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Ruby has been an extremely popular gemstone, this has been true for centuries. So why do men and women wear ruby rings? Ruby is a gorgeous gemstone and red is a color that draws attention and never misses to gain a second look. Having said that, beauty is not the only reason why ruby rings enjoy significant popularity. In this report we will try to unravel the reasons why, ruby rings are very popular. We have also included some fine examples of custom made ruby rings from Kaisilver. Each ring is fully custom made and rings can be ordered with your own design concept or picked from our websites. Kaisilver ruby gems are natural and come with a certificate of authenticity from an independent gem testing laboratory. Email our support experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

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Continuing our discussion on, why ruby rings have always been so very popular. To begin with ruby is suited and popular with both men and women, far more fingers would be flashing a ruby gemstone ring if, the price of the stone was significantly lower. When you wear a ruby ring, you show your sense of sophisticated style and personality. It is all about the beauty, rarity and undoubtedly the price of the gemstone. The average retail price of a natural (not fissure filled) ruby gem can range from $800 to $2,000 per carat. Top quality ruby gems can sell for as much as $5,000 to $8,000 per carat. Like most other gemstones, the price of the red gem (per carat) moves up as the size increases.  

The practice of wearing crystals and gems is ancient, it goes back to many centuries. This was based on beliefs and customs, gems and jewelry began relating to beauty and style, closer to our time. It is common knowledge that a large section of gem lovers, wear gems for the metaphysical properties that they believe are bestowed in them. 

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Let's take ruby as an example and study the special properties that are believed to exist in the gem. Symbolizing love and loyalty, ruby rings are worn with this symbolism even today. While love and affection need not always relate to a matrimonial relationship, it is a well known fact that rubies are the widely preferred gem for weddings and engagement. With origins in the ancient belief that ruby signified power and wealth, modern day jewelry lovers wear ruby gold rings hoping to unleash its powers that deliver success and inspire creativity. 

We have yet to cover a very interesting and widespread reason for buying, gifting and wearing gold rings with ruby. The gemstone makes a special connection with people born in the month of July - it happens to be listed as the birthstone for that month. Besides being given a permanent position on the birthstone charts, ruby has not one but three positions in the anniversary gemstone lists. Wedded couples can best mark their 15th, 40th and 80th anniversaries with a gorgeous ruby ring. 

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Two questions related to ruby rings  that, the Kaisilver support team is asked quite often. The first relates to the price of a ruby ring, jewelry lovers wish to know how much they should pay for their ruby gemstone ring. The second question relates to Thai ruby rings, implying ruby gemstone rings available in Thailand. Talking first about the price of a ruby ring, a question that cannot have a short and to the point answer for various reasons. 

When mentioning or comparing the price of ruby gold or silver rings, it is important to define a few parameters. To start with we will talk about ruby gemstone rings with natural ruby gems, not manmade imitations. Rubies come in various qualities and are treated (processed) using various treatment processes.  With strict Kaisilver quality checks, we group rubies into medium and good ruby grade. We would generally recommend a medium grade ruby gemstone, go for a good grade gem by all means if your budget can handle it. Another factor that will affect the price of a ruby ring is the, type of treatment applied to the gemstone. Gem traders have known for over a century that, heating a ruby or sapphire could improve its color and clarity. We refer to this as the 'old' heat treatment for our reference, a simple heat where the gems are put in an oven without the addition of chemicals and salts. Rubies heating through this process do not compromise value or durability, gem experts are fine with the old heat treatment for rubies and sapphires. So as we define a price range for ruby gemstone rings, we will consider rubies that are heated by the old heat treatment process. We must mention here that, newer ruby treatment processes often reduce the toughness and value of the gems - these can drop drastically. 

When talking about ruby rings, reference is generally made to gold ruby rings. Most jewelers do not care to finely craft, silver rings with precious gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds. Kaisilver has over two decades ago put an end to the myth that, ruby silver rings cannot be as good as their gold counterparts. Expertly handcrafted by the same skilled artisans in Thailand, Kaisilver ruby rings in gold and silver maintain the same premium standards. No doubt that the price of a ruby gemstone ring in silver, would be much lower than a similar ruby gold ring - the price difference between the two precious metals is substantial. So the ruby ring price tag would be influenced by the metal (gold or silver) that you choose for the ring.

