Amethyst Rings For Men

The general trend to look for style and quality in mens rings has, resulted in a substantial rise in the demand for gemstone rings. There are many  factors that have worked together to make amethyst mens rings attractive to male jewelry buyers. Amethyst with an impressive hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, can generally take care of itself. This is all the more welcome when it comes to mens amethyst gemstone rings because, men are not very careful when wearing or keeping jewelry safely. Birthstones have been a tradition for many centuries, amethyst with it's prominent presence as the birthstone for February drives a substantial demand for mens amethyst birthstone rings. With a generally purple color, the gemstone in your gold or silver amethyst ring for men can range from a light purple, move into the medium purple range and then get into the dark purple color shades too. So you get a chance to personalize your gem selection depending on what you really like. You can expect most mens amethyst rings to have fairly large gems, generally in the 3 carat and above size range. The truth about many natural gems is that, they are not easily found in large size and even if they are, premium price tags are assigned to large gems. Fortunately, this is not the case with amethyst - amethyst gems in the 3 to 5 carat per piece range, are still quite moderately priced. 

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amethyst ring for men gold or silver

A sturdy amethyst gemstone ring for men, custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. A men's gemstone ring that will look awesome for formal or informal wear. The ring is configured to be long lasting, the gemstone is handpicked and certified for authenticity ... more

big ring for men amethyst gemstone

A big ring for men with a big amethyst gemstone. Custom made in gold and sterling silver, all design modifications can be accommodated. We can craft your men's amethyst ring with a design provided by you. Available with any gem of your choice ... more.

amethyst ring

Amethyst has a long history and tremendous folklore attached to it. The MAN137A men's amethyst ring is available in gold or 925 silver. We can also craft an amethyst ring for men, with design provided by you. The heavy ring is built to last a lifetime ... more.

The budget assigned to a mens amethyst ring would vary from buyer to buyer but, there is no doubt that the economy, durability and confident appearance of sterling silver has made the metal a hot favorite for mens jewelry. Amethyst is a natural gem that is modestrly priced, making it an attractive proposition for both, gold and 925 silver amethyst rings. The well known fact that all silver jewelry would tarnish over time, poses no big problem when it comes to amethyst silver rings. Commercially available silver polish solutions can be conveniently used to take away any tarnish, that appears on a sterling silver mens amethyst ring. The gemstone will not get affected by silver polish lotions, cloth pieces or silver polish sprays. All you will need to do is to thoroughly rinse the ring in clean running water after the polishing operation is done. This will help take away any residue that might be stuck to the amethyst gem or mounting. 

We present a collection of fine mens amethyst rings on this page. Each of the rings is custom made and can include all your preferences. The best thing is that, your gold or 925 silver amethyst mens ring will have the same fine craftsmanship and gem quality. With absolutely no limitations being placed on design, metal or gemstones for all the jewelry that we custom make, you could even send us images or sketches of your own designs to be custom made. 


A stunning mens amethyst ring, custom made in gold or sterling silver. The positive features of this mens ring are not limited to the fine design and craftsmanship. We have incorporated a number of advanced features that work silently in the background to enhance your longterm experience of owning and wearing your amethyst mens ring.

Unlike other jewelers who have consistently reduced metal weights to, keep their prices attractive, we realize that this would always result in a compromise on durability. The gold or 925 silver amethyst mens ring is provided with a healthy metal weight, to ensure that the jewel does not bend or dent easily. We often repeat the fact that, two rings might look very similar externally but, differ widely in terms of longterm durability. A wide difference in metal weight is one of the big reasons for this.

Still on the features of the MAN19A mens amethyst ring, let us tell you something about the gem mounting. We have kept prongs away as prongs, generally tend to open up when they get stuck in pockets and other places. The bezel setting that borders the entire gem with metal brings two longterm benefits to the jewel. With the edges of the oval amethyst covered with metal, it is not possible for the edges of the gem to get damaged by side impact. The bezel also ensures that the gem is firmly held in place and stays that way.

Our design research team is aware that, a gemstone that protrudes too much above the surface of the ring is more likely to get damaged by hitting against hard objects and surfaces. The faceted gem cut provided for the gemstone in this amethyst mens ring, is mounted with a rather low profile, something that reduces the chances of the gem getting hit and damaged.

One of the major reasons why buyers prefer to source their jewelry from us is because, we provide the same degree of care and attention to custom make gold or 925 silver jewelry. Get to know more about this impressive amethyst ring for men here


While there is no shortage of amethyst rings for men in the market, you will find that the design concept for amethyst mens rings is rather limited. Most designers try to place safe by, restricting their creations to a few tried and successful concepts. We have dared and succeeded in putting together some very unique and impressive amethyst rings for men.

The interesting thing about all the rings in our collection is that, you can choose the design, metal and gemstone for the ring of your choice. If you have a specific idea for your mens amethyst ring, and cannot seem to find that in our collection, we will gladly custom make the jewel just for you. Our commitment to crafting quality jewelry irrespective of the metal selection, is absolutely strong. While you can select just about any jewel to be custom made in gold or 925 silver, we also ensure the same quality of gemstone, design and craftsmanship for custom jewelry in both metals.

Most fashion critics were surprised when we announced the heart shaped mens amethyst ring, not many of us really relate a heart shaped ring to a man. The MAN14 mens claddagh ring has turned out to be one of our best selling amethyst ring for men. The claddagh ring with a heart shaped center, is regarded as the world's most meaningful jewels. Your mens amethyst claddagh ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver.

Jewelry providers never seem to get over the 'oval gems for men' ideology. This is why almost 70% of amethyst mens rings are made with oval amethyst gems. The RG184 mens amethyst ring, broke through the mind block that, all mens rings should have oval or round gems. This square amethyst mens rings has many design features to enhance the durability of the jewel.

We would suggest that you spend some time reviewing our mens amethyst gemstone ring section, the ideas and concepts that we have created are unique and impressive. Check out the collection here
amethyst ring for men
An amethyst ring for men that spells style and comfort. A substantial square or octagonal amethyst gem measuring 8mm. Most square gem rings with prong setting would leave the pointed corners of the gem exposed - this unfortunately makes the gem more prone to breaking and chipping. The RG184 Kaisilver men's ring, is equipped with four sturdy  'L' shaped prongs. this ensures a firm gem mount and provides good gem protection. 

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and is also listed as, the 5th anniversary gemstone. Deriving it's name from the Greek word 'amethystos' the gem was once believed to protect a person from getting intoxicated even after consuming alcohol. While not many amethyst lovers believe this story today, it was something that added to the demand for amethyst in the past. 

Coming back to the RG184 men's amethyst ring, the jewel is crafted in gold or sterling silver. High quality craftsmanship a carefully selected gem and a handsome metal weight are features that come with both gold and 925 silver rings. If you choose the gold amethyst ring, you will be the proud owner of a custom ring that, weighs 20-25 grams. Given the fact that silver is extremely popular when it comes to men's jewelry, we invest significant effort and attention into making each 925 silver amethyst ring too. 

And if you have some specific preferences for your ring remember that this is a custom men's ring - we can personalize the gem dimensions or any other feature, as per your requirements. For those of who with a large ring size in the 11-13 range, we would suggest an increase in metal weight to maintain the overall impressive look and durability. 

If you wish to follow the growing trend for wedding and engagement rings with colored gems - this design concept is great for a pair of wedding rings. You could choose a smaller gem size and narrower band for the lady's ring while retaining, the dimensions shown in the image for the men's ring. Get more information on this ring here