Sapphire Rings, Balancing Quality And Price

There has always been a belief in the fact that, good sapphire rings need to be expensive. It was probably started by jewelers who wanted jewelry buyers be more willing to purchase high bill sapphire gemstone rings. But the fact is that very few of us have budgets that can match those of movie stars and rock musicians. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider worked on a project related to sapphire rings. The challenge was to create a set of sapphire rings that were not very expensive, this would not have been very challenging without the other conditions that followed. We wanted to make these jewels, with natural sapphire gems that had good quality. Basically we had to do everything that, other jewelers would never do when, making affordable sapphire gemstone rings. In this report we will talk about this very interesting project, you will also learn how to select gold or 925 sterling silver sapphire rings that are of a high standard without, burning your wallet. None of the information provided here is sales talk, the report is therefore an invaluable tool for those of you who are thinking of buying a sapphire ring.


Before we move ahead to discuss about affordable sapphire rings, let us first put down some parameters to define the scope of sapphire gemstone rings that we will be talking about. Without such parameters, we will not be in a position to make fair and constructive comparisons and evaluations. A jeweler might argue that the gold or sapphire rings that he sells are priced lower than those that we talk about. But the same jeweler might forget to tell you that the sapphire gems used in the rings that he makes are low and horrible.

Sapphire Ring Parameters:
- Only natural sapphire gemstones used.
- Conventional heat treatment applied to gems.
- All rings have a good metal weight.
- Good craftsmanship for gold and silver sapphire rings.
- Good quality sapphire gems used in the rings.
- Flexibility and customization of design.
- Rings are priced at an affordable level.

There is no secret involved in getting a good sapphire ring at a modest price. All you need to know and understand is the pricing logic that works for gemstones like sapphires. Gemstones are generally sold by weight, when it comes to cut and polished gems the unit of measure is known as carat. In case you are not aware of how much a carat is, we can tell you that 1 gram has 5 carats in it. Natural sapphire gems can be found in various grades, price per carat would reflect each of these grades.

Without getting too technical let us try to explain how the 'grade' of a sapphire would be determined. Presuming that we are talking about natural and not made sapphires AND referring only to sapphire gems that have been conventionally heated - color, clarity and lustre would determine the grade and therefor the price of a sapphire. Let us presume that you are talking about a 3 carat blue sapphire gemstone, this specific gem has a (presumption) grade that we refer to as Grade-I. The market price of this might be around 700 U.S$ to 800 U.S$ per carat. With this price structure, the 3 carat gemstone would cost around 2,100 U.S$ to 2,400 U.S$.

Now let us talk about smaller sapphire gems, probably half carat stones. Let us presume that these smaller sapphire gems had an identical grade as the large 3 carat stones, we called it Grade-1. By simple logic, these smaller gems should also be in the price range of 700 U.S$ to 800 U.S$ per carat. However the important thing is that, the smaller sapphires would most probably be priced at around 300 U.S$ to 400 U.S$ per carat. So the important conclusion is that, smaller sapphires will be priced lower than larger sapphires EVEN IF both sapphires are of the same grade.

When we talk about good gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone rings at affordable prices, we need to take advantage of the pricing structure of sapphire gems mentioned above. Most of the Kai Silver sapphire rings shown in the above image take advantage of the equation between price, quality and size. What this means is that, smaller sapphires at a particular price point per carat would be priced much lower (per carat) as compared to larger sapphire gems of the same grade.

Let us now apply the price logic for sapphires based on gem size to get, a sapphire ring with good quality sapphires at a modest price. If you work with a reputed jeweler, your work is simplified to a large extent. The design concept for a gold or sapphire ring with small gems needs to, look more lavish and expensive than it really is. The RG237 in the image to the left is a great example of such a ring. Looking at the style and subtle glitter of this sapphire gemstone ring, you would hardly observe the fact that the good quality round blue sapphire gems in this ring are a modest 3mm. What gives this ring a special ocassion look and feel is the, diamond glitter on the edges and a band width that is almost entirely packed with sapphires and diamonds. When we say that the RG237 yellow or white gold sapphire ring has 3mm round blue sapphires, we do not mean to say that we cannot provide 4mm or even 5mm blue sapphire gems for the ring. Remember that all Kaisilver jewelry is fully custom made and can therefore accomodate all design and gemstone customizations.

The RG229 multi gem stone ring is another example of how small sapphires can be attractively set in a ring. This ring was actually designed as a family birthstone ring, for a loving mother. One of the birthstones was to represent the month of September and we included a sapphire for that reason. A multi gem stone ring is another reason why smaller sapphire or other gems need to be used. Just to explain the concept of a family birth stone ring, such a jewel includes the birthstones of all family members. In most cases, it is worn as a mothers ring - gifted to the mother by her grown up children or the loving father of her children.

Both the examples discussed above have blue sapphire gems. In reality there are other colors in which sapphire gemstones can be found too - yellow, pink, green, orange or even white are some of these color options for sapphire stones. The RG233 white gold pink sapphire gemstone ring also has a modest gemstone size, the ring is shown here with a 5mm square princess cut pink sapphire gemstone. The good thing about pink sapphire stones is that, they look awesome in all metal colors. Silver, yellow, white or pink gold and ofcourse platinum are the metal options which you could choose for a pink sapphire gem stone ring.

The RG146 three gem stone (type) ring is a concept where the need for smaller gem sizes is almost mandatory. In this ring, each of the gemstone types (peridot, amethyst and sapphire) are set as a row. You obviously need more than one gemstone to fill the row and oval 5x3mm gems are ideally suited.

If you have read this report and understood the content, one thing becomes very clear. We suggest ways in which you can get a moderately priced sapphire gold or 925 sterling silver ring WITHOUT compromising on gem quality or durability.  Let us take an example to better explain the statement. Kaisilver provides a minimum gold weight of around 8 to 10 grams for the RG237 sapphire and diamond ring. Most jewelers would scoop out all the metal from inside the ring and reduce the metal thickness. This would allow you to get ring that externally appears similar to the RG237, at a lower price. What you however must know is that, lower metal weight is also a cause for lower longterm durability of a jewel. A light weight ring can dent or deform easily, loosely mounted gems is another side effect of insufficient metal weight. Loosing a gem stone can be a painful and expensive experience, you will need to pay for a replacement and more importantly, the replaced gemstone will need to match the remaining gems in terms of color, shape, cut and type. This is not impossible but, jewelers charge premium prices for such specific requirements.

You can get a lot more information on moderately priced sapphire gemstone rings at and ofcourse, do not hesitate to email our support experts at if you need any clarifications or specific requirements.