What Is The Meaning Of The Claddagh Ring 

Jewelry is worn for its beauty, it has often been seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and social status. It is not often that you come across a piece that is stunningly beautiful and has a deeper meaning that, history has come to cherish and respect. In this report we talk about the claddagh ring, we also discuss the significance of the direction in which the ring is worn on your finger. You will also learn why Kaisilver claddagh rings are widely acclaimed as the, world's most preferred claddagh rings. 

tanzanite claddagh ring

A scintillating claddagh ring with a rare heart shaped tanzanite gem in the center. While you can order a Kaisilver heart, hands and crown ring with your choice of gemstone, tanzanite is considered to be 1,000 times rarer than diamond. It is also mined in just one location on the globe in Tanzania ... more

claddagh ring for men

The essence of the claddagh story is relevant to both men and women. Kaisilver men's claddagh rings can be ordered with or without a center gemstone. Both gold and silver men's rings are designed and configured to withstand frequent and prolonged wear. All ring sizes available ... more

So what does the claddagh ring mean or why is the ring, regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. The ring was first made about 4 centuries ago by an Irish fisherman turned slave. We will get deeper into the claddagh story after, we discuss the meaning of the historic jewel. The intrinsic meaning of the gorgeous ring is derived from its physical features. The ring which is also known as the 'heart and crown ring' or the 'hands and heart ring' or the 'hands clasping the heart ring' has a heart in the center, there is a crown set on the heart and two hands extend out to hold the heart. So what is the symbolism in these features ... continue reading and we will tell you all that and more. 

garnet claddagh ring kaisilver

The January birthstone garnet, for the gorgeous claddagh ring. Retaining the entire meaning of the first claddagh ring made 4 centuries ago, this ring is custom made in gold or silver with your choice of gem. Kaisilver claddagh rings are crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans ... more

men's claddagh ring

If you have followed the claddagh story, you would know that the first Claddagh ring made by Robert Joyce did not have a gemstone. Kaisilver claddagh rings for men and women, can be ordered with or without a gemstone. There is no limitation of gemstone, available in all sizes ... more

It is quite obvious that the heart is the main feature of the ring, this denotes love and affection. The crown depicts loyalty between two individuals who really care for each other. The hands in the claddagh ring are extended in friendship, they also denote togetherness. It would therefore be right to say that the claddagh ring means - love, loyalty and togetherness. The 'love' symbolized in the historic jewel, does not limit itself to matrimonial relationship. It could also be love between child and mother, between brother and sister or between two close friends. We would like to quickly add here that, each Kaisilver claddagh ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made 4 centuries ago. 

gemstone claddagh ring rutilated quartz

A fascinating gem rutilated quartz shows fine rutile needles trapped inside the quartz. The natural formation process takes millions of years, the needles are perfectly preserved inside the gemstone. Gems with such interesting inclusions are rare and treasured by gem lovers ... more

moonstone claddagh ring

Your choice of gemstone and available in  gold or silver. The same superior quality standards for both gold and silver Kaisilver claddagh rings. We craft claaddagh rings for both men and women. In ancient times it was believed that moonstone is formed from frozen moonlight. Learn about the ring ... more

We just saw how the physical features of the claddagh ring design, deliver tremendous meaning and significance to the ring. We now move on to the touching story behind the ring, it is this story that lifts the meaning of the ring to an entirely new level. The story begins with a young fisherman Robert Joyce who lived in a small fishing village in Ireland. The young man would sail the high seas each day along with his (fishermen) friends. On one eventful day, pirates attacked the boat in which Robert and his friends were sailing. Besides plundering everything on the boat, the pirates sold the captives as slaves. This was 400 years ago when slavery was rampant. 

Robert Joyce was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and quickly got down to learning the trade. The young man kept thinking of his beloved who he had left behind in the same claddagh village. It was then that he decided to make something for her. Robert stayed motivated by firmly believing that he would be a free man one day. He started making a ring for her, something that would clearly express his true feelings for her. 

