Gents Green Stone Ring

Green is one stone color that looks perfectly fine in all types of jewelry and for both, ladies and men. A men's green stone ring could be crafted with a range of green stones, the choice of a specific stone would depend on a few factors. If you wish to get a gents gold or 925 silver ring with a green stone but, are open to all natural green stone suggestions - you will have a range of stones to choose from. It is quite likely that the green stone that you need happens to be your birthstone, in such a case it is obvious that no other green stone could be used. The birthstone charts show two popular green stones, emerald the green variety of beryl holds the position for the May birth stone. And peridot the green stone from the mineral named olivine is the birthstone for the month of August. 

In this report, we discuss the most popular options for a mens green stone ring. We will evaluate of stone from a variety of perspectives and the information is bound to be useful to you. Even in cases where, you have already made up your mind regarding which green stone to use for your ring - learning more about that stone will help you take better care of it. This will mean that the stone will hold itself better and maintain it's condition over years and even for decades. Keep in mind that, we are talking about natural green stones got from nature and not, man made look-alikes. Each stone would have it's own properties and these will need to be considered when wearing or cleaning the stone. 

We pride ourselves in being one of the few jewelers willing to share knowledge and experience. This report is compiled to inform and educate and not to make a sale. The jewels shown in here are meant to serve as mere examples of what, you can expect when you choose a green stone mens ring. If you need more information regarding any particular jewel shown here, click the link provided against the piece and you will be taken to our regular website. And if you wish to have more information or clarify any doubts related to gems and jewelry, do communicate with our team of experts at They will be glad to assist you and provide constructive advice - all this without making you obliged to make a purchase from us. 


When selecting a green stone for a mens ring, you would first need to decide whether, you are open to options for all green stones. In some cases, the specific green stone might already be decided based on some related factors. For example, for a men's August birthstone ring, the required gem would be a peridot - a green gem from the olivine mineral family. Similarly the ring was to be made as a May birth stone ring, an emerald which is a green variety of beryl would be implied.

There is no single green stone which would fulfill all requirements for a mens ring, each gem would have it's own characteristics. Let us therefore learn a few essentials related to popular green stones. So stone features might, require you to take a bit more care of the stone - so the information provided here is high on utility value. 

Basically when making the choice for a mens green stone ring, the stone itself should be understood in terms of hardness (durability), price, size availability,. requirements for special care and probably stone enhancement treatments too. 

Peridot: This stone has a green to lemon green color, it is natural and is generally not treated in any way to enhance it's beauty or color. With men becoming more interested in the quality of stones that they choose, increased interest in untreated stones is being observed. 

This green stone is not very difficult to look after. Just make sure that it does not band against hard objects or surfaces. Strong chemicals and solvents, should not be brought near any type of jewelry. When cleaning your mens green stone ring that has a peridot gem, keeping away from ultrasonic cleaners is a good idea. 

The MAN64P Kai Silver peridot mens ring is shown with a fine custom cut peridot stone. Almost all peridot used in jewelry today is mined either in China or in Arizona (U.S). There is big premium on price for peridot that comes from Burma or Pakistan. Stones from these mines can cost as much as 20 to even 30 times more than peridot from China or Arizona. You should pay the premium price only, if you are blessed with a hefty budget and really keen on getting the rarer peridot mined in Pakistan or Burma. Expect to find a fair amount 'silky' inclusions in peridot from these premium locations. 

The fact that this green stone is left in it's natural condition without being put through any enhancement (treatment) process, remains true for natural peridot from all sources. The 'untreated' prefix to any gem might not seem like a cause of excitement but, in the real world a gem expert would tell you that it is becoming increasingly more common to treat gemstones to enhance their beauty and physical characteristics. So in a world where treated stones are fast becoming the norm rather than  the exception, peridot stands apart like a refreshing option. 

