Kaisilver Made To Order Bracelets, Gold And Silver

A bracelet is an elaborate jewel, it is generally quite large and required skilled artisans to work on each process. Gemstone bracelets add the attraction of sparkling and colorful gems, the gemstones are often picked based on their meaning or deeper significance. If you wish to get a quality bracelet that includes your choice of gems and design and is sturdy for long term wear - your options will narrow down to, a custom made piece. Kaisilver custom makes bracelets and other jewels in gold and sterling silver, we can work with your design sketch or image, you could also pick one of our bracelet ideas and order the piece with gems and metal of your choice. Each bracelet is crafted by artisans with decades of jewel creation experience, trained gem experts help handpick gems for every jewel. This most important thing is that, the quality of design, workmanship and extreme dedication to crafting a classic bracelet, remains the same for both gold and 925 silver bracelets. 

A stylish bracelet with a contemporary touch, this Kaisilver bracelet can be ordered with multiple gemstones in 925 silver or gold. You can therefore combine gems based on color combinations, your preference for color and even to create a lovely family birthstone jewel. The size and shape of the gems can be done to suit your liking ... more

big amethyst bracelet

A big amethyst bracelet, custom made with gems ranging from 8x6mm ovals to 12x10mm ovals. Let us know your requirements and we will work out a specific price quote for you. Shown as an all amethyst gem bracelet, the BRC70 can also be crafted with mixed gems - all your choice. Crafted in gold or 925 silver, in all lengths ... more

A gorgeous bracelet featuring the 'Big Three' gemstones ruby, sapphire and emerald. This custom bracelet provides some amazing opportunity for personalization, you could add some diamond glitter to the bracelet. And if your budget permits, order this made to order bracelet encrusted entirely with diamonds in gold or silver... more

gemstone bracelet

A custom bracelet expertly crafted by Thailand's finest artisans - in gold or sterling silver. Inspired by the appearance of a flower, the BRC51 made to order gemstone bracelet, can be ordered with the gemstones of your choice. We can craft a unique gold or silver bracelet for you with, your own design concept. Review the BRC51 report ... more

There are few critical elements in every bracelet, inexperienced craftsmen or insufficient metal weight can mean that, you get a bracelet that is not very durable, loose gems, broken links and shabby appearance is what you would be heading for. Kaisilver bracelets are generally 40-60% heavier as compared to what, other jewelers would provide for similar designs. Optimizing the gold or silver weight does mean that, our bracelets are not cheap but, the fact that you can wear them for a very long time into the future means that, you get good value for money paid. If you wish to get a bracelet that is to become an heirloom piece, talk to our support experts. Choosing the right gemstones, the perfect design and some amount of care can ensure that, your gold or 925 silver custom made bracelet lasts for decades. Our knowledgeable team can guide you with useful ideas and suggestions. 

Kaisilver Bracelet Highlights:

  • All custom made bracelets can be crafted in 14k 18k gold or 925 sterling silver.
  • The same quality standards are maintained for silver or gold bracelets. 
  • Gemstone bracelets can be ordered with gemstones of your choice. 
  • There is no limitation on design or gemstones, we can work with your design ideas too. 
  • A Kaisilver made to order bracelet, generally has 40-60% more metal weight.
  • Good metal weight, researched design elements and skilled craftsmanship enhance durability. 

Quick Notes: Kaisilver constantly stresses on the importance of an optimum metal weight for all jewelry - this is surely true of bracelets too. The construction of a bracelet requires an immaculate design, high quality craftsmanship and sufficient metal content. It is not uncommon for readymade bracelets to snap when worn - this could cause the bracelet to slip off the wrist. All said and done, it is always a good idea to pick a quality bracelet and get it right the first time. 

When picking a gemstone bracelet, explore the idea of combining different gems in the same bracelet. This might not be possible, when you go for a readymade bracelet. Choose Kaisilver for a fully customized bracelet, select gold or silver as the metal option. No limitation  on gemstone or the shape, size or type of gem. This obviously means you can mix and match, any gemstone of your choice. You could for example, go for the BRC70 gold or silver bracelet and request for peridot, citrine and garnet in the jewel. We can even craft a unique gemstone bracelet for you with your own design sketch or image. 

While you could order any bracelet in gold or 925 silver, the BRC70 with its classic look, would appear even more attractive when crafted in 925 silver. It is important to leave your silver bracelet un-plated, this because any plating done on silver will come off after a while. At that point, cleaning and polishing the bracelet could pose a challenge. On the other hand a sterling silver bracelet that has no plating done, can be cleaned easily and is unlikely to require any professional help. 

About Us: Widely rated as the leading online custom made jewelry provider, offer craft jewelry with your designs or yours. We prove our commitment to quality by, utilizing the skills if trained artisans for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. Gem experts with wide experience in procuring and cutting gemstones, spearhead our tremendous effort to source gems from across the globe. The Kaisilver Custom Bracelet Collection is frequently updated with new designs and information, make sure that you spend some time reading the reports and become acquainted with our quality standards. The support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to provide you with any information or clarifications that you might need. 

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