His dream dream came true after a couple of years, Robert was freed from slavery - he carefully guarded the ring and rushed back to his village. He was thrilled to see that his beloved was patiently waiting for him after all those years. The couple embraced and Robert Joyce gave her the ring. True love and sacrificed had been clearly demonstrated by two humble lovers. It was a while after they were married and set up home that, people heard about the ring and learnt about its unique features. 

emerald claddagh ring

A gemstone can add beauty and meaning to a gold or 925 silver claddagh ring. Emerald symbolizes reconciliation and regeneration. An emerald gemstone claddagh ring would be even more special for those born in the month of May. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May ... more

gemstone claddagh ring tourmaline pink

A tremendous gemstone ring with tourmaline. You have a choice of pink and yellow tourmaline to choose from, the ring has even more meaning for those born in October as tourmaline is the  birthstone for the month. The diamonds in the crown of this claddagh ring are optional ... more

The claddagh ring with its historic past and meaningful design, is suitable for both men and women. The basic features of a men's claddagh ring would be no different from those, seen in a claddagh ring worn by women. This because the meaning of the centuries old ring is derived from its unique features, the heart, crown and hands. As you might expect, a claddagh men's ring, would have fairly large dimensions. Men are more likely to go for a claddagh ring with no gemstone. Men who prefer to wear a claddagh gemstone ring, generally choose blue, black or deep green gemstones. Having said that, we do not place any limitation on your choice of gemstone. As is seen in the case of most men's rings, men seem to prefer silver claddagh rings. Just to mention all Kaisilver claddagh rings, can be ordered in gold or silver. The options for a gold claddagh ring are 10k, 14k or 18k gold and you can pick white, yellow or pink gold. 

The story of the claddagh ring is a touching backdrop to the meaning and significance of the jewel. Knowledgeable jewelry lovers across the globe, have shown tremendous respect for this jewel. As mentioned above, the ring was named Claddagh after the name of the village in which the couple lived. The ring had a heart in the center and a crown on the heart. The heart was held by two hands. The ring is also called the 'heart crown and hands ring'. The Irish include the claddagh ring in a group of jewels that are referred to as 'faith rings'. 

birthstone claddagh

The meaning of the claddagh ring as determined by the features (heart, hands, crown) of the ring has been explained in this report. It is possible to add even more meaning and symbolism to the centuries old ring by, choosing a birthstone. There has been a belief coming down for centuries that, humans have a special connection to a specific gem or crystal. As per the birthstone charts currently being referred to, the birthstone of a person is determined by the month in which he or she was born. The Kaisilver birthstone charts are widely taken as a reference point when, picking a birthstone. Wearing a birthstone is believed to bring good luck to the wearer, this while evil and bad things are kept at bay. You can now see why the meaning of a claddagh ring, can be further enhanced by setting a birthstone in the ring. Seek help from the Kaisilver support team if, you require  any further information - contact details are provided at the bottom of this report. 

Kaisilver Claddagh Rings: Experts from Kaisilver spent several months in Ireland. The mission was to understand the history of the ring, customs and traditions attached to it and meet visit libraries with historic records of the ring. The final design of the now well known Kaisilver claddagh ring, incorporated all the data collected during the research. Stylists and discerning jewelry lovers across 15 nations today agree that, every gold or silver claddagh that we craft retains all the features of the first ring made centuries ago. 

Each ring is fully custom made in gold or sterling silver, with or without a gemstone. We can accommodate requests for all ring sizes and there is no limit on gem selection. 14k and 18k gold claddagh rings are available in yellow, white or rose gold. 10k rings in all three gold colors can also be ordered, pricing is available on request. Equal importance is given to appearance and long term durability. The best thing about Kai Silver claddagh rings is that, you get the same detail, fine workmanship and gem quality for both, gold and 925 silver rings. A team of dedicated jewelry artisans in Thailand with phenomenal skills passionately craft each claddagh ring. 

How To Wear: You can surely wear your claddagh ring just as you would any other ring but, many jewelry fans love to follow traditions and customs. Take at look at any of the claddagh rings shown on this page, you can see the bottom tip of the heart - we will be using that as a reference point in our discussion. We will start by defining the ring finger - this is the finger that is right next to the small finger (not the thumb) on your left hand. Ancient customs tell us that, there is a vein that runs directly from that finger to the heart - this is just a belief, so please interpret it as such. 

A ring worn on the 'ring finger' symbolizes a matrimonial status. If the bottom tip of the heart, faces the palm (inwards), it means that the wearer is either already married or engaged. And when the tip of the heart faces away from the palm, it signifies that the wearer is willing to get into serious friendships. 

When understanding the meaning of the claddagh ring, it should be noted that the 'love' depicted in the jewel is not limited to matrimonial relationships. So you could wear a claddagh ring on any other finger or either hand and still, keep the entire meaning of the jewel intact. 


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