Men's Gold Rings

Despite the steep rise in gold prices, there is an impressive demand for mens gold rings. The interesting thing is that, while the market for 14k mens rings and 18k mens rings remains quite healthy, there is a noticeable drop in the number of 10k mens gold rings ordered. This probably implies that the high end markets remain robust because that is where the 14k or 18k gold jewelry normally flows. There are some typical features of mens gold rings that, puts them on the expensive category of jewelry. Men would like their rings to have fairly large dimensions, the ring size (finger size) in most cases will also be at least 9 and above. These big rings, will require a gold weight that can ensure that they are sturdy and durable. The gold cost component in mens 14k or 18k gold rings, therefore weighs on the price tag. Get in touch with the support team at for any queries or requirements that you might have. 

14k or 18k men's white gold ring

Men's green tourmaline rings will look awesome in all three gold colors. A white gold men's ring with a gem quality tourmaline, will make the beauty of the gemstone a focal point. The white gold also allows the gem color to be clearly showcased, learn more about this ... more

men's diamond and gemstone ring

A men's gemstone and diamond ring, custom made with your choice of gold color and gemstone. The glittering halo around the center gemstone, helps highlight the color of the gold. Shown as a men's yellow gold ring, the sturdy jewel has handsome dimensions ... more.

white gold rings for men

The days of men patronizing nothing but yellow gold rings are officially cover. Kaisilver the leading online provider of custom men's rings, has seen a sharp rise in the demand for men's  white gold rings in 14k and 18k. This report provides an insight on the topic ... more

ruby gold ring men's

While you could order this men's ruby gold ring in white,  yellow or pink gold, you will be impressed by the soft color contrast that 14k  or 18k yellow gold casts on the diamonds and gemstone. A ruby gold ring is a symbol of love, confidence and status, read the report ... more

14k 18k rings for men

A collection of 14k and 18k gold rings in white, yellow or pink gold. Your choice of gemstones and designs picked from our websites or sent by you. Kaisilver men's gold rings are designed and crafted to look awesome and stay durable and sturdy. In all ring sizes ...  more

men's yin yang 14k 18k gold ring

The yin yang motif dates back to many thousand years, Kaisilver can craft a men's yin yang ring for you in gold or 925 sterling silver. Most men do prefer yellow gold when it comes to historic jewels but, you can request for any of the 3 gold colors in 14k or 18k gold ... more

Keep in mind that, it is not just the metal cost component that defines the price tag of a mens gold ring. These rings often have gems and diamonds set in them, stone cost would also be considered when fixing the price tag. One very important issue related to gems pricing is how, the price of a stone normally rises sharply as the gem size moves up. You can expect mens gem stone gold rings to have gem sizes in the 7mm and above range, it is not uncommon for mens rings to have gem sizes as large as 14x10mm too. The same is true of mens diamond gold rings, you would either find one large diamond or a group of diamonds with size in the 3mm to 4mm range. This is sufficient to push up the price tags of mens diamond gold rings especially, if the diamonds are in the medium to good quality range. 

You ofcourse could have mens yellow gold, white gold or even mens rose gold rings. When it comes to gold color for mens gold rings, you can safely follow your personal preference. Pink gold is not very common in gold rings for men but, if you are interested in that color there is no reason why you should not choose it. If you have no specific gold color preference for your mens 14k or 18k ring, consider the gem color that you chosen. Certain gemstones look better when mounted in a specific gold color. One thing you need not worry about is the hardness of a specific gold color. Just keep in mind that, it is the gold karatage (10k, 14k, 18k) that defines the hardness of the metal. Lower karatage numbers imply a higher degree of hardness. The gold color does not influence the hardness, as long as the comparison is being between gold of the same karatage. 

 All These Rings Can Be Ordered In Gold Or 925 Silver With Gems Of  Your Choice

A classic yin yang gold ring for men. A true high end mens gold ring available in 14k or 18k gold. Since the ring is fully custom made, you can request for the ring size that you require. Both yellow and white gold options have been provided for this men's yin yang ring ... more

A mens garnet diamond gold ring. This 14k or 18k mens red garnet ring has a row of square diamonds on either side of the red garnet gem stone in the center. A lavish mens gold ring suitable for casual wear or as a mens wedding or engagement ring. All gem options and ring sizes available ... more.

Mens yellow gold white topaz ring, a sturdy and hefty mens gold ring. Like always, available in gold or 925 sterling silver with a gem of your choice. Every mens topaz gold ring is crafted by some of the finest jewelry craftsmen and artisans. We also offer all shades of blue topaz for this ring ... more.