Essential Info, Gemstone Pendant

A gemstone pendant can be colorful sparkling and brighten up your personality. However choosing the wrong pendant can mean just the opposite, you could end up wasting money and wondering what went wrong. The design of the pendant could match your desire, the gemstone could look pretty and shine right across the room but, you could still lack some basic knowledge. In this report we hope to educate jewelry buyers regarding, some essential issues involved in picking a gold or 925 silver pendant with a gemstone. The information is applicable to all pendants no matter where you shop from. 

jade gemstone pendant
big gemstone pendant garnet

Basic Gemstone Info:

  • For this report we limit ourselves to natural gems. 
  • The gem for your pendant could be selected based on color. 
  • Different gem types can have the same basic color.  
  • You could also select gems based on a specific type. 
  • Gems can be selected based on beliefs and traditions, like birthstones. 
  • Prices of gemstones can vary widely, larger gems are more expensive. 
  • The degree of hardness and durability varies between gems. 
  • No gemstone should be subjected to physical impact.
  • Heat and strong chemicals should be kept away from gems. 
  • Certain gemstones should not be soaked in water. 
  • The pendant dimensions might be influenced by your budget. 
  • Kaisilver can custom make a pendant with your own design concept. 
  • We place no restrictions on design or gems for your custom pendant. 
  • A gemstone pendant can be crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. 
  • The same quality standards are provided for both metal options. 

Let's now elaborate on some of the features explained above. Our reference to a gemstone pendant is limited to natural gemstones, we will not talk about gold or 925 silver pendants with man made gemstones. If you happen to love gems based on color, you should know that different gems can deliver the same basic color. However the shades of these colors will almost always vary.. For example emerald, peridot, green jade and green tourmaline are all green. Therefore a green gemstone pendant could have any of these stones. You might pick a green gem based on your budget because, the price point of these gems differs widely. Blue is a popular color and this is not just for gemstones. A blue stone pendant can be crafted with a wide variety of blue gems. Aquamarine, blue sapphire, blue topaz (3 shades) and blue zircon are all blue. Just to give you an idea of pricing, let's arrange these blue stones from least to most expensive. Blue topaz remains the most price friendly blue gem, you would then have blue zircon followed by aquamarine. The king of the gemstone world, blue sapphire is surely the most expensive among these blue gems. 

big gemstone pendant onyx
square gemstone pendant garnet

So what do we mean by gem selection based on traditions and customs. Centuries ago, people wore or carried gems and crystals for their special properties. What we know as birthstones today, were originally conceptualized a very long time ago. Many people believe in the special powers of gems and crystals, they wear ring and pendants with gemstones that have a special meaning to them. A citrine pendant is believed to bring brightness and prosperity, citrine is sometimes referred to as the merchants stone. Most green gems including emerald and peridot are supposed to encourage healthy relationships. Crystal healers recommend wearing an aquamarine gemstone to reconcile differences and bring harmony into a family. Interestingly, medicinal properties are also attributed to certain gems. You might have heard that jade and especially the nephrite variety of jade, helps improve the health of the kidney. Just keep in mind that these are traditional beliefs, science and research does not play a role here. Most people who wear gemstone pendants for the meaning of the gem, prefer that the stone touches the skin. This is something that can be configured when the pendant is designed and crafted. 

A gem in a gemstone pendant can be selected based on personal preference. With Kaisilver placing absolutely no limitation on your gem selection, you can request for a custom pendant in gold or silver - with just about any gemstone that you fancy. The belief that a specific gem is connected to each one of us since birth, is an ancient one. People would carry or wear a gem that was believed to be aligned, to the zodiac sign under which they were born. Birthstone pendants and other jewels with birthstones, are today worn based on the month in which a person was born. So we have is one or more gemstones, assigned to each of the 12 months of the year. Wearing a gemstone that is your birthstone in a pendant, is believed to bring you good luck and fortune. It is advisable that birthstone pendants, have natural and not artificial gemstones. The report on Birthstone Pendants, provides a deeper perspective on pendants with birthstones. 

birthstone pendants
diamond pendant

A short note about diamond pendants, the precious stone that has been sought after for centuries. Besides being gorgeous and sparkling, diamonds are also quite expensive. The price logistics of natural diamonds needs to be understood - this would influence the design and dimensions of the pendant. Medium to good quality diamonds are expensive, the price per carat moves up sharply as the size of the diamond increases. In general diamonds are quite modestly priced in the 3mm and below sizes. As the PG2505 diamond pendant in the above image would show, designers focus on keeping gem (stone) size within limits, when working on the design for a pendant with diamonds. Another fact is that, you need not always aim for the best quality diamonds - for your pendant. This because diamonds of the same size, can command a higher price as the quality levels moves. In most cases you should be fine with natural diamonds, that appear good to the human eye. But you do have a budget that, will handle a bigger diamond with a higher quality rating, go for better options by all means. Kaisilver designs and crafts high end custom jewelry in gold or silver, with prices in the $500 to $25,000 range. We are geared to fulfill all your jewelry requirements. Contact us  if you have any questions or requirements. 

How large should a gemstone pendant be, most of us would love to wear a nice chunky gem the pendant design of our choice. The price point of a pendant can often determine the size that will fit your budget. If you were to go for a tanzanite gemstone pendant, a gem size in the range of 2-4 carats would most likely be ideal. On the other hand, a ruby or sapphire pendant would be reasonably priced with a 2 to 3 carat, medium or good grade gemstone. When deciding the size of a gemstone pendant, make sure that the gemstone type and the gem size are well thought about. If you wish to wear a big 10 to 15 carat gem in your pendant, work on gems that are not priced very high. These could include, blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, red garnet, blue lapis, white topaz etc. One way to get a large pendant without, picking a big gemstone is to work on a design where, more than one moderately sized gem is set. 

Kaisilver: Rated as the leading online provider for high end custom jewelry, we can craft your gemstone pendant with any gem, you can pick a design from our website or send us your own. Some of the top rated jewelry artisans in Thailand work on our jewelry orders. With preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gems spread across the globe, we can procure any gem even from the remotest part of the planet and custom cut it for you. We encourage you to discuss any issues related to gems and jewelry that you might have, with our support team at . We welcome your views and comments and thank you for taking the time to communicate with us.