mens ruby ring is an interesting jewel. The innovative design concept for this ruby and diamond ring gives the ring an impressive appearance even though, the size of the ruby gemstone is quite modest. By keeping a band width that closely hugs the round ruby from up and down, the jewel makes the 5mm round ruby much larger than it's size would indicate. The diamonds on either side of the center ruby gem, are 2.5mm rounds. This means that they are half the size of the center ruby gem. The jewel therefore sports an extravagant look without, being weighed down by a hefty price tag. 

The moderate gem size of for this mens ruby gold or silver ring, allows the use of a good quality ruby without, putting too much pressure on the price tag. In the price v/s size logistics of ruby pricing, a larger stone costs much more (per carat) than a small stone. This will hold true even when, the smaller and larger stones are of the same quality. 

What the above discussion implies is that, you can safely choose the RG215 for a mens ruby and diamond band ring. There is no reason why you should not wear this jewel just because it is pretty. For men born in the month of July, ruby also brings in all the goodness of a birthstone. Though the price of the ring is not too high, the quality of the jewel makes is suitable for a mens ruby wedding ring too. You can get to know all about this gorgeous mens ruby ring here.

custom ruby gemstone ring for men

A ruby men's ring with a broad format, a natural certified ruby gemstone surrounded by a halo of glittering diamonds. Kaisilver can craft your men's ruby diamond ring in gold or 925 silver, we can also use a design sketch or image provided by you. Ruby rings can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold and sterling silver. Ruby represents love, power and success. The gemstone is the birthstone for the month of July. You could order the MAN122R men's ruby gemstone ring with a gemstone of your choice. This is a large men's ruby diamond ring,it is stylish, durable and available in all sizes ... more

men's ruby gemstone ring

Custom ruby gemstone ring for men, a natural and certified 9x7mm oval ruby gemstone in the center. A glittering 2.5mm round diamond is set on either side of the center stone. Picking a men's ruby ring based purely on external appearance, is unlikely to get you good value for your money. It is important to learn some important details about rubies, the issue of ruby treatments needs to be understood clearly. We can craft a gold or 925 sterling silver ruby gemstone ring for men, the gold ring has options for 14k and 18k gold. Get to know more about ruby men's rings ... here

ruby ring for men

Ruby ring for men with a square ruby gemstone in the center. A nice design for a 'his and her' set of ruby wedding or engagement rings. The band width of this men's gem ring, can be customized to your requirements. You can even choose a gem other than ruby for any of the rings on this page. The center ruby gemstone flaunts, a glitter diamond on either shoulder. More details on the RG131 ring right ... here

The origin of the ruby gemstone does have an influence on the price of the stone for example, a ruby from Burma is given a higher preference over a ruby from Mozambique (Africa). So should you pay significantly more for your mens ruby gemstone ring just because, the gemstone has been mined in Burma. We have a very simple suggestion to make. When evaluating the gemstone in a mens ruby ring, first of all make sure that you are getting a natural ruby gemstone. Next, have a look at the color and clarity of the piece - are you satisfied with that. If you are happy with the piece, move to the next and very important factor. All rubies are heated to enhance their appearance, this has been going on for centuries. What happened recently in the last decade or so, is the introduction of new (and controversial) treatments that are being applied to some ruby gems. Some of these treatments actually reduce the toughness of the gemstone and could also, reduce the value of the ruby. What you must be sure is that, the gemstone in your mens ruby ring is natural and is only heated by the old conventional heating process. Make your evaluation on the above factors, then check the external appearance of the stone, do not go overboard just because of gem origin. 

A men's ruby wedding ring would be a special jewel, Kaisilver high standards ensure that - your men's ruby gem ring in gold or sterling silver, would be suitable for all occasions. It is not just the external looks of the ruby ring that are important, advanced features in our researched designs ensure that, your ruby ring for men will stay in shape for years and decades. Our ruby rings for men and women, have a metal (gold or silver) weight that is around 40% more than what other jewelers would provide. While this does add to the price tag of your men's ruby gemstone ring, it also means that your ring is more comfortable to wear and tougher. Deploying the skills and expertise of some of Thailand's finest artisans and gem cutters - we ensure that each jewel that we craft is a piece of art and an awesome addition to your jewelry collection. 

The price range of a good ruby ring for men with a natural certified ruby gem, medium to good grade gemstone, high quality workmanship and optimized metal (gold or silver) weight, would be around $2,500 to $7,000. This is a good price range to fit most budgets but, there is no upper limit if you have a budget to match. You are welcome to discuss your requirements, with our experts at , glad to help even if you end up, sourcing your men's ring with ruby gem from any other jewelry provider. We will discuss the real value of a ruby ring in the following paragraphs. 

There is a good reason why a significant number of men's ruby rings are ordered from Kaisilver Thailand each year. Shipping across the globe, we ensure that your ring has a high material value. The entire process starting with the researched design, gem procurement and production is handled in-house. It is common in this business for gems to include a chain of brokers and commission agents, these elements add multiple profits and broker fees to the final gem price. Simply put, the real value of the gem diminishes in relation to the price paid. Kaisilver has dared to break this chain of middlemen something that, has brought us quite a few enemies in the gems and jewelry industry. Gem buyers with decades of expertise, source rubies and other gems directly from the miners. Each piece of rough ruby is meticulously checked multiple times before a purchase is made. The gem is then custom to to precisely fit the ruby rings and other jewelry that we craft. We do not expect you to take our word for everything mentioned here! Important to know that, the ruby gem in your men's silver or gold ring comes with its own, authentication certificate. 

How To Order: Each item shown on this web page has a link to the complete report. Check out the information, options and pricing. If you happen to be interested in a men's ruby ring or any other jewel, here are a few useful suggestions. Remember that, you could pick just about any jewel from our websites, request for features to be customized and then, order the jewel in gold or silver with the gemstones of your choice. This means that any Kaisilver ring can be crafted as a ruby gem ring for men or women, in gold or silver. And if you have a unique design in your mind for a ruby men's ring, send us an image or detail the idea - we will together work on the final specifications and price quote. Since each jewel is fully custom crafted based completely on your preferences, expect a 4 to 5 week lead time for production. We do not adopt rapid production processes, or work with a fixed set of blocks and gemstones. If you need the jewel by a specific date, please try to contact us well before that time. We will not push you into making a quick buy decision and we will not, rush the production process as that generally generates a compromise in terms of quality. Absolutely okay if you contact our team at and take advantage of our expertise, you would then have sufficient information to order your jewel from any jeweler of your choice. Very few jewelers care to provide the kind of detailed information and guidance that we do. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers spread over 15 nations. A team of seasoned jewel artisans and gem cutters work on all Kaisilver jewelry order. We craft rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets and cufflinks in gold or silver, based on your designs or ours. Networked to major gemstone sources across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones. This explains why we place, absolutely no restriction on your gem selection. Get in touch with our experts at for any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry, we will be glad to help without, pushing you to make a purchase from us.