Cufflinks, Trends And Style: While the origin of cuff links reflect their utility, cufflinks today combine style and utility. Designs, shapes and gem options can be used to customize cufflinks to suit your preference and taste. The demand for cufflinks made from precious metals is on the rise. With both gold and silver cuff links being frequently ordered, it is silver cufflinks that are showing a rapid increase in demand. Cufflinks are also ordered as corporate gifts, the quality in this case is very important as the cufflinks would reflect the quality and reputation of your business too ... more

Opal Gemstones, Confusing Jargon: The high demand for opal gems combines with a fairly low awarness related to the gemstone. Some truly ardent opal lovers have not heard nor understood jargon like, solid opals or precious opal gems. So when they do encounter these terms they are confused and anxious. They obviously wish to know whether the opal gems that they have purchased so far are solid, they also worry about their opal gems not being 'precious'. In this report we lift the veil of secrecy that, keeps vital opal information away from buyers. A well researched report narrated in simple language, a must read for all gem lovers ... more

Gents Green Stone Rings: Green is one color that is widely represented in nature, it brings up visions of calm and freshness. When selecting a men's ring with green stone make sure that, you understand your stone options well. And if you have already made up your mind for a specific green stone, try to learn more about that stone. Since we are talking about natural stones, there would obviously be specific properties and features related to each green stone. Understanding the stone in your ring, will help you take the right kind of care for the jewel. The way you should wear, store or clean a natural stone would often depend on the properties of the gem. This report equips you with some very useful information related to green stones that are popular in men's gold or silver rings ... more.


Gents Amethyst Rings: Undoubtedly the most popular purple gem Amethyst is worn by both gents and ladies. Amethyst rings for gents need to look good but also require a high degree of durability. Why should you choose Kai Silver for your gold or silver amethyst gents rings. Can you actually get amethyst silver rings for gents that, are crafted with the same quality standards as their gold counterparts. Do you know that custom gents rings allows you to control the design, gemstone and dimensions of your ring. These are just some of the important issues discussed in the Kaisilver gents amethyst ring report. Get the details and review some of the best concepts for gents amethyst rings ... more

Jade Jewelry, Knowledge: We fill you with some very essential bits of information related to jade gems and gemstone jewelry with jade. Many jade gemstone and jewelry buyers are under the impression that, jade is available in just one color, green. Our report explains more about gemstone colors and also reveals that, almost all the jade gems that are used in jewelry are treated to enhance their color. We also introduce you to some fine jade gemstone jewelry that includes, an impressive jade ring for men ... more

Large Rings For Men: There are some very essential features to create men's big rings that have style and long term durability. It is in  general, not easy to find ready made rings for men in big sizes and when they do exist, quality factors are often compromised. The Kaisilver report on mens size 12 to 15 rings in gold and silver explains what you need to evaluate and know before, choosing large men's rings in gold or 925 silver. The report is very informative with high utility value, it is much more than a marketing script so make sure that, you read and understand it before embarking on your search for large gold or silver rings for men ... more

Demantoid Garnet: This gemstone gets it's name from the Dutch word 'demant' which means 'diamond like'. Demantoid is a variety of garnet and is many times more expensive than a red garnet or rhodolite garnet gemstone. The lack of production volume and the high price of this gem has restricted it's entry into the wholesale jewelry manufacturing sector. However for, serious gem and jewelry enthusiasts, demantoid is a gem that packs some of the finest features that you can expect in a single gemstone. Our report introduces you to one of the most exotic gemstones ... more

Jade Treatments: Many jade gem and jewelry buyers are not aware that, more than 80% of the jade consumed by the gems and jewelry industry is dyed. While dyeing jade is a widely accepted practice, other forms of jade treatment like impregnation and waxing are not very desirable. We break open the truth about jade treatments and make suggestions to guide your buying decision. We do not push our merchandise at you and frankly admit that, we are not the only source for jade gemstones and jewelry. Our report aims to bring awareness and educate buyers, sales is of secondary importance ... more

Band Rings For Men: Custom made in gold and sterling silver, you pick a design from our websites or send us your own. Each men's band is fully custom and requests for all design feature changes and ring sizes can be accommodated ... more