Men's Ruby Rings, The Essentials

With the growing interest in men's jewelry, come a package of challenges and doubts. This is best explained with an example of men's ruby rings. One of the most sought after gemstone in history, ruby is a symbol of prestige and status. Ruby has everything in its favor when it comes to a command on price, the stone is rare, beautiful, desirable and famous. But buying a ruby gemstone ring is not as easy as, browsing online or offline and choosing the design that you like. In this report we highlight various issues and features that you should check before, you purchase a silver or gold ruby ring for men. 

men's ruby ring
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Ruby Ring Essentials:

  • Natural rubies are rare and expensive, larger rubies carry a premium price. 
  • Heat treatment for rubies is normal and accepted by gemstone experts.
  • Other forms of treatment can reduce the value and toughness of the gemstone.  
  • Glass filled or fissure filled rubies are priced very low, they lack durability.
  • Insist on a gemstone authentication certificate for expensive ruby rings.
  • The gemstone in a men's ruby ring can easily cost more than the metal (gold or silver). 
  • Good metal weight and secure gemstone mounting are absolutely essential. 
  • Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. 
  • Ruby gems in the 9x7mm oval or 7mm round offer good value. 
  • Kaisilver custom makes men's ruby gemstone rings in gold and 925 silver.
  • We can work with a design from our website or with a design provided by you. 
  • Men's gold and 925 silver ruby gemstone rings should have the same quality standards. 
  • The ring should be configured and designed to withstand daily or frequent wear. 

Caring For Your Ring: If you wish to invest in a men's ring that is tough and durable and serves you well for years and decades, you need to make sure that the ring has features built in to help you. To begin with, ruby is naturally hard and durable, the gemstone will not need much fussing and looking after. It is important to add that, NO jewel should be subjected to harsh use or be worn in conditions where it can be struck by physical force. The durability of toughness of a men's ruby gemstone ring will not depend solely on the gemstone, so read these details. If you see the MAN64r shown in this report, you will notice that the entire border of the gem is covered with metal. This is a bezel type setting and is extremely secure and protective. This ruby men's ring has diamonds, notice that the diamonds are recessed into the metal, this helps the ring retain its condition for a long time. Protruding gems and diamonds, are more prone to being hit by physical impact. Another feature that needs to be carefully evaluated is metal weight. A good metal weight is imperative for a ring that will withstand long term use. Kaisilver provides a minimum metal weight of 20 to 25 grams for this ruby men's ring. We will inform you if your ring is very large and needs additional metal. Unlike what many people believe, craftsmanship is not just about making beautiful jewelry. Bad workmanship can result in loose stones and other quality issues. 

Kaisilver: As a leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, we craft all types of jewelry in sterling silver or gold. We do not place any limitation on your choice of gemstone or design, we can even work with your design idea or sketch. Quality standards remain the same for silver and gold jewelry, few jewelers can honestly make this claim. Keep in touch with our team of experts at and let us know, if you need any information and clarifications related to gemstones and jewelry. It does not matter where you plan to make your purchase, we will be glad to help and are always pleased to hear from you.  

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