It is not uncommon to find black spots in peridot stones, this are present in the form of small metallic pieces. This is one gem that relies on mind boggling temperature and pressure to be found - you can surely understand the 'birthmarks' of such a natural stone. 
Green Jade: A very popular option for a mens gold or silver green stone ring, jade is actually available in a number of colors. Jade is defined to include both nephrite and jadeite - nephrite is most often found in a darkish green color. The internal structure of jade is made up of millions of microscopic fibers that, inter-weave with each other. This mesh type of formation, brings impressive toughness to the stone. So if your men's green stone ring has a jade stone set in it, you will enjoy many years of worry free wear.


There is one rarely explained fact related to jade but, it is important that you know about it. More than 90% of the green jade that is used in gold or 925 silver jewelry is dyed to enhance it's color. If you wish to get a gents green stone ring with a gem as shown in the MAN10 image above and, require the gem to be untreated - expect to pay around 3,000 U.S$ to 5,000 U.S$ just for the gem stone. It is very rare for jade to be found with such a good evenly spread color - that puts a tremendous premium on the price. The jade shown in the above ring, is also a dyed gem. You can let us know if you need a natural untreated jade gem for your gents ring and we will work out a price quote for you. 

Green Tourmaline: With the increased demand for natural colored gems, the entire color spectrum of tourmaline gems have shown a sharp price increase. If you choose to get this gem for your gents green gem stone ring, keep in mind that much of the mine output these days yields green tourmaline with a darker shade of green. Tourmaline is fairly tough by nature and will not crave for too much care and attention. 

Given the fact that current tourmaline prices are quite high, we would recommend that you set your sights on a modestly sized green tourmaline gem for your gents ring. The gents green tourmaline ring shown above, has a carefully selected 7mm square green tourmaline gem. The shade of green that you see in the above square tourmaline ring, is what you can expect for your ring.

Since gents generally prefer darker colors, green tourmaline in a gent's ring is a great idea. Expect to pay more for your green stone ring with tourmaline, the stone is much more expensive as compared to peridot and even dyed jade. While some birth stones charts list all tourmaline colors as the birth stone for October, you might be interested to know that the introduction of tourmaline on the charts was meant to include just pink tourmaline. 

Since green tourmaline can withstand all standard procedures and equipment used to clean gems and jewelry, this is one green stone that perfect for a gent's silver or gold ring. Going for a gent's 925 silver green tourmaline ring will allow you to ease the metal cost component and this, is likely to get you more allocation for the gem size and quality. 

Emerald: Undoubtedly the best known green gem since ancient times. While many green stones were mistaken for emerald in ancient times, not much confusion exists today. A gents green stone ring in gold or 925 silver, with this green stone would boast of one of the most popular gems of all time. 

Emerald is an expensive gem but interestingly, the durability of this green stone and even it's clarity do not seem to reflect it's hefty price tag! Emerald a green variety of beryl scores a fairly high rank on the Mohs scale used to measure hardness but, a very specific physical property makes it shy away from being tough and durable. All natural inclusions show inclusions and fissures (fine cracks), and more than 95% of emerald gems including the very valuable ones preserved in museums are treated with natural oils - this is done to soften the appearance of the fissures in the stone. 

So when choosing a gents emerald ring, you would need to accept the fact that the gem will almost never be eye clean and that, it needs to be treated with some care when being worn, kept away or cleaned. Given these characteristics of the emeralds, the gem size selection and overall MAN71 ring design ensure that the gems are not easily hit by physical impact and the moderate size, does not make them very expensive. You would also like to know that the birth stone charts place emerald as the May birthstone. 

While it is true that jadeite from Burma can cost several thousand dollars per carat, Kaisilver sources handpicked untreated jadeite jade from Burma that are moderately priced. You can order your green jade gemstone ring for men with an untreated Burmese jadeite or make a specific request for a dyed (treated) gem. We can also craft your custom men's ring with a high priced superior color untreated Imperial Jade gem. We source all jade from the Kachin region of Northern Burma, this is indeed the preferred source for natural jadeite. Read all about this handsome men's jade ring ... here
green tourmaline gemstone ring for men

The Kaisilver mens green gemstone ring collection, clubs some fine examples of such rings together. You can spend some time reviewing the presentation here. Our expert team can be contacted at to help with any doubts or requirements that you might have.