Peridot Rings

When the mineral olivine is found in a natural green or yellowish green color, it is called 'peridot'. This is one gemstone that has been known and mined for thousands of years. While some of the popularity of peridot could be attributed to the fact that it is a birthstone, the gem has many more impressive features. Wearing a peridot ring as a birth stone jewel would mean that you were born in the month of August. This gemstone was often mistaken for emerald, and this was exactly happened with the well known Egyptian - Cleopatra. Historic records tell us that Cleopatra was a fan of emerald, her gem collection included some of the most exotic 'emerald' gems. As time when buy and gemology developed into a science, many of her emeralds turned out to be peridot. It is very unlikely that your peridot ring would create such confusion today, emerald and peridot are distinctly different and even a fair knowledge of gemstones will ensure that you do not confuse these two gorgeous gems. 

The earliest mining information relating to peridot tells us that, fine peridot was mined on the St.John's island in the Red Sea. Since this island is not far away from the Egyptian coast, it is quite understandable if Cleopatra came into close and frequent contact with the gemstone. The peridot mines on the island were closely guarded and scary stories were woven around the site. Many people believed that the island was infested with poisonous snakes, and this helped kept many gem hunters away. Coming back to the present, the chance of your peridot ring having a gem mined in Egypt are near to nil. No peridot of commercial significance has been output from the Egyptian mines in the past couple of centuries. 

The gem and jewelry markets today rely on China for affordable and attractive peridot gemstones. More than 95% of gold or 925 silver peridot rings crafted today, would have peridot that is mined in China. Since none of us would have been born when the St.Johns island peridot mines were active, we will not worry about making a comparison between Chinese Peridot and peridot mined from the island. A typical feature of Chinese peridot is a yellowish-golden visibility in the green color of the gemstone. This color mixture is what seems to add life to the gemstone. Kaisilver custom peridot rings are designed and crafted with peridot from the Chinese mines. If you had to evaluate the features of this peridot and compare it with the price tag - you cannot deny the good value that they provide. And what if you wish to get a peridot ring that, has a gem origin other than China.  Keep reading and we will let you know what your options are. 

At this point in time, there are two other sources for peridot gems, Pakistan and Burma. With political safety and general security still in a developmental stage in both nations, gem output for peridot is quite limited. If you wish to get peridot from one of these locations for your peridot ring, let us know and we can procure and custom cut the gemstone for you. Just keep in mind that the cost of the gem can be around 15 to 25 times more, than what you would pay for a Chinese peridot stone of similar size and shape. But even if you can afford this premium cost, there are a few more things that you should know about. Burmese and Pakistani peridot generally do not show the yellowish flashes that are visible in peridot from China. Fine inclusions that appear like silk threads are also a natural part of peridot mined in these places. 

There is no denying the fact that, peridot enjoys the limelight showered on most green or blue gemstones. Nature has been more than generous to natural creations that bear these colors - water, sky, plants, leaves and even a whole collection of minerals. What you would be truly glad to know is that, the peridot gemstone in your ring would be natural and not manipulated to enhance color or clarity. Putting it in simple terms, the gold or silver peridot ring that you get from Kai Silver will have a natural and untreated peridot gem. We procure the rough stone, clean it, shape it, cut facets and then do the final polishing. Controlling this process allows us to ensure that, no type of treatment is applied to the gem. If you do wish to get an independent gem testing lab certificate for the gem in your peridot ring, we can provide that inspection and certification for a small additional fee. 

Looking after your peridot ring is not a very complicated task especially if, the jewel has been designed and crafted by Kaisilver. Our researched designs take the gem hardness, durability and other characteristics into consideration. One the dimensions and ring size have been determined for the jewel, our experts calculate the metal weight that would be required to make the ring sturdy and durable. We do not rush after the light weight jewelry band wagon, as a light weight jewel will end up having a shorter lifespan. We have always taken pride in the fact that, our gold and silver jewelry maintains the same quality standards. On your part, make sure that your peridot ring or any jewel for that matter, does not get physically struck as this can damage the gem and also scratch the metal mounting. Harsh chemicals and acids should not be allowed to come into contact with your peridot ring, and extreme temperature changes can be harmful too. 


Kaisilver Peridot Rings: We custom make gold and 925 silver peridot rings with the design, dimensions and metal of your choice. You can pick any ring from our website and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver. You are also welcome to send us your own designs, and we will be glad to work out a custom price quote for you and craft the jewel. Our support team at will be glad to help you with any information or advice that you need


A fine mens peridot ring from Kaisilver. This ring is a good example of how we build in durability and good looks in all the jewelry that we custom make. On either side of the 9x7mm oval peridot gem in this custom ring, is a genuine diamond. Silver rings have become extremely popular with men and we are undoubtedly the best source for mens gold and silver rings. Irrespective of whether you order a gold or 925 sterling silver peridot mens ring, we will provide the same quality of worksmanship and gem stone for both metal options. 

If you notice the profile of the oval peridot in this mens ring you will see that, the gem does not protrude significantly beyond the surface of the ring - this might seem like a trivial thing but it does help add durability to the gem and the ring. A gem that bulges too much beyond the ring surface is more likely to get damaged by striking hard objects or surfaces. 

Like all other peridot rings from Kai Silver, the MAN64P ring is set with a custom cut peridot gem from China. As explained in the introduction paragraphs above, we can custom make your mens peridot gemstone ring with a gem from Burma or Pakistan but, that would add at least 150 U.S$ to 200 U.S$ to the price mentioned on our website. 

The ring is shown here as yellow gold peridot diamond ring but, we can also craft this jewel for you in white gold or even rose (pink) gold. Sterling silver is available as a metal option for all our custom made jewelry. 

Since we custom make every single jewel that we offer, we can customize the features of your peridot ring according to your preference. For example, you could request for the above mens ring to be made in gold or silver without any stones on the side. We also welcome your own designs in the form of images or sketches, email them to us and we will get back to you with a custom price quote.

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A stunning heart peridot ring, with a history that surely ranks it as one of the most meaningful jewels of all time. We all know that the heart shape depicts love but, this peridot ring has much more significance than merely being a show of love. The first claddagh ring was made around four centuries ago by, a poor Irish fisherman turned slave. 

The claddagh ring has three important features that distinguish it from virtually any other jewel that you will come across. The heart in the center has a crown placed above it and two hands extend to hold the heart. The Irish people group this ring in a collection of jewels that are referred to as 'friendship rings'. The heart depicts love, the crown shows loyalty and the hands symbolize friendship or togetherness. 

So as you can see, this peridot heart ring has tremendous meaning. Kaisilver is regarded as the best source for this historic jewel, we craft the finest gold and 925 silver claddagh rings. Shown here as a peridot claddagh ring, you could order your jewel with the center gemstone of your choice. 

With most peridot gems being cut in more common shapes like ovals and rounds, it is not often that you come across a peridot gemstone ring that has a heart shaped gemstone. The true meaning of the claddagh ring which is love, loyalty and friendship makes it suitable for every occasion. Young couples across the world have ordered Kaisilver claddagh rings as wedding or engagement jewels. The demand for Valentine jewels with various heart themes are always popular, and you will not find a heart ring that holds more meaning than this.

You could gift a claddagh ring to your mother, or your wife and a mother could gift the jewel to her daughter too. Just keep in mind that our collection is not limited to claddagh peridot rings alone, we can procure and custom cut just about any gem that is found on our planet for you. 

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