Rings For Men In White Gold, Tips And Notes  

A couple of decades ago, you would hear very little about men's white gold rings. The belief was that, white metals appear too dainty and feeble. A quick jump to the present and we can say with confidence that, 14k and 18k white gold rings for men are growing increasingly popular. Before we talk about the overall look of rings in white metals and specifically white gold, we need to make a technical clarification here. There is a fairly widespread notion that, white gold is much softer than yellow or pink (rose) gold. The fact is that the hardness of gold allows depends on their 'k' specification and not on their color. This is true of white, yellow and pink gold - other gold colors could exhibit different properties. By way of information you should know that 18k gold is softer than 14k gold which in turn is softer than 10k gold. 

Men's White Gold Rings, Highlights:

  • Kaisilver custom makes all types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver.
  • Men's rings in 10k, 14k and 18k can be made with your choice of design and gemstones. 
  • At the same 'k' rating white, yellow and rose (pink) gold have the same hardness. 
  • White gold rings have a neutral effect in displaying gemstone color.
  • Pale or light colored gems are more clearly visible when set in white gold. 
  • The durability of a men's ring will depend on design and configuration, not on gold color. 
  • Kaisilver can custom make a men's white gold ring with a design provided by you. 

We showcase some awesome men's white gold rings on this page. The great news is that, you need not be limited by design, gemstone or dimensions when ordering a jewelry piece from Kaisilver. Each white gold ring for men is given complete attention and concentration. Some of Asia's leading jewelry artisans work on every jewel, based in Thailand we are widely acclaimed as the preferred online source for high end custom made jewelry. Contact our experts at sales@kaisilver.com with any queries or requirements that you might have. 

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White Gold And Silver: With both white gold and silver being considered as 'white metals', which one is better when it comes to men's rings. Given the fact that at this point of time, silver costs less than $30 per ounce and gold is well above $1,200 per ounce, a men's white gold ring should cost you considerably more than its sterling silver counterpart. 

The reason why Kaisilver cannot sell very cheap silver rings is that, the overheads involved in design and molding, gem cutting and setting and other production costs - remain the same for gold and silver jewelry. We are the only custom made jewelry provider to  assure the same high quality standards, irrespective of metal selected. 

Back to the comparison between white gold and sterling silver, we all know that silver tarnishes after a while. Plating silver with rhodium, platinum etc does eliminate tarnish formation - for a while. The plating will ultimately wear off and the ring will begin  to show signs of tarnish. A white gold ring will not tarnish, this makes it easier to maintain the jewel. 

The big advantage of a sterling silver men's ring is that, weight will never be an issue. The economical price of silver allows for a sturdy and heavy ring to be crafted at a modest price. When it comes to a tarnished silver men's ring, it will be a lot easier to clean the tarnish if the ring is left unplated. Some amount of care and attention can keep the silver ring looking awesome. 

When talking about the price of a white gold men's ring, it is important understand the concept of 10k, 14k and 18k white gold. Beginning with 18k white gold, the price per gram of the metal keeps going down as you come to 10k white gold. Gold in its purest form is too soft to be worn in jewelry, metals are added to deliver gold alloys that have sufficient hardness. 18k gold has the highest percentage of gold as compared to 10k and 14k gold. While the price of the alloy moves up from 10k to 18k, the hardness of the gold alloy drops along the same path. While we apologize for getting something quite technical into this report, the fact is that jewelers rarely care to explain these facts to jewelry buyers.