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Jade has been known for many thousand years but, it was originally not used as a gemstone or as a fashion accessory. Early uses of jade included tools and weapons like arrow heads. The internal structure of jade is made up of interwoven fibres, these are very thin microcrystalline fibres. It is this structure that gives jade it's toughness and made it useful in making weapons and tools. Things gradually changed and man decided to put the beauty and toughness of jade to better uses. This was the beginning of the evolution of jade jewelry. Jade soon gained complete status as a gemstone, and soon became highly sought after. You will today come across some amazing design concepts for both gold and 925 sterling silver jade jewelry. For the technically minded, jade has a hardness of around 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Had it not been for the internal structure of jade that actually boosted it's toughness, jade would have been a gem that required a considerable amount of care and attention. In this report on jade gemstone jewelry, we will take an indepth look at jade and also, provide some very constructive suggestions and information related to jewelry with jade gemstones. The intent would be to educate rather than to sell, so please do not get into the purchase mood right away. There are many places where you could shop for your jade jewelry but, very few will provide you with the kind of background information and guidance that we do.

Jade jewelry is famous across the globe, the interesting thing about jade is that very few people have it on their 'do not like' list. The demand for jade gemstone jewelry is shared between two signifcantly large groups of buyers. One of these groups is composed of those who love jade gemstones, the calm and soothing beauty of the gemstone appeals to them. The other group of jade jewelry buyers includes those who respect the gemstone for it's 'special' properties and 'powers'. These properties of the gem cannot be scientifcally asserted but, are largely based on personal belief and tradition.

Green Dominates: When it comes to gold or 925 silver jade jewelry there is no doubt that, green jade is the most popular color of jade used in jewelry. The domination of green jade in the gems and jewelry trade is so high, that many jade lovers are of the opinion that green is the only color in which this gem is found.

More Than Green: Although green jade is the most common color for jade gemstone jewelry, this gorgeous gem can be found in colors like white, black, blue, yellow, lavendar, red and orange too. Brown which basically can have a dash of red is also found in jade, though not very often. Colors besides green and probably white, are not often seen in jade jewelry but, we will talk more about the other interesting jade colors shortly.

Jadeite And Nephrite: When you talk about gold or 925 silver jade gemstone jewelry, the term jade can include two stones - jadeite and nephrite. Gemological sciences have clubbed both these stones in the category of jade. So if you are told that, your jade gem is a jadeite or a nephrite stone, it is perfectly okay and need is surely not a marketing gimmick.

Jade Is Tough: You might have heard that, the hardness of a stone largely influences it's toughness, this is generally quite true. But the interesting thing about jade is that, despite a moderate hardness rating of 6.5, the stone is impressively tough and durable. There is a scientific explanation for this interesting fact, the highly entwined, fibrous internal structure of jade makes it very tough. We did mention about that, the initial applications to which this stone was put was not related to jade jewelry. Jade was initially used to make tools and weapons, taking full advantage of it's toughness. So what you can rest assured is that, the durability of the gemstone will not be an issue with your jade jewelry.

Jade Is Expensive: Many of you might not readily agree to the statement but, we will provide logical explanations soon. If you had to talk about a good quality green jade gem, that is natural and untreated with modest gem size of 12x10mm and has a fine uniform green color, the gemstone alone can cost you around 1,000 U.S$ to as much as 2,500 U.S$. This price estimate does seem strange because, we have all seen good green color jade gems in sizes as large as 18x13mm that are set in silver jade jewelry and priced very attractively. The truth is that, the price can go even higher, if you talk about jade gemstone jewelry with natural untreated red jade gemstones. Read the next paragraph to get a good answer to the price queries that you might have on your mind.

Treated Jade: An often undisclosed fact is that, more than 90% (by volume) of jade jewelry made consists of, natural jade that has been enhanced (treated) to improve color and appearance of the gem. The most common used to treat jade is to use the dyeing process. We will call this plain dye treated jade because, it would not encompass jade that is fissure filled and dyed. The modest price for most of the gold or 925 jade jewelry that you come across, is made possible by the availability of dyed color enhanced jade gems. The interesting thing is that, jade treated in this way makes even red jade that is, very rare and expensive in natural form, affordable to a wide range of budget. Dyed jade has a nice uniform color and is something that makes it possible to manufcature large volumes of jade gemstone jewelry too. There is one more form of jade treatment that does fissure filling with or without, the dye treatment. Jade treated by the fissure filling method is valued, lower than jade treated by the plain dye process. It is therefore a good idea, to confirm with your jeweler regarding the type of treatment applied to the gems in your silver or gold jade jewelry.

