Men's Rings In Gold And 925 Sterling Silver

The men's rings in this section are not only awesome but also define the standards for quality men's jewelry. A men's ring could be custom made in gold or 925 silver, the important thing is that the quality for both these metals should be the same. Every ring shown here is fully custom made, you choose the metal and you specify the gemstone. We can also craft a men's ring for you with your own design concept. Do not be in a hurry to grow your jewelry collection, pick each piece after carefully checking quality features. You want your men's ring to give you years of wearing pleasure, include both gold and silver rings and don't forget to have variety in terms of gold color too. The gemstone world is dazzling and varied, it extends well beyond ruby, sapphire and emerald. Reviewing Kaisilver rigns for men is a good idea even if, you plan to buy nothing from the collection. Almost no other jeweler will care to discuss detailed information and provide constructive suggestions. You will gain a lot of knowledge and this, will help you make a well informed purchase. 

Men's Sapphire Rings: We showcase some of our fine men's sapphire gemstone rings, you can order these rings in 925 sterling silver or gold. Custom made rings with our designs or your own, we allow you to choose white, pink, blue, green or yellow diamonds ... more.

Yin Yang Rings For Men: While the yin yang motif is seen quite often, many people do not understand its meaning. The gold or silver men's ring is shown here with an onyx and mother of pearl gem, studded inside these gems is a white and black diamond ... more

A handsome green tourmaline ring for men, adorned with a big 11x9mm oval tourmaline gemstone. This custom made ring for men is available in 925 sterling silver or gold. Each tourmaline gemstone ring is fully custom made, we can accommodate requests for all ring sizes. The gem stone of your choice ... more.

Square amethyst rings with a simple and contemporary style are very suitable for men and women. Durability and fairly large center amethyst gemstones are very necessary to give these amethyst gemstone rings an impressive masculine look. We have some awesome suggestions for custom men's rings ... more

Burmese Jade Ring: Expertise in gem sourcing allows us to craft this men's jade ring, with a natural untreated jade gemstone from Burma. You could request for a jade gemstone ring with your own design, we can also provided dyed jade on request ... more

Claddagh Rings For Men: Rated as one of the most meaningful jewels in history, the 4 century old claddagh ring was first made by a slave. The ring denotes love, togetherness and loyalty. We custom make plain and gemstone claddagh rings ... more

The white sparkle of white topaz adds brightness and energy to this gold or 925 silver topaz ring for men. With most of the gem quality topaz that is mined being processed to have a blue color, white topaz is rarely seen in fine jewelry. Kaisilver presents a stunning white topaz gemstone ring for men ... more

Peridot the sparkling green gemstone was during ancient times, often mistaken for emerald. The MAN64P is an imposing peridot diamond ring for men. This made to order men's ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. You can also send us your own ring designs to be custom made, with gems  of your choice ... more