Slim Rings, Beauty Comfort And Durability

Slim rings never go out of fashion, they are suitable for everyday wear and can be perfect for formal occasions as well. Most jewelers have come to interpret the term 'slim' to mean, being delicate and fragile. The design concept for a sleek ring would be a personal decision, the gemstone can also be left to your fancy. But there are some very essential elements related to slim rings that cannot be treated as optional. You pay for your jewels, the jeweler need not have a serious commitment to you. It is important to evaluate some very important features before choosing a sleek ring. The rules apply to both gold and sterling silver rings, they are surely not dependent on the choice of design or gemstone. 

green tourmaline slim ring
sleek and elegant sapphire diamond ring

Essentials For Slim Rings:

  • Sturdy construction, researched design elements. 
  • Firm gemstone mounting, prongs to be sturdy and rounded. 
  • Optimized metal thickness, supported with good metal weight. 
  • No light weight junk, these jewels can bend and deform easily. 
  • Quality standards to remain the same for gold and 925 silver. 
  • Higher quality gems as sizes will not be too big. 
  • Slim rings should keep focus on diamonds and gems. 

You might come across jewelry buyers with a special preference for big and chunky jewels, others might not care much for this bold look. Slim rings with a smaller format on the other hand, are very versatile. Every jewelry collection needs a bunch of simple, elegant and small format jewels. There will be times and occasions when large and flashy jewels are just not suitable, slim plain and gemstone rings will work well in such cases. Rings with a smaller format will also be more comfortable to wear, they are unlikely to get banged around as you go along with your daily activities. 

We would not like to claim that slim rings would be cheap, in terms of jewelry and gemstones, quality can never come cheap. If you talk about a cheap ring or a cheap gemstones it essentially means that, you are willing to accept quality compromises. Slim rings can offer an affordable option for experiencing the lavish look of some very exotic and high priced gems. Gems are sold by weight (per carat) but the price of a stone will jump up as the size of the piece increases. When you have a slim gemstone or diamond ring, the stones will have a modest size and this works to your advantage. Your budget can get better quality gems at a reasonable price. Slim rings with a small format require lower metal weight but, this does not mean that you should drastically cut metal content and make the jewel prone to getting damaged. 

As you move forward to purchase a slim ring, make sure that you do a proper evaluation of quality. Each piece that enters your collection should be useful, beautiful and durable. You could mix metals and gemstones but, never compromise on quality. You can take off most of the stress in making the right choice by selecting the right jewelry provider.

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