Custom Tourmaline Men's Rings

Tourmaline colors cover a wide spectrum, each of these colors are often formed in a number of hues and shades. If you had to talk about tourmaline gemstone rings for men, green would undoubtedly be one of the most preferred colors. The green color of tourmaline is fairly saturated and this is what most men prefer. Set in a gold or silver ring green tourmaline, would look fine on all skin colors. A simple but emphatic design for a men's tourmaline ring would ensure that, the ring pairs well with most dress attire and styles. One of the most impressive features of tourmaline is its toughness, the gem is easy to look after and does not require too much of attention and special care. 

tourmaline rings for men

Kaisilver experts emphasis that despite the durability of tourmaline, the ring itself will need to contain features that make it long lasting and suitable for long term use and prolonged wear. The growing trend to make light weight jewelry does not help make a jewel strong, light weight jewels are more likely to bend and dent. Substandard gem setting is often the result of low metal weight. Keep in mind that pronged set gems can pose a problem after some wear and tear. If you had to have prongs set the gemstone in a silver or gold tourmaline men's ring, the prongs could catch in pockets and other fabric. This happening repeatedly could cause the prongs to open up, the gem obviously loosens and could even drop off the ring. Bezel set gems are ideally suited for men's tourmaline gemstone rings and in our opinion, for all men's rings. Having said that we do not have a problem, custom making a tourmaline ring for you with prong settings. We will however recommend sturdy prongs that can withstand years of frequent use. 

Highlights Of Kaisilver Tourmaline Rings:

  • Each men's tourmaline ring is made to order, we can use your design or ours. 
  • Both gold and silver tourmaline gemstone rings have the same quality standards.
  • Good metal weight is provided to ensure that the men's rings are sturdy and durable.
  • All gems are handpicked and custom cut by Kai Silver gem experts. 
  • You can choose the gemstone of your choice, we place no restrictions on gem selection. 
  • Since each men's tourmaline ring is made to order, all ring size requests are possible.
  • You can request for a gem authentication certificate for your custom men's ring.

Who Is Kaisilver: As the leading online custom made jewelry provider we at Kai Silver, custom make all types of jewelry. Both 925 silver and gold made to order jewelry can be crafted as per your designs or ours. You choose the gemstone for your jewelry and need not be restricted to what you see on our websites. Our entire business is conceptualized and developed to be based on a high degree of customer satisfaction. Customer Testimonials are the only source of publicity that we work for, we do not increase overhead costs by splurging on loud marketing hype. You can always discuss your requirements with our professional support team at , there is never any selling pressure so make sure that you get all your questions and doubts cleared. You could even email us images and sketches of your own design ideas to be custom made.