925 Silver And Gold Sapphire Rings, Custom Made

A custom sapphire ring should ideally be the ring of your dreams, your choice of design, gemstones, metal and dimensions. Good workmanship and optimum metal weight combined with features to add durability to the jewel are somethings, that the jeweler would need to incorporate into your sapphire ring. However it is important to understand that you cannot presume things and take them for granted, you will need to know exactly what to ask for and explain what you need. Choosing the right jeweler should take out much stress and strain from the entire process. Your should be able to give you clear, precise and correct answers and guidance - this would relate to sapphires, sapphire gem treatments, design features and functions, metal options, durability, optimum gold or silver weight and durability. Most custom jewelers operate as 'one man shows' and have a background solely in crafting jewels, so pick your jeweler carefully. In this report we will talk about issues related to sapphire rings and custom made sapphire gemstone rings. The idea is to equip you with information that, will lead to a good buying decision. The report is compiled by the experts at Kaisilver but, we are surely not the only source for sapphire rings. Read the contents and use them in your decision making, it does not matter if you choose not to work with us. And if you  have any additional questions and need more information, feel free to contact our team at sales@kaisilver.com you will not be obliged to make any purchase from us. 

men's sapphire ring made to order
blue sapphire ring with diamonds

Sapphire Ring Highlights:

  • Our discussion presumes that the sapphires used are natural and not man made in a laboratory.
  • Sapphires come in colors like blue, white, pink, green, yellow and color hues in between these. 
  • Good workmanship should be provided for both, gold and 925 silver sapphire gemstone rings. 
  • Heating sapphires is an acceptable treatment, the process improves clarity and color of the gem. 
  • Other form of sapphire treatment need to be clearly explained by the seller to the buyer.
  • Given the same grade and quality, a larger sapphire will have a higher per carat price. 
  • The buyer should insist on a gem authentication certificate for high priced sapphire rings. 
sapphire ring for men gold or 925 silver
pink sapphire gold ring or silver

Custom Sapphire Ring Highlights.

  • The design for a custom sapphire ring should be entirely based on your choice. 
  • Choose modifications for an existing design or send in your own design images or sketches. 
  • The custom jeweler should provide all sapphire color options and not just blue.
  • You should be allowed to combine different sapphire gem colors in the same custom ring.
  • Clear disclosure of gemstone treatment should be provided by the jeweler. 
  • High priced made to order sapphire rings should have a gem authenticity certificate. 
  • Good metal weight and craftsmanship are essential for both 925 silver and gold sapphire rings.
  • Durability of the jewel should be maintained for all dimensions and across all ring sizes. 
  • Fine custom sapphire rings, should ideally provide options for 14k and 18k gold. 
  • 925 silver rings should have the same quality of gems and workmanship as the gold rings.
  • Since a custom sapphire ring will be fully crafted from start to finish, production could take time. 
sapphire gemstone ring for men
pink sapphire ring square gem

As a buyer you should aim for quality over size, this is one great way to get a good sapphire ring at a price that is not too extravagant. A well resourced and connected custom jewelry provider, should have access to a wide range of gemstones and be qualified to custom cut gemstones. We recommend that custom sapphire silver rings be left un-plated as, any plating done on silver jewelry will wear off after a while. A fine sapphire ring custom made just for you, should be well suitable for both formal and informal occasions. It will be well within your reach to get a custom gold or silver sapphire ring that can be passed on to the next generation. Heirloom jewels have tremendous significance and sentimental value that go far beyond, the price tag or sale value of the piece. Sapphire by itself is a hard and tough gem but, the durability of a sapphire ring depends on a number of features. The fact is that, a well designed and crafted sapphire gemstone ring will not take much fussing and caring, just don't bang the ring around or keep dropping it on the floor or other hard surfaces. And if you receive a sapphire ring as an heirloom jewel, remember that the gem be can set into a new gold or silver ring mount too. The gemstone itself should be in good shape as it neither cracks nor scratches easily. We often get requests for a contemporary style, sapphire ring to be crafted with a gem that is set in a ring that is around 4 to 5 decades old. 

blue sapphire band ring
big rings sapphire gemstone

Buying From Kaisilver: With over 7,000 gem and jewel savvy buyers spread across the globe, we are rated as the preferred online source for high end custom made jewelry. Moving from the instant Buy and Pay craze of the online world, we encourage our clients to discuss their requirements with our experts. Email us with your requirements at sales@kaisilver.com , you need not be limited by what you see on our website and can even, send us sketches or images of your own designs. Our strong commitment to quality is proved by the fact that, the same standards of workmanship and gems are maintained for custom made 925 silver or gold jewelry. Preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gems and direct contacts with global gem mining sources, ensures that we can procure and custom cut just about any gem that is found on this planet. 


The Kaisilver sapphire ring collection showcases some awesome custom sapphire rings, you choose the metal (14k or 18k gold or 925 silver) and sapphire (all colors available), when ordering your ring. We will gladly craft your sapphire gemstone ring based on a design concept provided by you. Shown here is the RG800 Sapphire Diamond Ring, the ring boasts of a gorgeous 6mm cushion blue sapphire gem which is flanked, by a 3mm round diamond on either side. Our access to some of the world's largest and best sapphire gemstone sources allows us to ensure good value at every price point. Review our sapphire ring collection and learn what you should expect and accept from a high end custom made sapphire gemstone ring, in gold or 925 sterling silver ... here

Buyer FeedbackI just received my ring and I had to send you a note of thanks. It is as beautiful as I expected it would be. Your patience with my questions was always gracious and the answers prompt and courteous. Please extend my thanks to the entire company and the artists who created this piece of art during extremely trying times for you. Feel free to use my endorsement of your company on your website, and I will be sure to tell everyone about your company. Thank you and God bless all of you ... Lynn St. M.

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