Men's Lapis Rings 

The popularity of blue lapis rings for men follows the set pattern related to men's blue gem rings. Blue gemstones have always impressed men, blue topaz, blue sapphire and ofcourse blue lapis lazuli. Mens lapis rings are generally ordered in sterling silver but, there is little reason why you cannot get a mens gold lapis ring if your budget can handle one. We are not going to get into a discussion about gold or 925 silver lapis rings for men being better because, the metal choice really depends on personal preference. An overall analysis of mens rings would prove that, sterling silver is much more popular than gold. One thing that you should neither believe nor accept is the talk about, better gems being used in mens gold rings. It is technically possible to get the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gemstones for a gold or 925 silver mens lapis ring. Choose any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver, with a blue lapis gemstone. We can also craft a special men's lapis ring with your design idea or sketch. Get in touch with our team of experts at with any questions or requests that you might have. We will be glad to help irrespective of whether, you make a purchase from us. 


When choosing a mens gemstone ring with blue lapis, ensure that you know whether the gemstone has been treated (dyed). Many lapis jewelry buyers are not aware of the natural properties and inclusions present in lapis lazuli. The buyer insists on a dark blue lapis gem with no visibility of any inclusions in the stone. The fact is that, natural lapis gems are a combination of minerals rather than being made up of one single mineral. Pyrite, calcite and lazurite are all present in lapis lazuli. If the gems used in mens lapis rings are not treated in any way, the gem would have a basic blue color (lazurite), some streaks or patches of white (calcite) and some metallic specks (pyrite). If you insist on a uniform dark blue clolor for the stone in your lapis lazuli mens ring, the gem provider just dyes the gem a dark blue. When this is done, there are some implications related to caring and cleaning your lapis ring.

Following the general practice of opaque gems being cabachon cut (smooth with no facets), most mens lapis lazuli rings that you come across would have smooth gems. While you could request for a faceted lapis stone for your mens gold or 925 silver ring, we would like to share an interesting fact here. A faceted gem will show up wear and tear marks more clearly than, a cabachon cut gem. When you talk about lapis lazuli, a modest hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale needs to be kept in mind. Another suggestions relates to the height of the gemstone. Mens lapis rings with gems that protrude (bulge) too high above the surface of the ring, are prone to getting the gem damaged. This is because a very high stone is more likely to hit against hard objects or surfaces. Your jeweler might cut a high lapis if you insist because, the gem is not very expensive - but this will affect the longterm durability of the ring.