Coming to the ruby gem itself, talking about natural ruby gemstones - the gem is priced per carat (weight unit). Important to note that, the price of a ruby per carat, rises sharply as the size of the gemstone moves up. This would apply even when the larger and smaller ruby gemstone, have the same quality parameters. We would in general recommend ruby gemstone rings, with rubies in the below 3 carat size range. This is the ruby size that is likely to fit many budgets. This by no way means that, Kaisilver cannot provide large natural ruby gemstones. We can fulfill orders for big ruby rings that have gems up to 10 carats or even slightly higher. Working directly with ruby miners across the globe, means that we have preferential access to the best rubies at each price point. 

Now the numbers about, expected ruby gemstone rings price ranges. We have clearly explained the parameters above and the support team at is always, ready to help with any info related to gems and jewelry. You could get a good ruby silver ring, with a budget range of around $2,000 to $5,000. And a gold ruby gemstone ring, would have a price tag of around $3,500 to $7,000. This is presuming that you have a modest budget size, let us know if you can allot much more and we will provide details with what we can offer. We would suggest that you do not make a simple price comparison to make a buy decision, evaluate all features and then move ahead. Even better if you discuss your requirements with the team and then, take your time to choose the jeweler that you feel comfortable about. 

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So are Thai ruby rings good - get some useful information here. Let us start by explaining the term Thai ruby ring, as it could get a bit confusing. The general interpretation could refer to a buying or checking out a ruby ring in Thailand, possibly an interest in ruby rings crafted in Thailand. Most of you would be aware that Kaisilver ruby rings and other jewelry, is crafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. The merchandise is then shipped across the globe. Quality will not be an issue with one of our high end custom crafted rings with ruby or any gem of your choice. If you talk about the general scene and jewelry shops in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, the quality would defer and the value that you get for the price you pay would also differ. Choosing the right jeweler to buy your ruby gold or silver ring is as important, as choosing which ring to buy - keep this in mind.

Now talking about rubies that are mined in Thailand, also known as 'Siam rubies'. Gorgeous gemstones that were more frequently found a couple of decades ago, Siam ruby is no longer extracted in commercial quantities from the mines in Thailand. The Thai province of Chantaburi, was famous for its Thai ruby mines. While Chantaburi remains important in terms of gemstone trade, almost none of the gemstones traded at the Chantaburi Gem market are mined in that area. It is possible to get a ruby ring with a ruby gemstone mined in Thailand, expect the gem to have a pinkish red tint and possibly a few inclusions. Much of the Siam ruby still available for sale, consists of old stocks held by traders who have no immediate need for funds. Simply put these traders sell at their price, no room to bargain. If you wish to have a Thai ruby ring with a Siam ruby, let us know and our experts will procure the gem for you. 

How To Buy: High end jewelry pieces like those crafted by Kaisilver Thailand, were never meant to be purchased in a hurry. Impulse purchases are not suited to jewelry at this level and it is obviously the reason why, you see no 'Buy Now' 'Express Checkout' etc icons screaming at you on Kaisilver web resources. Kaisilver can craft you ruby ring in 14k, 18k or 10k gold and you can choose from yellow, white and pink gold. Ruby rings can also be ordered in sterling silver - we maintain the same superior standards for gold and silver jewelry. Our experts at will be glad to assist you in any way that they can. Please provide complete details of your requirements, you can also include your own design sketches or images to be custom made. You could pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver, with a ruby gemstone. If you wish to have our expert call you up to discuss a query or requirement, leave details of your phone number, location and preferred time to receive the call at your end. Provide as much details of your query as possible in the email, this will help us prepare for the discussion and assign the right person to the call. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The world's leading online provider for high end online custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts all jewelry in gold or 925 silver. Over 12,000 satisfied buyers in more than 15 nations wear quality jewelry crafted by Kaisilver in Thailand. We place no restriction on gemstones or design, and you need not limit your gem selection to what you see on our websites. We can also craft your jewels based on designs provided by you.