Are Topaz Gemstones Suitable For Men

There is a question related to topaz gems that is often asked by gem and jewelry lovers. Do men wear topaz? This sounds like a strange question since, the demand for mens topaz gemstone rings has always been and continues to be impressively high. We have made a bold view to rephrase this question, are topaz gems suitable for men. The information is sure to interest a large number of visitors to this website, so you should read the report and carefully understand the contents. We will discuss this topic from more than one perspective, are topaz gems modestly priced even in large sizes - this because most mens rings would include fairly large gems. Are topaz gemstones sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of mens rings - remember that men are not all that fussy about caring for their jewels. Are topaz gemstones found in colors that will impress men. And finally we will also talk about the listing of topaz gems as birthstones - after all this could be one of the driving factors that bring men to buy and wear gold or silver rings with topaz gemstones.

 Durability of Topaz Gems

When it comes to mens topaz rings and infact all types of mens jewelry, the longterm durability factor becomes an important issue. We have seen men repairing their car while, wearing expensive rings or bracelets. It is not uncommon for men to repair fences and even excercise at the gym while wearing their rings. We do not mean to say that, you should take off your mens ring while at the gym. This could lead to the jewel being misplaced or lost. A better option would be to avoid wearing jewelry when going for a work out. Unfortunately men rarely listen to such advice, a different approach is required to handle the situation!

Given the above facts, the best thing to do would be to include features in a mens topaz ring that, would spruce up the durability and toughness of the jewel. So are topaz gemstones sturdy enough to be set in mens gold or 925 sterling silver topaz rings. The answer is in the affirmative and can be objetively verified.  The Mohs scale is universally used to measure the hardness of gems, it runs from 1 to 10 - 1 being the least and 10 the most. Topaz gemstones hit an amazing 8 on this scale, something that makes them very suitable for mens rings and other types of jewelry.

Color Stability Of Topaz Gems.

This is an important issue that needs to be clearly addressed, we have therefore treated it as a separate paragraph. While the hardness of the gem stone makes it suitable for mens topaz gemstone rings, color also needs to be asessed in terms for durability. We will explain this concept with a bit of technical coverage but, promise to keep it as simple and easy to understand as possible. Blue topaz gems used by Kaisilver and most other jewelers have a color that goes all through the gemstone. What this means is that, if you took a blue topaz and broke it into many peaces, the color would exist in all the pieces. Such topaz gems will not lose or change color over time, this means that the color is stable. All blue topaz is basically white topaz that has been treated to change color.

There is another type of topaz gemstone treatment where, the color is limited only to the surface of the gemstone. If you had to get one of these 'coated' topaz gems for your mens topaz ring, we would not say that the color is stable. Should the coated topaz get scratched or ever have to be recut or repolished, you would end up with a stone that is generally white and colorless. This is because the color is only on the surface, and the destruction of the surface will also damage the color. This process gives some fancy topaz colors, which rarely occur in natural form. Red, yellow, green, blue, pink and even orange abd bi-color topaz gems can be produced in this way. The prices of coated color topaz is many times cheaper than, topaz that would naturally have those fancy colors.

Topaz Gem Sizes.

The equation between size and price of the gemstone, would have a direct bearing on the suitability of a gem stone for mens rings. As an example, let us presume that you wanted a good eye clean gemstone with a weight of around, 4 to 6 carats for a mens ring like the MAN19T shown above. If you insisted on using a blue sapphire for this ring, you could pay as much as 10,000 U.S$ to 15,000 U.S$ for the ring. On the other hand, choosing an eye clean and perfectly cut blue topaz gemstone would get you a hefty and durable mens gold topaz ring for under 2,000 U.S$. Considering the fact that most mens gemstone rings would be designed to accomodate, large gemstones - blue topaz is surely suitable for mens rings.

Metal Color.

