Mens Onyx Rings, The Lure Of Pitch Black

When jewelry buyers refer to onyx, it is presumed that they are talking about black onyx. This is true even of mens onyx rings, ask any man what he would expect to see in an onyx ring. He would surely tell you that he wanted a black onyx in the jewel. So when we are talking about mens gold or 925 silver onyx rings in this section, we will limit our discussion to black onyx gem stone rings. However we would like to add that, onyx is available in colors like green too. When you hear that mens onyx gem stone rings are popular, just remember that reference is being made to black onyx gems. If you wondered why black onyx gems are popular with men, Kaisilver research will reveal the facts right here. Before we start analyzing the reasons for the popularity of mens silver or gold onyx rings, we should mention that onyx is not listed in the charts as a birthstone.

Let us now briefly discuss why onyx is a popular gem choice for mens gemstone rings. One important thing about mens jewelry preferences is that, many men prefer to avoid flashy and bright gemstones. Onyx with it's dark black color impresses most men, the gemstone is makes a calm and confident statement - and does so without any glamor or glitter. Another interesting thing about mens gemstone rings is that, most concepts would require fairly large gems. Given the fact that, gem prices (per carat) generally rise sharply as the gem size increases - it is therefore important to choose moderately priced gems for men's rings. With it's modest price tag, black onyx is affordable even in fairly large sizes. So affordability is one of the factors that spurs demand for mens 925 silver or gold rings. We ofcourse need to consider traditions and specific meaning assigned to gems too. While Kaisilver does not make any claims of special powers for any gemstone, the fact is that there hundreds of beliefs and traditions woven around various gems. It is believed that wearing black onyx, empowers a person to better cope with tragedy and sorrow. While we are not able to exactly quantify, the exact percentage of mens black onyx rings bought for traditional reasons, it surely adds to the demand for mens rings with onyx.

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mens onyx ring, yin yang ring

A mens onyx ring with a long tradition and deep meaning. This black onyx ring for men has a yin yang symbol as the main theme. Available as a gold or 925 silver yin yang ring, the jewel has some intricately cut black onyx and white mother of pearl set in the symbol. This onyx mens ring is a good example of how the meaning of a jewel can be enhanced by using specific gems and symbols ... more.