Mens Blue Lapis Ring [MAN66]

To begin with we would clarify that, this mens blue lapis ring can be custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. This clarification is really necessary because, statistics show that a significant number of men prefer mens lapis rings in silver as compared to gold. The impressive demand for blue lapis rings for men, is supported by the general preference of blue gemstones by men. Lapis lazuli is a blue gemstone and is actually composed of more than one mineral. This does mean that in natural form, the color of blue lapis would never be a complete and uniform blue. The gemstone that you see in the MAN66 mens blue lapis ring is natural and untreated, it shows the natural appearance of the gem where all the minerals present in the gem are visible. Lack of complete gem knowledge often prompts, mens gold and silver lapis ring buyers to request for dark blue lapis. They prefer no visibility of the natural inclusions that are a normal part of lapis. We could provide you with such a gemstone for your mens lapis gemstone ring but, we would need to tell you that such a lapis is dyed. This is how all gem providers satisfy buyer requests for completely blue lapis lazuli stones - not many of them disclose the truth about the dyeing though. In this report we will present a balanced and unbiased report on the features of this lapis lazuli ring for men. It does not matter where you buy your ring from, all we intend to do is to equip you with the right information to evaluate options. You can always contact our support experts at if further information or details are required.