Jewelry From Thailand, Made To Order

Kaisilver jewelry from Thailand represents the finest custom jewelry available online. While made to order rings might form a significant portion of our production, we are well known for made to order jewelry of all types. We do not mass produce jewelry, each jewel is meticulously crafted by artisans in gold or 925 silver. Whether it is custom bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, pendants or cuff links that you need, we deliver a combination of price, quality and durability that extremely few jewelers can provide. Gemstones form an important part of any fine jewel, we have networked ourselves with gem mining locations across the globe. This allows us to inspect and evaluate huge stocks, we then select pieces that give optimum value for price paid. This approach does not saddle us with unwanted inventories, our clients are always assured of the best gems at every price point. 

You can pick a design from our online collections and request for the piece to be made in 925 silver or gold with gems of your choice. We will gladly craft your custom jewelry according to design specifications provided by you. The expert team at with any requirements, doubts or questions that you might have. We would suggest that you do not attempt to make any gem or jewelry purchase without discussing details with our team. Once you have all the information necessary to make a buying decision, choose a jewelry provider that you feel confident about. You are never under any pressure to buy anything from us. 

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The demand for men's sterling silver jewelry was always high but, there seems to be an even larger shift towards silver in recent years. The important thing is that, quality of workmanship, gemstones and overall jewel durability needs to be high, Kaisilver observations ... more

The stark black color of onyx and the soft luster of a well cut onyx gemstone, captures the interest of many style gurus. Kaisilver provides the same quality standards for 925 silver or gold onyx gemstone jewelry. This gem is suitable for men and women of all ages ... more

High end custom cuff links with natural gemstones, available in gold or 925 silver and with designs provided by you or picked from our collection. Choose the gems for your cuff links based on color choice or any specific meaning that the gemstones high have for you ... more

A gorgeous aquamarine diamond ring, fine workmanship and a natural eye clean aquamarine gemstone make the jewel perfect for formal or casual wear. Aquamarine the pastel blue gemstones is suitable for all skin colors and dress styles ... more

Superior design, expert workmanship, handpicked gems and optimized metal weight make Kaisilver bracelets combine style with long term durability. 925 silver and gold made to order bracelets incorporating, your choice of design and gemstones. You choose the length and dimensions for your custom bracelet ... more

Affordable sapphire gemstone rings, both pink and blue sapphire rings crafted in gold or silver. These rings have natural sapphire gems that are carefully selected to provide the best value for the price paid. We can also custom make a sapphire ring for you based on your own design idea or concept ... more