Wedding Rings For Men

Men in recent years give much attention to their wedding ring. Features like design, gemstones and even  workmanship are carefully evaluated before choosing a wedding ring for men. The interesting thing is that, conventions related to designs and suitable stones are all being flouted by young men getting ready to tie the knot. Gone are the days when the only wedding ring men wore was, a diamond band. This surely does not mean that diamond rings have fallen out of the trend charts. Most men have a clear idea of how much they are willing to pay for their wedding ring, the budget is generally adhered to quite strictly. The consistent demand for Kaisilver men's wedding rings stems from the fact that, each ring is fully custom made and there is no limitation on design or gemstones. In this section we assemble some of the impressive rings from Kaisilver that, most of you will find suitable for a wedding ring. We can also craft a ring for you based on a design idea provided by you. The Kaisilver support team at will be glad to answer any queries related to gems and jewelry that you might have. 

mens wedding ring diamond

A sturdy diamond wedding ring suited for both men and women. Kaisilver has designed and crafted this jewel to appear far more extravagant than its price tag would suggest. This men's diamond wedding ring can also be ordered with a gemstone of your choice ... more

claddagh wedding ring for men

The claddagh ring has a history that dates back to around four centuries. The heart, crown and hands in the ring depict love, loyalty and togetherness. It is these features that make the ring perfect for a wedding ring. We talk all about men's claddagh rings ... more.

yin yang wedding ring for men

The yin yang motif signifies, hope in the toughest times, good in every evil and versa. Understanding the concept of the yin yang and trying, to journey through life with that mindset is bound to encourage a healthy relationship, a great men's wedding ring idea ... more

Men want their wedding ring to be broad and handsome, this can be a problem when it comes to a men's diamond wedding ring. Our report discusses the issue of diamond size with reference to men's rings. We provide some awesome ideas to guide you ... more.

mens sapphire wedding ring

Sapphire has always symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty and this is what makes it a favorite for wedding rings. The MAN135 is a hefty sapphire and diamond ring for men. You could also order the same ring with the gemstone of your choice in gold or silver ... more

ruby wedding ring for men

Ruby a symbol of love and trust, a gorgeous rare gemstone and historically a status symbol. The Kaisilver diamond and ruby is one of the best high end, men's wedding rings that you could have. The MAN64R men's ruby ring is tough, sturdy and reliable ... more

wedding band for men

A smart and sturdy men's wedding band, you  choose the gemstones and different gems can be combined in the same ring. Available in 14k / 18k gold and 925 silver. The ring is shown with square emeralds but you can pick the gem shapes that you prefer ... more

white gold men's wedding rings

There is an increase in demand for men's white gold rings, general awareness about gold colors has improved. Men now realize that, white gold is not softer or more delicate as compared to yellow gold. The report has some useful tips about white gold ... more