Mens Jade Ring, Gold or Sterling Silver [MAN10]

The MAN10 is a good example of how a mens jade ring should be designed and crafted. Like most jade rings for men, this ring has a green jade gemstone too. Taking advantage of the complete customization that we provide, there are two prominent features that you might want to modify to suit your preference. The small stones around the green jade gem in the ring, can be rubies, blue sapphires, diamonds or white sapphires - or you could have a plain jade ring and leave the small stones out of the design. For the size of the center jade gem, we would suggest that you make a decision based on your ring size. A large mens jade ring that is above a size 10 (US size), would look awesome with an oval 12x10mm or even a 14x10mm oval green jade gem. On the other hand, if your jade ring size a size 8 to 9, a gem size of 10x8mm or 11x9mm oval would be a better suggestion. Given the overall design of this mens jade ring, the dimensions are basically dictated by the gem size - keep this in mind when considering the size of the center gemstone. Now move your focus to the side of the ring, you can see swirly ridges for most part of the band, this adds interest to the ring but, is something that some men might prefer to keep out. To handle such requirements, we permit you to choose the design or texture for the surface of your mens gold or silver jade ring. Some interesting options include, a simple high polish finish, a slight hammer finish, ridges, or even a tree bark finish. Keep in mind that all these options are available for the gold or 925 silver mens jade ring. You could ask for more than just a gem size or surface finish modification, we can even fulfill requests for a change in gem shape for your jade ring. The popular gem shapes for mens ring are oval, square, octogonal and round. We will continue to discuss more modification ideas and prominent features of this mens jade ring in this report.

The metal for the ring can once again be decided by you. For a mens gold ring with green jade, we offer options for a 14k or 18k jade ring. The gold color also provides you with an option to wear a ring that suits your style and personality. An interesting look at statistics related to gold color for jade rings reveals that, yellow gold jade rings are the most popular. This probably is due to the fact that, many classic gold jewelry lovers are not too impressed with white gold. Having said that you can rest assured that, we will be glad to make a mens white gold jade ring for you. You might have noticed that mens pink gold or rose gold rings are not very common but, we have come acros some very impressive mens rose gold rings - a dark green (nephrite) jade gem might be a good choice for a pink gold mens jade ring. Men have always generated a substantial market for silver rings, recent rise in gold prices has only firmed up that trend. A mens silver jade ring, would be affordable and can also be made durable with a generous metal weight. Many men stay away from silver rings not because, they do not like it but because of a fear. They fear that silver jewelry and silver rings would not be provided with a quality fo craftsmanship and gemstone, as similar rings made in gold. While this might be true in many cases, we are proud to say that, we assure equality in terms of design, construction, gemstones and worksmanship for gold and 925 silver jewelry.

When it comes to silver jade rings for men, we need to discuss the issue of plating. The request for plating silver rings with gold, rhodium or platinum is supported by a few reasons. Some jewelry buyers want the lavish look of gold without spending a big chunk of money. For these buyers we would like to mention something quite important. A plated silver ring will not stay in that condition forever, any type of plating done on your mens silver jade ring, will gradually wear off. The thickness of the plating, wearing environment, climate and even the chemical composition of your sweat. Technically you could have such a ring plated again but, this might not be very easy depending on where you are located. Another set of requests for plating 925 silver jewelry comes from buyers who believe that, plating their jade mens ring will prevent the ring from tarnishing. The answer is similar to the one above, the ring will resist tarnish as long as the plating remains on the ring. Since the plating can never be permanent, your mens jade ring will tarnish after the plating wears off. We can provide yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or rhodium plating for mens jade rings but, please make sure that you have understood the above explanation thoroughly. From the point of view of longterm condition and maintanence, it might be best to leave your sterling silver mens jade ring unplated. Such a ring would surely tarnish but, polishing the ring the moment the first signs of tarnish show up will keep the ring looking good. A heavily tarnished silver ring, might need professional help to be cleaned and polished. There are many jewelry grade polishing lotions, powders, sprays and even polishing fabrics available to polish sterling silver jewelry. You can use any of these to clean your mens jade gemstone ring but, the polishing cloth or lotion might be the best way to do it. Just remember to thoroughly cleanse your jade ring in clean, cool water after the polishing is complete. The idea is to take off any chemical residue that the polishing method might leave on the gem or metal. As for most other jewelry we recommend, not to use a hair dryer of heat blower to dry your wet jade ring. A clean, soft and dry cloth piece can be used to to this - gently dab the ring to let the cloth piece absorb the moisture.

Let us now focus our attention on the gemstone in this mens jade ring. The information provided here will generally be applicable to all jade gemstone jewelry so make sure that, you read and understand it. Here are a few quick facts about jade gems. Jade refers to types of gems, jadeite and nephrite, so your mens jade gemstone ring could have either of this. Most of the jade that is mined has a color that is a bith patchy and not evenly spread through the gem. For example, a piece of green jade might have some black spots, some white spots too. The green color of the jade itself might vary in shade and saturation across the same piece of jade. The rarity of  natural jade with a naturally fine and uniform color makes, such jade very expensive. This statement might be a big confusing because, most of the jade jewelry you come across including the MAN10 mens jade ring would have a nice color for the jade - the color would be uniformly spread across the gem too. This is becaus more than 80% of the jade used in gemstone jewelry is dyed to enhance color, something that not all jewelers disclose to buyers. Dyed jade is so common, that it has gained a high rate of acceptance in virtually all market segments and locations. If you wanted a green jade gem like the one in the MAN10 with a size of 12x10mm oval - you could end up paying around 1,500 U.S$ to 2,500 U.S$ just for the gem! There is no doubt that, dyed jade has brought good looking jade within the budget range of a large number of gem and jewelry lovers. We would like to mention that, dyeing is not the only gem treatment that can be applied to jade. But other treatments like fissure filling and waxing are not considered to be very durable, so make sure that you know the specific treatment applied to the gemstone in your ring.

The above report will give you an idea of the main features of the MAN10 mens jade ring. You can see the complete report and also review prices and gem options at Our support team at will be glad to help you with any clarifications or information that you might need.