Amethyst Ring For Men

Some of you might wonder whether a purple gemstone is really suitable for men's jewelry. The MAN57AM ring from Kaisilver should remove any doubt that you might have. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, it is found in a range of purple shades. It  is important to choose the right gem color shade for a men's amethyst ring. Go for a pale purple gem and the stone would appear quite lifeless. On the other hand if you follow the extreme and choose a very dark purple gemstone, you will see no sparkle or fire in the stone. What you should look for is an amethyst in the darker- medium purple color, this is what you see in the image on this web page. 

amethyst ring for men
men's amethyst ring

While the gemstone is not the only feature of a men's ring that you should consider, it needs to be understood well. Let us talk more specially about the amethyst gem set in the MAN57AM ring. We can then move on to discuss other highlights of this heavy ring crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. 

  • The gemstone in the ring is a large 11x9mm cushion cut amethyst.
  • You can choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering. 
  • A medium purple amethyst is custom cut by expert gem cutters. 
  • You can request for a lighter or darker shade of purple for the gem. 
  • The gemstone is certified to be authentic, it is a natural gem.
  • The ring provides a secure bezel setting for the large gemstone. 
  • The gold and silver amethyst ring have the same quality standards.
  • Each ring is custom made, all ring size requests can be accommodated. 
  • You can request for design changes when ordering your ring.
  • We can craft a men's amethyst ring with your design sketch or image. 
  • With a metal weight of 20 to 25 grams, this is a very sturdy men's ring. 
  • You can choose 14k or 18k, white, yellow or pink gold for your ring. 
  • A price quote for a 10k men's gemstone ring can be provided on request. 

The Kaisilver support experts are often asked one important question, interested buyers wish to know whether an amethyst ring can be worn for a formal occasion. The simplest answer would be that, the MAN57AM from Kaisilver or any other amethyst ring custom made by us, is surely suited for both formal and casual wear. The belief that, formal occasions need expensive gemstone jewelry is no longer relevant. Knowledge about gemstones and jewelry has increased, mature buyers give equal importance to all natural gems. This is true when it comes to metal too, you can wear a gold or 925 silver amethyst ring and feel good. 

Before you buy your next ring, learn to make a proper feature by feature comparison to evaluate options. The MAN57AM comes with a hefty metal weight, most jewelers would invest no more than 12 to 15 grams of gold or silver in such a ring. We maintain a metal weight of 20 to 25 grams and this, would increase further if the ring size was very large.. Each gem is checked multiple times by our experts, highly skilled cutters do a precision cut for each piece. The gem in your amethyst men's ring will come with an authentication certificate issued by an independent testing laboratory. Workmanship is of a very high quality, we scout the best jewelry artisans in Thailand. Each jewel irrespective of the choice of metal and price, gets the same attention and confirms to the same stringent quality standards. 

Summary: When choosing a men's amethyst ring, consider the custom made option. You choose the design and the shape, size and color shade of the gemstone. Insist on a healthy metal weight to ensure that the ring can withstand long and frequent wear. Just remember that quality of workmanship and gemstone is never an option - it is an absolute essential feature. You can review the Kaisilver Men's Ring Collection and get an idea of what to look for and what to accept when shopping for your men's gemstone ring. 

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