A gorgeous jade ring, an excellent example of jade jewelry with jade colors besides green. The affordability that the dyeing treament brings to good looking natural jade is truly amazing. This jade ring combines, yellow, green and orangish-red jade gemstones into one stylish ring ... more.

mens jade ring, gold or 925 silver
A high end mens jade ring, jade jewelry for men is generally ordered with green jade gemstones. The white sapphires or diamonds, around the center oval jade gem are optional. This mens jade ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. We always provide the same quality of craftsmanship for gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry ... more.
Untreated Jade: Gem and jewelry lovers with a deeper knowledge of gems, give high respect to gems that are left untreated. These buyers view flaws like, inclusions, color blemishes and even minor fissures in a natural gem as a wonderful creation of nature. There is a thriving market for untreated gems, we briefly talk about jade that has not been treated in any way. In a similar way, jade buyers who believe in the meta physical properties of the gemstone feel that an untreated gem has better powers. These are two situations where jade jewelry with untreated jade has a steady demand. If you have the desire to get an untreated jade gem in your jewel, here is a smart suggestion, this obviously will not apply to those of you who have a hefty budget allocation. For the rest of us, an option would be to give less importance to mere external beauty of jade. If this is something that works for you, discuss options to get moderately priced untreated jade jewelry.

Metal Choice: It is rightly said that the cost of the gemstone or even the quality of jewel, should not be dependent on the metal choice. While gold jade jewelry buyers continue, to brave the rising tide of gold prices, there is an increased demand for jade sterling silver jewelry. While not all silver jade jewelry buyers chase 'cheap' prices, the number of silver jewelry buyers demanding quality has firmed up considerably. If the choice is for silver jade gemstone jewelry, tarnish can be easily cleaned with commercially available silver jewelry cleaners. All you need to do is to, ensure that jade silver jewelry is thoroughly rinsed in clean and cool water after the polishing process is done. This helps take off any residue from the polishing solution or fabric, that might be stuck to the gemstone or the metal.

Mens Jade Jewelry: Much of the jade jewelry for men is ordered with green jade gemstones. The popular metal choice for mens jade gemstone jewelry is silver, mens jade rings lead the demand. The toughness of the gemstone is a big benefit when it comes to men's jade jewelry. You would know that men in general, do not take too much care of the jewelry that they wear.

Touch The Skin: This interesting request is not just related to jade jewelry. People who believe in the special properties of gems believe that, allowing the gem to touch the skin actually multiplies the positive effect of the gemstone. It is therefore no surprise when jewelry buyers request for jade rings and even jade pendants where, the gem comes into direct contact with the skin. This request can be fulfilled in to ways, the first one is quite simple if the possibility of custom cutting the jade gem exists. The base of an opaque gem is most often left flat, cutting a piece of jade with a slight curve on the back side, will help in allowing the gem to touch the skin. If the gem shape and size is difficult to modify, you could have two gems mounted back to back, the lower gem would then touch the skin. When buying jade jewelry where the gem is intentionally made to touch the skin, ensure that the contact is slight and smooth. You do not want the gem to put too much pressure on the skin or be pointed, as this could hurt delicate skin.

Custom Jade Jewelry: If you are able to get a readymade jade jewel that satisfies your requirements, there is no need to go for custom made jade jewelry. Readymade jewelry can be seen, felt and touched right away it is also available off the shelf. On the other hand if you have any specific requirements, that cannot be fulfilled through mass produced ready made jade gem stone jewelry, you should consider a custom made jewel. The design, dimensions, gemstone and metal in a custom jewel can all be customized to suit your liking. The actual production might take a few weeks but, you will end up getting a gorgeous jewel that turns all your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Do email us at if you have any doubts or questions related to gems and jewelry. You do not need to make any purchase from us, keep in mind that we are not the only source for jade gemstone jewelry or for that matter, for any other jewelry. We have put together an interesting collection of jade jewelry at the bottom of this page. Review the items and read about the researched features incorporated into each jewel. We are fully equipped to design and craft all types of jewelry, with your designs or ours. We are eager to put our expertise to your benefit but will not, push for a quick sale backed by insufficient or incomplete information.

Classic antique style jade jewelry never seems to go out of fashion. This green jade pendant, can be ordered with lavendar jade color too. We provide fine jade jewelry in gold or 925 silver. You can also request for the gemstone in your jade jewelry to touch the skin from the back side. More on this jewel at ... more.

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Claddagh jade jewelry, the historic claddagh ring with a green jade gemstone heart in the center. All our gold and 925 silver jade jewelry is provided with the same quality of gems and craftsmanship. The claddagh ring has a tremendous history that dates back to more than three centuries. We have more details on this ring ... more.