Since most mens topaz rings would be made in gold or 925 silver, it might be a good idea to check whether white or blue topaz would look good in these metal colors. Rest assured that topaz gems would look great in yellow or white metal - this includes yellow or white gold and also sterling silver. While we have not received too many orders for mens rose gold (pink gold) topaz gemstone rings - we can say that these gems would look impressive in pink gold too.

Topaz Gemstone Colors.

The most popular gem color for mens topaz rings is blue, blue topaz is very popular with both men and ladies. While many men do not like to wear bright pink or bright green gem stone rings, blue is a color that many men like. Blue sapphire, blue topaz, turquoise and even blue lapis are all popular when it comes to mens gem stone rings in gold or silver. A good thing about blue topaz is that, it is available in 3 shades of blue - light, bright blue and the amazing deep blue. This choice of blue shades implies that, there is a blue color to please every man!

When talking about light blue topaz, also called sky blue topaz there is something that might interest you. Sky blue topaz is several times cheaper than another blue topaz gemstone that it can often resemble namely, aquamarine. We are not trying to tell you that, topaz and aquamarine are the same gemstone, they could resemble each other only in terms of color. So if you are looking for a mens blue gemstone ring with a gemstone that has the color of aquamarine, sky blue topaz can be an affordable option.

The MAN19T Kaisilver mens topaz ring is shown in the image with a deep blue topaz, also called london blue topaz gemstone. An interesting thing about london blue topaz is that, it appears far more expensive than it's price tag would imply. Fashion experts are often tempted to include this topaz gem in the category of blue sapphire, blue spinel and tanzanite. We should mention that, these blue stones can cost as much as 50 to 100 times more than london blue topaz!

White Topaz Gems

At this point we would like to say a few things about white topaz gemstones. When Kaisilver released the MAN75 mens white topaz ring, the support team was flooded with some simple questions. Many gem and jewelry lovers have never seen or heard of white topaz gemstones, they wanted to know if this was a natural gem and also whether white topaz was produced by treating blue topaz gems! White topaz is a gorgeous natural gem stone and should be one of your considerations when looking for a topaz ring. Almost all of the rough topaz that is dug out of the mines, is white (colorless). The reason why you do not see many white topaz gems and mens topaz ring with white topaz is because, much of the natural white topaz is treated to get topaz gems in other colors.

Birthstone Rings:

Many birthstone charts list yellow topaz as the birthstone for November. So if you were in the market for a mens November birth stone ring, a topaz gemstone ring would be what you need. As time went by, the availability of natural topaz gems with natural yellow color, became increasingly low. This pushed up the prices of yellow topaz gems, and also meant that larger sizes of this stone were very tough to find. This is the reason why citrine another yellow gemstone, is often listed as one of the options for a November birthstone. Not all gemstones are fortunate enough to be listed on the birthstone charts but, topaz is the proud owner of 2 birth stone positions. Blue topaz is a very popular choice for December birthstone jewels. It is sturdier and also more attractive as compared to the other December birthstone, turquoise.  We can thus say that topaz gems are surely suitable as birthstones for men.

Topaz Gem Prices:

While not all men are looking for cheap rings, the price does play an important part in choosing a jewel. Consider the fact that mens rings would generally require large stones. Now set that fact next to another well known fact that, larger gems are generally more expensive (per carat) as compared to smaller stones. Given the impressive features and hardness of topaz, white topaz and blue topaz gems are indeed very modestly priced. From the view point of price, you would agree that topaz gemstones are very suitable for mens jewelry.

This report has been compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. While it will not make you a gem and jewelry expert in a few hours, it will surely equip you with some invaluable information. A well informed buying decision is something that the jeweler and buyer should aim for, unfortunately that is rarely the case. So while you will find sources other than Kai Silver for your mens topaz gem stone ring, it is unlikely that any other jeweler would care to provide such detailed and factual information. If you have found this report to be interesting or useful, do recommend it to your friends and collegues, they will surely be grateful that you cared to do so.

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