Mens White Topaz Rings

The fact that more than 90% of the topaz mined is white (colorless) topaz, does not seem to reflect in terms of white topaz gem stone rings for men. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewellery provider reports that, more than 70% of mens topaz rings and other topaz gemstone jewelry is made with blue topaz gems. The interesting thing is that, few men who have actually seen a gold or 925 sterling silver men's white topaz gemstone, can resist the temptation of buying one for themselves. From the view point of jewelry, a blue topaz or white topaz mens ring should have a similar price tag if, the other ring features like metal, metal weight, gem size and ring dimensions remain the same.

We can analyze the affinity for white topaz mens rings for men who have seen such jewels, to two main reasons. The fact that most mens topaz gems have blue and not white topaz, adds a unique and exclusive flavor to white topaz gemstone mens rings. Another interesting and true thing about rings with white gems including white topaz is that, they have a calm and yet very confident look. While this might not be very important for rings worn by ladies, men prefer to little or no flash and glitter in the jewelry that they wear. In this section we will talk about some fine mens white topaz gem stone rings, all of them can be custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver.

All Kaisilver jewelry is custom made in gold or sterling silver, the design, dimensions, metal and gemstones for your jewelry can be selected by you. You can always contact our team of experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have. We will be glad to inform and advice you with suggestions and options even if, you plan to buy nothing from us.

The MAN75 silver or gold mens ring from Kaisilver is one of the finest white topaz ring for men that you will find. Few jewelry lovers could resist, this jewel. This is even more true since all the features of this ring can be customized to include your preferences. If you like the design of this heavy mens topaz ring but, prefer to have a blue topaz or any other gem stone instead, we will gladly custom make the jewel for you.

While Kaisilver is not the only source for mens 925 silver rings, there is one critical and important fact that clearly differentiates our sterling silver jewelry from what other jewelers provide. When you order the gold or silver mens white topaz ring, you are assured of the same quality. The design, metal weight, craftsmanship and even the gem quality remains the same for both metal options. While most jewelers maintain, separate production lines for gold and silver jewelry - we use the same skilled and talented design and production team for both metal options.

While spiralling gold prices have shifted demand to silver jewelry, even true silver jewelry lovers have appreciated the fine quality of our custom made sterling silver jewelry. Our production and designing teams are driven by a passion that comes naturally, the dedication to quality does not change with the price tag of the item that they produce. This is how true highend jewelry should be made and we have always maintained that policy.

The impressive structure and design of this mens gold or silver gem stone ring, is backed by some advanced feature. These researched features work in the background to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction of owning and wearing a true highend jewel. We go beyond satisfying you with a pretty ring, we care about the longterm durability of your white topaz mens ring. The longer the ring stays in good shape, the longer we remain on your mind. This drives us to inbuild features that few other jewelers would care to include. Some of the features involve things like higher metal weight which in turn translate to higher price tags, but compromising on them also compromises on longterm durability.

Let us say a few things about the prominent features of the MAN75 mens white topaz gem ring. Not much of sales talk but, a good idea of what to look for and evaluate when looking for a fine mens gold or 925 silver ring. It is not uncommon for jewelry buyers to get excited merely with external looks and low price tags. This short sighted buying strategy can bring years of worry and expenses in terms of - expensive repairs and replacements. Everything from bent and dented rings to loose and dropping diamonds and gems, can be related to low quality jewelry.


Two mens white topaz rings can appear identical from the outside, but be absolutely different in terms of essential features. Here is the explanation, not something that many jewelers will honestly tell you so do spend some time understanding it. Let us presume that you made 2 white topaz mens rings like the one shown in MAN75. The two rings had exactly the same dimensions, and ring size too. The Kaisilver MAN75 rings boasts of a handsome 25 grams of gold. The second ring is made with a gold weight of just 15 grams. Now that is a whole 10 grams less weight than the Kaisilver ring. The lighter mens topaz ring would most likely be cheaper tha the heavier Kaisilver ring. At a glance both rings would appear very similar, so you will obviously be tempted to go for the lighter ring which would also be cheaper.

Jewelers realize that buyers give emphasis to looks and price points, they therefore make light weight jewels that can wear lower price tags. Back to our above example, since the dimensions of the ring remain the same while the metal weight is reduced, the metal thickness of the lighter ring would be lower than that of the heavier ring. Lesser metal thickness for your white topaz gem stone ring makes the jewel, prone to denting or deforming. These issues will need repairs and you will end up paying this many times. So the topaz men's ring that initially appeared cheaper, gradually keeps adding costs for repairs. Another problem with light weight rings is that, they are often quite uncomfortable to wear for long periods. This is  because of the heavy metal scooping done inside the band to save metal weight.

In simple terms, a healthy metal weight is the foundation for a durable and longlasting ring. We just mentioned above, that the MAN75 mens white topaz ring has a metal weight of at least 25 grams.

Since each mens ring is fully custom made, we can provide both gold and silver mens white topaz rings in all ring sizes.

Though the ring is shown as a mens ring with white topaz gem, you can select the gem stone of your choice whe ordering.

The ring is available in gold or sterling silver. For the gold mens topaz ring, choose from 14k or 18k gold and also make a selection of a yellow or white gold white topaz gem ring.

All design modifications are possible, the shape of the gem or the type of finish on the metal can be selected by you.

We can even custom make a completely different white topaz mens ring, with your own design image or sketch.

Some of the finest craftsmen provide complete attention and use their expertise to true high end jewels. We use the same team of craftsmen and artisans for gold and 925 silver jewelry orders.

This entire report is meant to make you aware of advanced features in highend jewels. The information is educative and useful, it can be applied to any gem stone jewel or ring. When you are evaluating various options for your white topaz gem stone ring for men, use the information from this report. You need to make an accurate evaluation and not be over impressed by any specific feature. A number of quality features need to come together to make a fine jewel. If you would like to order this ring or, need more information or guidance, do check out the complete report at you can also email and request assistance from our support experts.